10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Double Chin


Double chin is a physical change under the chin in very close area where the wrinkle of fat appears and this due to subcutaneous fats that always grows around the neck in front side. Double chin does not mean you are going to fat over the time, but it is considered a physical problem that is usually a kind of fatness among the people. Most of fat women generally have the double chin, while many people are not much fat, but they have this problem with their faces.

However, before to learn how to get rid of a double chin, it is necessary to remind the causes, symptoms, effects and dangers of double chin. But, no one having this problem should not get worried much, because there are many types of treatments that can cure the double chin. Furthermore, natural remedies and methods are better to apply than having some complex surgeries and pharmaceutical products to treat the double chin.

Get Rid Of Double Chin

Reasons and Causes of Double Chin:

When you starting searching for the major reasons and causes that cause double chin, then sure you will see excessive use of fast foods and other rich products at the top. Fundamentally, medical research has discovered that most of health complications and physical disorders generally occur due to imbalance diet, while the consumption of rich nutrients can also suffer the humans from health diseases. On the other side, if you want taking nutrients excessively, then you must start the workouts that will surely keep the balance of your body.

But, in developed and modern societies the people do not have enough time to take workouts and so they persistently go on increasing by weight. If you experience any change of neck size or happening of another chin right beneath of the actual one, then you must go to your doctors immediately. Further, you should also start some valuable double chin exercises that will definitely overcome fast increase in fats of neck and this type of measure will never have any kind of side effect for the patients.

Signs and Symptoms:

There are many types of the physical disorders and diseases which you can easily observe and physically feel when these happen. Similarly, the double chin can be recognized and confirmed by various symptoms. There are few common and rare signs of double chin that are;

  1. Increase in size of neck and feeling the face heavy
  2. Subcutaneous fats around the neck under the chin
  3. Pain in throat, but rarely
  4. Excessive increase in saliva
  5. There will be no change in rest of body, but just in chin
  6. Increase in amount of Thyroid solutions etc.

Finally, the people can also clearly view the increase in size of their chin and they will feel another big chin below the natural one. Almost 91% fat people have double chin and 9% thin and smart people also experience this disorder that makes their personality unattractive. However, there are several ways to get rid of such problem, but you should avoid from surgery and other similar treatments that can be risky.

Effects and Dangers of Double Chin:

First of all, the double chin can destroy your beauty and face impression. When double chin sizes become over, then it may also affect the hearing sense of people. Secondly, the double chin will cause changing taste of the food and there will also be teeth problems. While, it may also make the hyoid bone weaker day by day. Health professionals and physicians call double chin an indicator of some bone complications, throat infections and big changes of Thyroid glands that will be much risky for the patients having double chin disorder.

It is quite compulsory for everyone to know about this disorder and follow some right directions to cure it faster. Further, following are major effects of double chin to human’s health.

  1. Sleep Apnea Syndrome
  2. Change in structure of Hyoid bone
  3. Pneumonia and Degeneration
  4. Lung inflammation
  5. Breathing issues
  6. Jaw disturbance and complication in eating food
  7. Sickness and throat issue

How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

If you have been suffering from the double chin disorder, then it does not matter how much serious it is, but in fact this is really important to get rid of double chin. Physical exercises and many natural remedies are famous to cure double chin and recover the affected area successfully. Basically, this is not much complicated physical disorder, but still you should avoid using high risky treatments like surgery, cutting of fats and applying some side effect giving medicines.

Here, you will read about the world’s famous natural methods to cure the double chin and make the face good looking once again as it was before. Actually, most of these treatments are just the usage of some fruits, oils, liquids, juices and other combinations of vegetables and the fruits. All of these are very famous and secure natural products that can easily burn the fats from all parts of body and then reshape the chin area once again. Women are always deeply conscious about such problems which can make their look bad.

10-Excessive Use of Melon:

Melon in natural products is the first one that can heal double chin faster and reduce it. But, for this you should have right formula and instructions associated with how to get rid of a double chin by applying the melon juice. You can read and follow given directions to apply the melon juice at the double chin and get recovered soon.

  1. Get healthy, fresh and big melons that can yield more quantity of fresh juice
  2. Extract the juice in enough quantity and store in a clean and safe container like glass bottle
  3. Manage for the cotton and soak it in juice and then apply to the whole area of double chin
  4. After this, you should start massaging it gently that must continue for some while
  5. Rinsing it with water after 20 minutes
  6. If you mix apple juice with melon juice, then it will give better results and keep the tissues softer
  7. Further, also eat melons daily that will help you to reduce fats and toxic from the blood.

