10 Common And Rare Side Effects Of Applying Stretch Mark Removal Cream


Stretch marks are generally the bands of lines on human skin which mostly appear on skin of the women during as well as after their pregnancy. While, there are many other reasons of these types of parallel marks on the body. Although these marks appear on upper of the legs, belly and sometimes on vagina’s surrounding. Skin where stretch marks appear will have ridge and patients may also experience sore or itchy. It is said about the stretch marks that these can be either prevented or reduced and it is not possible to remove them completely. It is also very easy to recognize and confirm these marks that are due to extra stretchiness in skin. While, the color of these marks is always different than the skin color.

Stretch Marks

Effects of Stretch Marks:

In general, these parallel marks are not harmful and dangerous for the people who experience such lining on their skins, but these will make the skin unpleasant. If such marks on the body parts which you do not cover by clothes, then surely you will feel much hesitation to wear some shorts. On the other side, effects of stretched marks might be long lasting and it has been observed that these may shift to next generations in the way of childbirths. Young girls and matured women always try to find the remedies and products that may prevent these types of marks that appear on their body. Finally, it is also possible to prevent the stretched marks from body during the pregnancy and after delivery.

Causes of Stretch Marks:

Before to read about the methods that how to get rid of stretch marks, it is bit compulsory for you to know the reasons and causes of skin lining in different colors. Usually, these stretched marks might be of grey, pink, purple and pale colors which are totally different from original hue of the human skin. In few cases, these marks may cause of itching, pain and great disturbance. You must look for the safe remedies and homemade products that are for relieving pain of stretched marks and reduce them from skin. Many people prefer laser technology and surgery for removal of these marks, but it is not true to remove these marks by any way.

How to Diagnose?

Diagnosing of stretched marks is not complicated thing, because the medical experts can easily identify such marks on skin just by giving a view. Secondly, people having these marks can also view and confirm the nature, causes and facts of stretched marks. However, when you are confused by seeing these lining spots on your skin and sensitive body parts, then you must go to some health professionals and skin specialists to make sure why such marks have appeared on your body. Generally, an image test, urine or blood sample and other effective diagnosing methods are used to verify the stretched marks.

Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks:

Stretched marks are considered the odd spots in lining forms on skin and these make the skin ugly. While, most women and young girls become much conscious and determinant to remove such marks. They also seek for the measures and methods through which they can do their best to prevent such marks. Health Science has introduced a number of medicines, creams, lotions, liquids, oils, pills and other drugs that help people to keep pale lining from their skin. You must avoid using the complex medicines and products that can leave various chronic side effects to the skin.

How to Remove the Stretch Marks?

Suppose you have stretched marks on your body and want removing them completely. Most of medical experts and skin specialists say that stretch mark removal is not possible, but you can reduce the colors o such parallel lines that appear on your body. It means by using various techniques and products these spots or marks can be faded and not removed. While, it is also a recommended suggestion of health professionals that over the time stretched marks will become fade.

So, you should not apply remedies and other treatments that have more side effects than their benefits. Anyway, there are several ways to reduce the marks on skin. All of these stretched marks removing techniques are much effective, but these will surely leave some kinds of common and serious side effects. Further, these marks removing methods are;

  1. Herbal and homemade remedies
  2. Medicines and injections
  3. Surgery of infected area of the skin
  4. LASER technology application
  1. A) Medical Treatments:

Before to discuss medical treatments, it is needed to explain that surgery and laser treatments both are much risky and dangerous for the patients having stretched marks. So, medicines and injections are considered bit safe than both of laser and surgery methods. However, the medicines and injections will also carry a number of side effects which the patients will experience in rest of life. When you are hunting for the methods that how to get rid of stretch marks fast regardless the results and adverse impacts of these treatments, then you can pick medicines. These products are rich with spot removing qualities and these also react quite quickly.

  1. B) Homemade Remedies:

It is well known fact that stretched marks on skin can never be removed completely, because these are deep lines that appear parallel and color of these marks will be different from the natural shade of skin. You can use some remedies to reduce the sharpness of such marks, but not completely. However, if you are willing to make these marks fade, then you should give priorities to herbal homemade remedies that have good results, but no side effect for skin health.

10 Side Effects of Applying Stretch Marks Removal Creams:

Although the stretched marks on body can be reduced by various types of the herbal and pharmaceutical creams, but there are many side effects of such products. Usually, the women and young girls do not care for the adverse impacts to their body and they insist for using the remedies which may help them diminishing the stretched marks.

