10 Easy Low-Carb Veggie Snacks

keto friendly snacks
keto friendly snacks

Looking for keto friendly snacks ??

Watch the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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39 thoughts on “10 Easy Low-Carb Veggie Snacks”

  1. DO NOT TRUST THESE. When you cook vegies like Carrot you are amplifying the effect of Carb , not reducung it.

  2. It feels like such a waste to strain all that liquid from veggies.. All those nutrients just going down the drain.

  3. Thank you for putting the recipes down below, very much appreciated and so helpful to me, thank you.

  4. How can these recipies called veg as almost every receipe has eggs .
    When did eggs turned vegetarian 😳

  5. Wow, I am delighted with all these wonderful creations. Healthy addition to diet. Thank you.

  6. This looks way to tasty! I don’t think this would work when you working on losing weight…

  7. Thanks for the clip. I grind roasted Edame beans to use as breadcrumbs, they seem to taste good too. I don't eat cheese so what would you suggest as an alternative?

  8. WHOOPS ! 1 cup of Panko contains 44 carbs. That is more than half the daily limit for most keto or type 2 diets. You should be more careful. One or two of those zucchini fries would put me into the 200s.

  9. Recipes which require about 10 ingredients, 2+ bowls and an oven to cook are not "easy" snacks imo.

  10. These aren’t easy lol an easy snack is something like broccoli and premise dip or cheese. Get outta here

  11. Wäre es nicht Toll, nie wieder ein schlechtes Gewissen beim essen zu haben? für mehr Infos klicke hier @

  12. Oil, cheese and bread. You might as well toss out the veggies. You probably are 4x the original calories. And to finish you are diiping it in mayo, cream or ketchup. 10x right there.

  13. Super fantastic snack ideas! My compliments to the Chef 🙋 I will love following your channel.

  14. Wow I loved each & every item spcially the low carb ones.They all look mouthwatering.

  15. Wouldn't recommend carrots if you're on keto. But it's a really healthy alternative to high carb foods!

  16. Panko is high in carbohydrates. And it's one of the first recipes you did so I can't respect the rest of the video lol

  17. Tasty: Low carb! Vegetables! Healthy!
    Also Tasty: 5000 cups of parmesan cheese must add cannot skip

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