9-Milk Massage:

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Milk is a natural liquid that carries countless features and benefits. On the other side, the milk has excessive amount of vitamins, nutrients and proteins that can tone the skin and glow it. But, in case of double chin, the milk can also be used for massaging that can reduce the weight of fatness and tone the area where subcutaneous fat exists. The massage process is;

  1. Apply milk to chin and start massaging which you should continue for at least 10 to 12 minutes
  2. Rinse the massaging area with lukewarm water
  3. Repeat this smart massage method several times a day for few weeks
  4. Secondly, you can also make a milk mask with honey and then apply it to the double chin
  5. After applying it for 10 minutes, you have to wash the face and repeat as many times a day as you can easily do
  6. Within a month you will get much reduction in additional chin and loss of fats around the neck.

8-Vitamin E from Natural Sources & Supplements:

Double chin will be a bad mark to your face and it will never leave you until you make some solid ideas to get rid of this physical problem. However, it is essential for everyone to avoid the remedies and techniques to get rid of chin issue by using the harmful products like injections, fast reacting medicines and final surgery. But, natural substance Vitamin E is the one that is much famous for its excellent job to tone and glow the skin.

For this, everyone having double chin issue should include vitamin E rich fruits and vegetables in daily intake. While, no one should plan to take Vitamin E supplements that will definitely supply side effects. So, you should have a talk with your doctors before to apply such supplements.

7-Green Tea for Antioxidants:

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Green tea is the universally famous fat killer and biggest source to reduce the body weight. However, today it can be used several times a day for few consecutive weeks to reduce double chin quickly. Medical research has proved that antioxidants can burn the fats faster and natural or green tea is the big source of such antioxidants. So, you should include the green tea in your daily schedule and take it 2 to 3 times a day. You will observe the success just in 10 days.

6-Chin Workouts:

There are many chin exercises that can help you to get rid of this physical problem which most of people consider a sign of fatness. In fact, when you are taking double chin workouts, then you must make few sets of these exercises in which up and down neck movement, neck practices in circular path and left and right are also good. Basically, the double chin exercises will yield better results if you continue intake of green tea and some formal massages.

A very compulsory advice for everyone is this that he or she should never keep the neck spine moving when taking workouts. This may cause some bone injuries. The best way to take these workouts is keeping neck spine erect and then moving it in told directions.


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Glycerin with some of other things can affect the skin glow and make it free of marks. Similarly, when you make a mask by mixing up the peppermint oil, Epsom salt and glycerin, then it will be a fast reaction paste that is best to reduce the fats from any part of body, but it works faster on softer tissues. Now, look at the method to apply this mask to double chin surface.

  1. Take a thick ball of clean cotton and apply the mask to this cotton pad for application to chin and neck areas
  2. Leave it at least for 25 to 30 mints and touch it if it is dried or not
  3. Now, rinse it with cool water and dry the skin
  4. Repeat the process for several weeks and do it few times per day

4-Application of Egg Whites:

Medical experts give a fantastic formula to remove the fats under chin and prevent it happening in future. Usually, egg white is a major part of this formula that will also include milk, honey and lemon juice in a suitable quantity. When you have prepared this special mask, then you should follow the given instructions and complete it professionally.

  1. Apply the mast to chin area completely and also around the neck
  2. You have to leave it for half an hour and try to keep the face motionless
  3. Now, you have to apply lukewarm water for complete rinsing
  4. This formula can give good results if it is applied several times a day for several weeks

3-Wheat Germ Oil:

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Wheat germ oil is a well known natural liquid that is being used for massage throughout the world. This oil can be applied to some injured and bone fracture areas. But, now you have to apply this oil to affected area and over the fats around neck. Everyone has to continue massaging for 20 minutes and this will give results quickly if you do it in night.

2-External Use of Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter has special qualities to glow the skin, tone it up and increase its elasticity. If you want applying the cocoa butter, then for this you should warm it in microwave oven only and then massage the targeted area to get rid of double chin for few minutes. This process will give required results if it is applied 2 times a day for few consecutive weeks.

1-Sugar Free Gum:

This gum is the part of physical exercises that are better to do for getting rid of the double chin. However, sugar free gum is also extremely beneficial for teeth, jaws, neck spine and tissues. This chewing gum will tone the tissues of neck and make them softer. While, required results will be gained after a long time period by this gum.

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