10 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar or simply ACV is a well known product which is in liquid form and this is the one which is excessively used everywhere. Most people know it as an acne care agent and pest killing commodity, but there are many other uses and benefits of this very effective vinegar that is gained from apple cider or lactic acid. Usually, it is bit important for everyone to know what is apple cider vinegar in actual.

Yes, apple cider vinegar is a special type of vinegar that is prepared from apple must or cider. Extraction or squeezing the apple cider is done by crushing apple slices and then alcohol fermentation is executed by adding yeast and bacteria to this gained liquid. Sugar of the cider turns into the alcohol. Acetic acid produced by bacteria converts alcohol into vinegar and taste of this liquid becomes sour at the end.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Famous 5 ACV Brands:

At the moment, apple cider vinegar has become a fundamental household need, while health industry also uses it to cure many of diseases, infections and physical disorders. While, many of medicines for humans and bacteria controlling agents are also prepared from ACV. If you want looking at world’s famous 5 apple cider vinegar brands, then you must view following goods that are industry leading by their qualities, usefulness, benefits and environment controlling features. Five best ACV brands are;

  1. BRAGGS’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Vitacost ACV
  3. Fleischmann Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Dynamic Health ACV
  5. Vitamin Shoppe Apple Cider Vinegar

Where to Buy ACV?

It is the time of ongoing development in latest technology and today people have no need to step out for buying something, because they can buy goods through internet. Yes, E-Commerce is the way that offers you to select and buy required goods staying at home by online process. Internet gives you facilities to visit world’s best shopping malls and stores without paying to taxi and view a larger stock of commodities you are hunting for. Online buying gives you a best solution of where to buy apple cider vinegar. However, you can also prepare ACV at home, but it is complex for women. On the other side, you have two options to buy it either from an online store or conventional market by visiting it.

Side Effects of ACV:

Apple Cider Vinegar is not single product, because there are many ingredients of this sour taste liquid which is an excellent cleaning agent, acne protector and a basic good used at every home. But, still there are many side effects and risks of using apple cider vinegar. Everyone should be aware of apple cider vinegar side effects before to use it as a medicine, in kitchen uses and some other health related tasks. Health experts have discovered many of side effects of ACV for humans and some of them are;

  1. Side effects when it is used in pain killing medicines
  2. Redness and roughness of skin
  3. Throat injuries and bleeding in case of concentrated ACV usage
  4. Its smell can deliver you breathing issue and headache
  5. ACV may decrease mineral and vitamin level
  6. More quantity of ACV can harm the foods and change their taste during preservation
  7. Loose motions in case of excessive intake for digestion correction
  8. ACV can boost facial allergy, but rarely etc.

20 Best Uses and Benefits of ACV:

Although ACV carries many side effects and risks for human health, but still there are countless uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar in routine life. This liquid has become a popular one to cure may of infections, diseases and serious wounds. On the other side, many of fast food items and daily meals have ACV as an important ingredient. It can heal outer skin layer and keep the skin soft and bacteria free.

You can use it as weight loss product, but with combination of some suggested brands. Here, some very famous uses and benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar have been explained with short detail.

1) Acne Treatment:

Homemade remedies for acne protection have ACV as major ingredient and this vinegar makes such medicines h3er, fast reacting and more useful. Apple cider vinegar is mostly use to cure whiteheads, blackheads, wrinkles, blemishes and skin hardness. Most of skin specialists also forbid women and men applying apple cider vinegar directly to skin that has allergy and some other infections. Many of facial toners also have ACV as fundamental liquid and it makes such toners useful and shine the skin.

2) Health Friendly Remedy:

Anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar make it most valuable for medicine industry. This vinegar was used in some traditional drugs which were mostly used to cure wounds and recover physical health. It is used in medicines which are used for blood circulation control, increase immunity, muscle strength, bone development, growth of health flora, relieving chest congestion, cure bug bites, reduction in amount of glucose in case of diabetes, treatment of gout, flue prevention, throat recovery and relieving the asthma issues.

3) Food Preservation:

Apple cider vinegar is a special element that can be used to preserve the food for long term period. Basically, when you see the production of ACV, then you will come to know that it is made by merging of bacterial, sugar, alcohol and yeast. So, this vinegar will surely kill bacteria and germs to stay in food. However, the food preservation should be according to directions. While, it is necessary for people to preserve the food in proper way and for a limited course of time.

4) Around the House:

Apple cider vinegar is the best anti-bacteria and pest killing agent which most of people spray around their homes and working areas to kill such bugs and insects. Apple cider vinegar can also be mixed in water as cleaning agent and wipe the floor. You should use the ACV in bathrooms and areas where children often sit and play. It is also better to spray ACV inside the kitchen to prevent insects and pests.

