10 Homemade Pregnancy Test That May Confirm You Pregnant


Everyone in the world is well familiar with what is pregnancy and it is a way of reproduction of new organism in animals and humans. Female species on the earth is able to reproduce next generation and the population of the world. Usually, it is believed that pregnancy is the most excited and beautiful blessing of God to womanhood. However, pregnancy happens when two opposite sex (male and female) encounter sexually and sperms of the male enters into ovum of female.

In this way, conception occurs that produces zygote which further leads to natural development of embryo. This entire pregnancy or conception process occurs inside female’s ovary and it is also known as the internal fertilization that is going to produce a new individual organism. Pregnancy is a news that will definitely change your existing world and lead you to another universe where you will be a mom soon. Although pregnancy is the one period that is complicated and much sensitive for every woman, but still it comes with countless happiness, excitement and new hopes.

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Symptoms of Pregnancy:

Women can recognize and finalize their pregnancy when they observe pregnancy signs. Many pregnancy symptoms can be confirmed from daily activities, physical changes and some of health disturbances. In the following you will read what are the symptoms of pregnancy after which you can also test to confirm that you are pregnant or not.

  1. Missed periods
  2. Legs, belly, arms and muscle cramps
  3. High temperature
  4. Tender and swollen breast, increase in cup size
  5. Fatigue and laziness
  6. Sleeping mood
  7. Severe urination
  8. Brown or pink bleeding, clotting
  9. Headache and body strain
  10. Food aversion
  11. Nausea and change in mood
  12. Increase in hunger
  13. Constipation
  14. Vomiting
  15. Change in color of nipples etc.

When to Test Pregnancy?

Before to start testing whether you have become pregnant or not, you should once wait for the periods and for this you must be aware of date of last cycles. When almost 15 days over the expected period date, then you should decide for checking your pregnancy. Basically, most women do not rely upon needs of confirming their pregnancy, because they wait until 2 to 3 consecutive periods missing that will surely make them sure of pregnancy.

However, if someone want her own confirmation, then she must look at when to take pregnancy test and do the best one with 100% accuracy. Homemade pregnancy tests are the best one because you can do them anytime and anywhere without involving others in this process. Secondly, you should follow the instructions of such pregnancy tests, because when you miss the direction or step, then surely you will miss a good news.

Homemade Pregnancy Test:

Now, it is time to start a test which will confirm your upcoming motherhood. But, most women feel shy to move some doctors and pregnancy tests. So, they can test their pregnancy staying at home that is easier and faster for pregnancy confirmation. You can go through the best and very accurate 10 homemade pregnancy test which you can perform at home. However, all of these pregnancy tests are completely secure and medical science admits their accuracy and perfection.

1) Urine Collection:

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When you are excited to know your pregnancy conformation, then this will be the most wonderful and easiest method to confirm whether a woman is pregnant or not. In this confirmation test you have to collect your urine and put it into a glass bottle or sufficient capacity jar that must have smooth bottom. Now, you need to put this urine filled jar or bottle at some balanced surface where it would be safe. It is needed to leave the bottle of urine for 24 hours and after that you have to observe the color of urine. If you are pregnant, then a white layer over the urine will appear that is a confirmation sign.

2) Vinegar & Tuna Juice:

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Instructions for this pregnancy test will include following steps that are compulsory to follow exactly in what ways these are given.

  1. Extract 1/4 cup of fresh vinegar
  2. 1/4 cup of Tuna juice
  3. Mix both of liquids in a contain or plastic cup that can protect the mixture
  4. Now, you have to pee in a contain and then mix it with the mixture you already have made
  5. When you have mixed both, then you should wait for few minutes and observe color changing
  6. Green color of final mixture will indicate you are pregnant
  7. If color of the mixture is turned into yellowish-orange, then it is negative

3) Greek Test (Onion Insertion):

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It is an ancient test which confirmed pregnancy of Greek women. But, this test today has no value and most women ignore it. Actual, history of Greek Pregnancy Test was excellent and amazing in health science. This test was carried out by following steps.

  1. After marriage and missing 1st period, the doctors in ancient days put an onion in vagina of a woman and let it for one night
  2. The following morning, if woman felt onion smell in her breathing, then it was confirmed that she was pregnant
  3. Greeks also h3ly believed that vagina of a woman during her pregnancy is greatly absorbent during her pregnancy and it sucks the onion and sends to bloodstream
  4. You can also apply this method to test whether you have become pregnant or not.

But, today women in modern world do not follow and consider such methods of pregnancy confirmation. Anyway, it is included in the best 10 homemade pregnancy test which medical science really believes and considers good to perform.

