🍺 KETO Alcohol? (A Doctor Spills…) 🍷

keto wines
keto wines

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The ketogenic way of eating is sweeping the world and up-ending long-held paradigms of health and nutrition. At some point, adults want to know, which alcohol is keto, if any, and what can I do to have a drink sometimes and not mess up my diet.

This is an excellent question, and there are definite things you can avoid to improve your overall health. Some alcoholic beverages have a much lower carb-count than others, and you need to know the difference.

When going out, or staying in, there are some alcoholic beverages that are much less-bad than others. Let’s talk about your options and also what to avoid. If you”ll be having a drink or 3 soon, consider making a batch of Ketorade first, you can find the recipe here:

***Keep in mind, when eating keto, you will only need about 1/2 as much alcohol to get a buzz as you would when eating the Stupid American Diet***

Keto-Friendly Mixers
—San Pelligrino:
—Club Soda:
—Zevia Soda:
—Make it Salty:
—Add MINERAL Drops:

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41 thoughts on “🍺 KETO Alcohol? (A Doctor Spills…) 🍷”

  1. 🙁 you just burst my bubble , had heard say red wine is good for you , good for blood , guess now I have to take those 2 bottles of yellowtail shiraz off my grocery list every-week 🙁

  2. My problem is I can't have just one ounce of liquor…I drink to get drunk🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. I drank once since starting Keto and I only had 2 glasses of wine the second day and I swear I had a hangover. A really bad one. Thank God my cravings are gone because the hangovers are wicked.

  4. What is Ketorade? I am looking for "Drinks" I can have through the day that does not keep my blood sugar up. But the search brings back alcohol. I drink Tea through the day with one scoop of brown sugar since I weaned myself painfully off soda several years ago. I lately found I flail like a fish out of water when I sleep and often burst out of bed in the night frustrated.

    Side note: I want to add that I avoid carbon-dioxide drinks. After learning about Dr. Otto Warburg's research. I have wondered about the increase of CO² in the blood when drinking these.

  5. Thanks for this. This is another excuse I need to avoid peer pressure to drink. People tell me that I'm not having enough fun. I'd rather be cautious than get belly fat, a stroke or have a serious car accident.

  6. Ethanol is good for cleaning and making engines rev faster. Why would you put it in your body.

  7. Miller lite is pretty low in carbs and is the only “low carb beer”. I drink a few at bowling and as long as I don’t eat carbs around it that day I’m fine. Yeah if your gonna drink 10 you’ll Probably jump out of ketosis.

  8. What are the signs which tell you that you are paying off for having alcohol the night before?

  9. I used to drink beer like water! but I would always before I went to bed drink at least 32 Oz of water I gave me the ability to virtually avoid hangovers I do however like a shot of bourbon once in a while over water thanx for the info doc

  10. For a typical 180 pounds male, how much alcohol (what volume) has to be consumed to stop ketosis for 24 hours?

  11. why people have to have alcohol? how did thay get programmed that it was a requirement to pickle your brain? I am 57 and i never seek alcohol, ever. I got stacks of cash in the bank.
    probably because I am always thinking of intelligent things like good life planning, and don't make drunken expensive mistakes. I don't go to work with a hangover and ruin my reputation. I am key employee, because i figure out problems easily and come up with fantastic solutions, when other can't.

  12. I'm a 51 year old male, 6'3. After an injury and bad medical advice I got up to 375. Started keto 2 years ago and got down to 260. I cut out all carbs and started IF November 1st and today I weigh 239. My goal is 200. I exercise 3-5 times a week. I take a daily multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, and keto chow electrolyte drops. My weight loss has kind of stalled. I gave up my weekly cigar and whiskey to reach my goals. I have osteoarthritis that seems to be getting less painful. I enjoy your YouTube channel very much. If you have any other suggestions for me Dr Berry I'm all ears.

  13. Drinking makes me a world class singer but I would rather be healthy so I won't indulge.

  14. I have to disagree with you for the first time. I drink a beer "ultra light" which has 2 carbs per bottle. I don't drink to become intoxicated. I don't drink everyday. I have had 1 of these beers in the last few weeks. Sometimes 1 bottle once a week or every other week. It hasn't interfered with my weight loss (100 pounds) in the beginning of my keto lifestyle of 3+ years. I have stayed within 10-15 pounds of that weight loss. I have lost most of the 10-15 pounds of that in the past month. I'm not suggesting that anyone drink alcohol on or not on Keto. I'm just saying it is not an issue in the moderate way I consume it. I am a retired psychotherapist and worked in the substance abuse treatment field for many years.
    As I said, I'm not advocating alcohol consumption but the way I consume it, it has not been an issue for me.
    Btw, I do drink spirits with a few ice cubes on occasion. Again one drink and no more.
    Love your videos!

  15. That's why my only alcohol preference drink now is…..
    Taquila, lime, soda water and ice.

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