5) Medicines and Anti-Allergy Lotions:

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Apple cider vinegar is an anti-allergic substance that is rich with natural nutrients and minerals. However, it cannot directly cure allergy and deep wounds, but if this is mixed with some herbal remedies, then it can heal wounds quickly. In antique days, the ancient people used ACV as the healing remedy that worked faster, while there was no side effect of such herbal medicines.

6) Blood Sugar Control:

Taste of ACV is sour and it has natural properties to reduce glucose from human body. In case of diabetes, you can never prevent high or low sugar, but if you apply some herbal remedies having ACV, then it can directly control sugar quantity in the blood. You do not have any need to take insulin when you are applying medicines having ACV in them.

7) Teeth Whitener:

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It is reality that apple cider vinegar is one that is used in many herbal and formal toothpastes which claim they are best in whitening the teeth. However, you should get some recommendations from the dentist, so that you can prevent gum swelling, bleeding and other dental issues by using such toothpastes. In case of mouth injuries or wounds you should avoid using such pastes which have ACV in greater quantity.

8) Best Product for Wart Removal:

When you have wart problems, then you can cure it by applying ACV. For this, you have to prepare a cotton pad which must be soaked well in this liquid and put it over the affected area and then cover it with bandage. If you leave it for several hours or whole night, then wart can easily be removed just in few weeks.

9) Dandruff Free Hair with Natural Shine:

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Many herbal shampoos have apple cider vinegar that is known as an excellent element for removal of dandruff. When you have some hair problems like quick fall or two faces of the hair, then ACV will deliver you more benefits. This ACV should be used as a remedy and in a limited amount, so that hair damages cannot happen.

10) Beating Exercise Exhaustion:

When you take harder physical exercises, then energy level will fall and your body will release enough sweat. Release of sweat will cause shortage of salt and water in human body. So, the juices having ACV in very minor amount can refill your energy and develop your stamina faster. You can take it directly by adding it in pure water as this is an antidote element for energy fill up.

11) A Good Solution for Sore Throat:

Sore throat can take many days to be recovered completely. When you feel itching or pain in your throat, then apple cider vinegar can treat it very nicely. For this, you should take slightly warm water and mix one or 2 tablespoon of ACV. Now, you should gargle with this mixture in early of morning and twice in rest of the day.

12) Urine Smell Killer:

When you feel irritating smell in your urine, then it is a bad news for you. So, in such case you must start intake of the apple cider vinegar daily once a day and you will see just in a week that there will be no smell in your urine. You must take advice of a specialist before to try this.

13) Stuffy Nose Solution:

Close or stuffy nose can give you pain and make your breathe complicated. People breathe through their nose, always suffer from complications when they find their nose hard. They should use the apple cider vinegar for taking longer breathe by their nose and more probably they will get results just in few minutes. It is a best homemade remedy for people to cure their stuffy nose.

14) Good One for Upset Stomach:

Stomach upset will cause vomiting and poor digestion. This will be a serious ailment, because it will keep you hungry and very soon you will be weaker day by day. You can try ACV with ginger and get solution of upset stomach that may harm you over the time. Now, many medicines for recovery of stomach digestion are available in the market and formula of such drugs have ACV.

15) All-Rounder to Clean Up:

Many people consider that apple cider vinegar is the cleaning agent just for the indoor areas, but you can use this all-rounding cleaner everywhere. You can also spray this vinegar to plants and trees for killing the insects and big bugs. Usually, many insect killing products have ACV as basic ingredient.

16) Salad Dressing:

Apple cider vinegar can be used as salad dressing, because it is effective and carries more benefits for everyone. However, when you are willing to use it, then you must replace balsamic vinegar with ACV and it will be right to use it for a good result.

17) Weight Loss Booster:

Apple cider vinegar is a famous element that kills fats and reduces the weight of body. Many supplements and dry powders used for weight loss have excessive amount of ACV and this is just for boosting weight loss process. Women and men both can use it as an element to burn the fats faster than a natural process.

18) Kitchen Uses:

There are many needs in kitchen to use apple cider vinegar. First of all, you can apply it as a cleaner. Secondly, you can remove the fungus and bacteria of some big stainless steel crockery. Further, it is also used as a food preserving agent which you have read in above.

19) Metabolism Production Supporter:

Metabolism is most essential harmony produced in body and it supports nerve system to react and think. If you have problem with your metabolism, then apple cider vinegar can boost it and maintain its required quantity within less timeframe. ACV directly pushes the production of metabolism and restores the functions of brain.

20) Nail Fungus Removal & Relieve Rashes:

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Many men and women have nail fungus issues which are irritating. Today, many of herbal methods to get rid of nail fungus have been discovered in which application of apple cider vinegar is more common and easy. You can directly apply it with a cotton strip and prevent fungus in your nails.

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