10 Home Remedies For Anal Fissures


Few Words About Anal Fissures: Anal fissures is a physical disorder that happens when there is a cut or tear smaller in size exactly in skin lining of the anus. This cut may or may not be big, while it delivers much and severe pain to patients until they do not apply some treatments for getting rid of anal fissures. There are many reasons and signs of this infection which is not a matter of concern, as this often occurs and gets treated without application of any treatment or medical product. Anal fissures or anus skin lining tear mostly happens during the birth of a baby, diarrhea, constipation bouts and straining in bowl movement.

Anal Fissures

What Exactly This Is?

Anal fissures represent a physical injury in the area of anus where small sized cut or tear occurs due to straining, constipation or other kinds of stress. However, this injury might be serious and continuously developing, but rarely. Further, when you are reading what is anal fissures, then you must go through major causes and factors which cause this type of fissures. In several cases, anal fissures becomes little serious and fast developing, because of carelessness and no proper treatment. In such situations the patients have to bear some chronic pain. Few types of anal fissures are also cured completely by some injections, surgeries and pharmaceutical products.

Symptoms of Anal Fissures:

Basically, there are several signs and symptoms associated with anal fissures that may cause little worry. Most of women always encounter with such physical injuries when they are pregnant and over 6 months of pregnancy. Constipation, straining and baby birth would be major reasons of happening anal fissures. However, you must look at the symptoms that will confirm your anal fissures. These signs are;

  1. Visible cut on the anal
  2. Little lump or clog on skin following the anal fissures
  3. During bowl movement, anal will have much pain and disturbance
  4. Blood streaks on stool during wiping
  5. Burning in anal area
  6. Little swelling in case of further infection in cut
  7. Pain and problem in sitting on harder surface etc.

Major Causes of Anal Fissures:

When the skin around anus becomes harder due to various reasons, then there are more chances of skin lining tearing either due to continuous constipation or diarrhea. However, if these causes of anal fissures are prevented and overcome during wiping and cleaning, then there will be minimum possibilities of this critical injury at anus. Anyway, major causes of happening anal fissure are;

  1. Any bowl disease
  2. Straining during the course of childbirth
  3. Severe and extreme constipation
  4. Low blood flow in anorectal era in old age
  5. Tightness of anal sphincter muscles
  6. Rash and rubbing hardly
  7. Some other infections in anal area etc.

Diagnosing Anal Fissures:

Unlike rest of physical infections and diseases, anal fissure can only be diagnosed by a visible exam or checkup. Usually, most of people feel severe aches and sometime drops of blood when cleaning anus after finishing their bathroom. But, still they need confirmation of this injury prior to go for the right anal fissure treatment. Sometime, doctors need to insert endoscope inside the rectum for clear view of the tear and its nature. You should not worry about the treatments recommended for curing anal fissure, because it is very easy to heal it within few days. Finally, anal fissure can be diagnosed and confirmed by following ways.

  1. Visual exam
  2. Insertion of an endoscope or anoscope in rectum

Risks When Developing Anal Fissures:

Many people ask various questions about the anal fissure and they believe that development in this injury may cause serious problems. Actually, it happens rare that anal fissure grows and becomes terrible for the patients. Usually, it mostly happens with children, women during the pregnancy and after giving birth the child and many old people due to weak flow of blood in anorectal area. However, there are many people who ask that can anal fissures cause cancer. It is totally a fake news that it may cause such serious diseases. If anal fissure develops, then patients may experience the following risks.

  1. Swelling in anal veins and anorectal area
  2. Bleeding
  3. Clog next to the anal fissure
  4. Pain and disturbance during bowl movement
  5. Problem in sitting and rash

Rights Ways to Prevent Anal Fissures:

It is said that anal fissure is not possible to prevent completely, because it mostly happens, even the people do much care of anal area. Usually, this infection is considered a very irritating, especially for the infants and women. Moms always complain that babies often experience anal fissure during their first year of life. Similarly, women experience this infection during their pregnancy and right after the childbirth due to straining. However, the anal fissure can be reduced by following a number of methods and cares in routine life. Some of these cautions are;

  1. Changing diapers of babies continuously can prevent anal fissure in orphans.
  2. Try to keep anal area completely moisture free
  3. Clean the anus and surrounding very gently with softer tissue papers as well as water
  4. Prevent constipation by taking much fiber, physical workouts and drinking plenty of water and beverages
  5. Immediate treatment of diarrhea
  6. Apply oil or other liquid to anal area in case of rash

Herbal and Homemade Remedies for Anal Fissures:

You should not go for serious and complicated treatments of anal fissure, because just right homemade remedies can cure it faster. Hundreds of homemade herbal remedies are famous for treatments of the anal fissure, but here top ten Home Remedies for Anal Fissures have been explained that cure the cuts very fast and also prevent it happening again. When you feel small cuts in anal area, then you can also use any of these products for prevention of serious fissure in anus.