When you are feeling irritation from stretch marks, then you go to searching for right creams and remedies for removal of such marks and lines on the skin. While, you may experience any or some of the following 10 side effects of using remedies to remove stretched marks.

1) Allergy:

It is very common side effect which everyone may experience, because most of the medicines, lotions and creams to remove stretched marks are made with skin protectors. These ingredients may or may not suit your skin and as a result of it you may also experience rash and allergy on your skin. In general, the stretched marks appear to skin due to pregnancy, lose or gain of weight, application of some products, during the treatments and many of other reasons. But, if you try to apply some fast reaction creams or medicines to such marks, then more probably you will encounter with continuous allergy at your infected body parts.

2) Skin Burning and Wrinkles:

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People having stretched marks on their bodies always hunt for the best, recommended and excellent ways that how to get rid of stretch marks. Some creams and lotions also affect the skin growth, shine and appearance negatively. There are more possibilities that by using the complicated creams and medicines to your skin you may get skin burning and wrinkle issues. Both are chronic skin problems that will irritate and give you much pain. You will also need further treatment to cure these skin disorders.

3) Dark Spots and Rough Skin:

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By using different products and remedies to stretched marks area, you can experience the color change of your body. If a cream does not suit your skin, then surely there will be dark spots and rough skin. In this way; you will experience the removal of existing skin and after sometime there will be another skin to replace the previous. When you feel your skin rough, then you will also experience severe scratching and this will make your skin bleeding. Many women and young girls after their first pregnancy use some fast reaction remedies just to remove the stretched marks. This try suffers them from serious complications.

4) Pimples That Give Pain:

Sometime, when there is rapidly changing weather and outer atmosphere becomes little intensive due to severe hotness of sun, then application of skin cure remedies may deliver unpleasant side effects. First, you will feel some rash and scratching on the skin where you apply the creams and other medicines for fast recovery from stretched marks and later on the rash turns into smaller reddish pimples. These pimples will become bigger and harder which means you will experience much pain until these pimples do not diminish.

5) Cells Damage:

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There are many reasons and causes of stretched marks on human body. Women always experience these spots in lining forms when they are going to give birth. Sometime, people have such marks when they feel increase or decrease in their body weight. It is not right to apply the medicines for faster removal of the stretched marks, because this may be much harmful for your skin. Usually, doctors and skin specialists say that medicine users may experience quick cell damaging that might be serious for their health.

6) Cancer:

No doubt that many of creams are prepared from toxic chemicals and marks removing ingredients which will definitely harm and injure the skin. Sometime, these creams affect the skin deeply and many of cells get damaged. This cell damaging may also cause of skin cancer which is the chronic disease among humans. If you are seeking for right methods that how to get rid of stretch marks fast, then you should prefer only side effects free products or tactics to remove the marks. If someone needs such creams or products for removal of the stretched marks, then he or she must go to some skin specialists and talk about the marks removing remedies.

7) Tissue Destruction:

Although this side effect is not much common in routine life, but in fact this is most serious and risky effect which the women may experience. When some creams are applied and massaged the skin for complete absorbing, then the cells and tissues of skin will be at mighty risk. Continuous application of these products will definitely cause tissue destruction that may stop cell formation, tissue development and growth of various body parts.

8) Costly Measures:

All of the products for stretch mark removal are expensive for the users. But, people do not care for the cost of such remedies which they feel excellent to remove the stretched marks from their skin. Unfortunately, it is a big fact that such marks can never be removed completely from skin, but these might be reduced. However, the laser technology and surgery both are also greatly expensive treatments which will also leave dozens of serious side effects. You must avoid all kinds of such treatments that give just 50% results and success against heavy amount.

9) Senseless Skin:

Undoubtedly, it is said that skin where stretched marks appear will become senseless and you will feel very strange if you touch it with the fingers. In fact, the cells and tissues of such infected areas become dead and the skin also feels nothing or much odd on touching. The best thing to do for reduction of the stretched marks is the wait which will definitely reduce effects of these spots and lines on skin.

10) Fluffy and Bumpy Skin:

When you are conscious to use any fast reaction stretch mark removal cream, then you will suffer from many of side effects. First you will have a fluffy and bumpy skin that will surely make you disturbed. On the other side, continuous massage of skin by some oils and creams will also make the skin or infected area little hard than rest of body. Doctors advise people having stretched marks to ignore such spots and leave them to be recovered over the time. This is a best suggestion of medical experts for everyone who is suffering from stretched marks on sensitive body areas.

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