4) Vinegar Test:

Vinegar or urine combination can prove your pregnancy and finally confirm it. However, it is not important that how much quantity of vinegar and urine is needed to mix and test the pregnancy. But, the instructions to complete this test are;

  1. Pee in a plastic bottle
  2. Take some fresh vinegar in another container
  3. Mix both in same container
  4. There will be bubbles in mixture
  5. These bubbles will not be harmful to you
  6. Color of the mixture will change that is a sign of pregnancy
  7. While, in case of no change in mixture color, then it is negative result

This is a simplest test that seems very alike to toothpaste test, but it takes just few minutes to make you happy. You can do this test anywhere, even in your bedroom or bathroom, while you have to pay attention until you do not confirm your pregnancy. This pregnancy test is being used by women in Asian and African countries where they do not have easy access to medical institutes for such verifications.

5) Mustard Powder:

Mustard powder is the one that can do the best for you to make you sure you are going to give birth a child. However, the process to check pregnancy by using mustard powder. This is another test which you can do only in the bathroom. Actually, this test is an indirect test that will make you confirm about your missed periods and not directly whether you are pregnant or not. Anyway, the testing process includes;

  1. Get fresh mustard powder
  2. Fill up the bathtub or some plastic container with hot water
  3. Now, mix mustard powder in the hot water
  4. Soak your entire body in this water and stay in this water at least for 20 minutes
  5. Now, you have to use fresh water for a shower
  6. In following morning, if you experience blood discharge from your vagina, then missed period was due to natural reasons
  7. If you have no feeling of periods, then congratulation you are expecting for a baby

6) Simple Sugar Test:

It is sound good pregnancy test that will take just 5 minutes to confirm whether you should expect a baby or not. But, this test has some limitations and conditions. For example, you can do this just in early of morning and with your first urination of that day. However, further instructions will be as;

  1. Take just 3 tablespoon of sugar with thick grains
  2. Put this sugar quantity in a big bowl
  3. Now, urinate in that bowl
  4. After finishing, remove your body over the bowl and see what happens
  5. There will be two possibilities, dissolution of sugar or not
  6. If sugar gets dissolved in urine, then result is negative
  7. If sugar does not get mixed in urine, then you have good hope

Women can test their pregnancy anytime throughout the day, but urine in the morning is much concentrated and thick that will give the best results. That is why; doctors always suggest women to do this test just in morning.

7) Dandelion Test:

Dandelion leaves are excellent to perform and check pregnancy. However, it is compulsory for every woman to do this test when she has drunk plenty of water and secondly this test must be done where sunlight is unavailable. You must feel much urination and there should be great stretch in your bladder, as for this test much urination is needed. This test will take maximum 20 to 25 minutes and you will surely get confirm whether you are expecting a child or not. Precise method of this testing is in the following.

  1. Arrange for few Dandelion leaves that should be fresh, and avoid using fallen leaves
  2. Put all the leaves in a big round bowl where they can submerge into urine
  3. Now, place this bowl in an area where sunlight is absence
  4. Next, you have to pee on these leaves
  5. Try to fill the bowl with urine and let it for 10 minutes
  6. Observe whether there are red bumps on leaves or not
  7. If there are red spots, then you should be happy, as result indicates you are pregnant.

8) Bleach Pregnancy Test:

Every girl in the world right after her marriage tries to become a mom as soon as possible for herself. But, in fact these are God’s decisions and no one can interfere in such decisions. However, if you feel there is great miss of your periods and you are not feeling any observation of bloody discharge from the vagina, then do not make sure you are pregnant, but test it first. For this, you just do a minor test for which you do not need help of your hubby or any other family member. This pregnancy test will involve just few steps that are;

  1. Take some quantity of bleach and put it in a small container or bowl
  2. Feel urination and pee on the bleach
  3. Now, observe if there is foaming or not
  4. If you see quick foaming in the bowl, then sure you are pregnant.

9) Pine Sol:

Pine sole helps women to test their pregnancy and this is also a less time consuming pregnancy confirmation method. For this, you should manage for few things and use your urination to verify your pregnancy. But, this test should be done when almost 20 days have passed to your expected periods. Further process is given below.

  1. Take cones, needles and twigs together and mix them well
  2. Put this mixture in a bowl or big container
  3. Now, urinate fully in the container
  4. Leave the new mixture for 10 minutes
  5. Check whether color of the mixture is going on change or not
  6. Color changes will indicate pregnancy and no change will show there is no pregnancy.

10) Toothpaste Pregnancy Testing:

This test is not complicated and it will also take just few minutes to confirm the pregnancy. Further, you should move ahead by following given steps.

  1. Take a spoon of toothpaste that should be of white color, if you want getting good results
  2. Take a container and place the paste in it
  3. Urinate on the paste and wait for a while
  4. If it turns into frothy and blue colors, then you should be happy for this positive result.

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