1) Drink Pure & Fresh Water Excessively:

Constipation is a major stomach problem that leads hundreds of diseases in which piles or hemorrhoids, anal fissure, poor digestion, allergy and many other sicknesses are common. However, when you have frequent constipation, then you should be little careful and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Constipation mostly occurs when people use fast foods and other hard to digest diets and they drink less quantity of water. As a result of digestion process becomes little complicated and severe constipation happens. Drinking pure water and natural fruit juices can relieve from constipation and there will be no anal fissure.

2) Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera gel is one of the most famous and effective healing herbs that are used to cure many of external and internal injuries. Usually, the aloe Vera is also used to cure anal fissures, because it heals quickly and relieves the patients from aches, bleeding, swelling and development of the injury. It does not have any harm or side effect for the infected area. You can directly apply the aloe Vera gel to anal fissure and this will recover you from this injury just a few days. Secondly, when you feel there is any chance of happening anal fissure, then you can also apply aloe Vera to anal and it will be a great way to prevent this infection.

3) Cold and Hot Compress:

When you feel swelling and severe ache on anorectal area, then hot and cold compressing will play a key role. This one is very simple process and you can choose hotness or coldness for compressing of anal fissure depending upon the weather. In hot summer, you should prefer cold compress that will relieve anal from pain. Similarly, in winter, the hot compressing will be more useful. If you have much pain due to anal fissure, then you should repeat hot or cold compress procedure several times a day and continue it until you do not get recovered completely.

4) Wheat Germ Oil:

Wheat germ oil is one of the most famous herbal remedies that suit the painful anal fissure. In fact, wheat germ oil is the one that keeps the anorectal area oily, smoother and softer. So, itching surrounding anal will not happen. Similarly, you can also use this oil for prevention of the anal fissure. Aged people should also apply wheat germ oil to their anorectal area when they feel the tightness of anus. Sure, this oil does not have any type of side effect or problem for the users. Just half spoon of this oil may give you best results within 1 hour. In case of serious infection, you can use it several times a day and for few next days.

5) Olive Oil:

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Olive oil is more useful than rest of best remedies for the anal fissure. Olive oil is extremely lubricated that may keep the anorectal area softer for a longer course of time. It also keeps the tissues and muscles of anal relaxed. While, if there is bleeding and swelling in anorectal region, then you can also apply it to prevent further bleeding. Users will definitely get effective results within a couple of days. It makes the bowl movement very relaxed and eases the bowl during stool movement and passage.

6) Coconut Oil:

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Coconut oil performs the same job as olive oil does. Secondly, this oil also makes the tissues and muscles of anorectal area softer. While, in case of rash and disturbance on anal, you can also use it for pain relief. However, the coconut oil is one that makes the stool movement very easy through bowl. Coconut, olive and wheat germ oils all are excellent for the patients of anal fissure regardless their ages and sex. You have no need to get consulted with doctors to apply such homemade products on anal fissures, because these are side effects free remedy.

7) Personal Hygiene:

Hygiene is a way to clean and wipe the anal after stool discharge. However, the hygiene must be caring like cleaning with wet wipes, softer tissue papers free of acid, water and other gentle products like fluffy cloth. Everyone must go for a hygiene right after getting free of the stool discharge. Moms must use various types of secure things for hygiene of babies. It is also compulsory to keep the anal area dry and scent free, because fragrance always has alcohol as the basic ingredient of perfumes.

8) Regular Intake of Fruits and Juices:

Fruits are rich with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. All these natural substances are rich with natural capabilities to heal the wounds. So, experts say that fresh fruits and juices may cure anal fissures quickly and completely. If you drink fresh fruit juices and water excessively, then there will be minimum chances of anal fissure. Similarly, the people must avoid the intake of foods that cause constipation, stomach issues and complicated stool movement. Such problems might be serious and long lasting. Fruits, juices and other safe diets can be more effective for the digestion process.

9) Avoid Foods Causing Constipation:

Constipation is a h3 and much common cause of anal fissures. That is why; doctors and physicians advise people avoiding foods causing constipation. Secondly, when you have more problems with bowl movement and gas, then you must use some herbal medicines to cure such infections. Going to doctors for medical treatments means more chances of various infections. Today, fast food eating trend is on peak and everyone likes these foods which are really bad products for health. Women must avoid using such foods when they have done conception. They should also drink more water persistently till their childbirth.

10) Fiber Intake:

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Fiber is a great substance that may cure the all infections and injuries body usually experience. In case of the anal fissure, you should consume the foods and fruits having enough quantity of fiber. Fiber products can relieve the anorectal area from severe pain, tightness and weakness of the muscles. However, if you apply some other herbal products to infected area along with intake of the fiber, then better results would be gained sooner. All treatments described in this article are 100% safe and effective for those who experience anal fissure.

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