10 Natural Ingredients to Cure Fever Blister


Healthy living is necessary for many people, especially you because you need to be prepared against evolving viruses and diseases that emerge throughout the world. It is not an option when you get sick because you are negligent of your health; you must live healthy to avoid problems that may lead to death, if sickness and disease is left uncured. Of course, you pay for your medical bills and prescriptions, which is an additional expense on your part or your family.

It is inevitable that you get diseases or some minor sickness, especially when you are working too hard or if it is children, you are dealing with. When talking about fever, children tend to be weak and they deserve attention because you never know what might happen. That is the reason why you should take care of yourself or young ones, when one of you is afflicted with fever. Fever does not only come in one symptoms, but is has a lot. One of the numerous ones are fever blisters, which are annoying to the point that it makes you unable to speak or eat because of the painful sores that either break or crack on your chin, cheeks, nostrils, gums, or lips.

Fever Blister

What causes fever blisters?

The herpes simplex virus type 1 causes fever blisters. This virus lies in the body and is awakened by factors, such as sunburn, stress, or fever. Are fever blisters contagious? Of course, the virus is contagious when you come contact with the fever blisters that it caused. Or, it is also spread through kissing. Just by having the fever blisters, you should never come contact with someone because you will infect them with it, thus, spreading the virus more and more until everyone is infected.

On the important note, always observe proper personal hygiene. You do not neglect these methods of personal hygiene because the virus will surely awaken and will infect your system throughout, especially when you have fever, which is much worse. So, make it a habit to observe cleanliness throughout your daily life and make sure you live in a clean environment. One contributing factor of diseases is the place you live in. If you make your place clean enough, viruses, diseases, or source of sickness will not accumulate and start to attack you.

The prevention of fever blisters

To prevent fever blisters is easy. Just be clean and live a life filled with habits of proper personal hygiene as well as eating the right kinds of food such as fruits and vegetables to help your body counter the disease. In some cases, you could have yourself vaccinated. However, in some cases as well, the vaccine works if you are not yet infected with fever blisters based on some observations and research.

However, do not let that downgrade you determination because you can prevent it through limitations and knowledge. The more you know about fever blisters, the more you can prevent it with countermeasures such as remedies, checkups, or natural and homemade brew that will cure the problem.

The homemade and natural remedies to cure fever blisters

The said blisters occur when you have weakened immune system, when you expose yourself too much on sunlight, you are under lot of stress, trauma to the skin or hormonal changes. Fortunately, nature has provided you with natural remedies that you can make and use right away before the problem gets worse. If you suddenly feel tingly on some spots on your face during fever or stress, you use these remedies right away to reduce the outbreak number. The following remedies are:

  1. Tea tree oil [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00ZQDKDIU”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    – this remedy contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that will target viruses and bacteria right away and cleanses it. To create the remedy, you simply dilute the tea tree oil by mixing three parts of water and one part of the oil. In applying the solution or diluted oil, use a cotton ball or clean cloth and apply it to the affected area. An alternative would be by adding equal measures of the oil, olive oil, one to three drops of eucalyptus oil and apply to the affected area.

  2. Whole Milk [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B0121I0EA4″][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    – milk contains monocaprin, which has anti-viral properties and immunoglobulins that help fight fever blisters. Since milk also has moisturizing capabilities, it helps accelerate the recuperation process and healing process.

  3. Ice

    – fever blisters act up when you are having a fever, that means your temperature is high enough. Ice is useful in reducing the heat and alleviates pain that you feel on the afflicted part. Just wrap the ice in a washcloth and place it on the area that has been affected for ten to fifteen minutes. Do this every 4 hours and apply lemon balm ointment on each session to cleanse it.

  4. Hydrogen Peroxide

    – this is the most common and natural disinfectant that you can buy on pharmacies. Fever blister pop and creates abscess, which is why hydrogen peroxide does its job to disinfect the wound caused by the blister without hurting the person afflicted by it. Just use cotton, dip it with the hydrogen peroxide solution, and apply it on the affected area. Just wait for a few minutes then rinse or pat dry with a clean cloth.

  5. Licorice

    – this remedy has glycyrrhizin that has anti-viral properties. Good for cleaning and disinfecting areas affected with fever blisters. This also has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the inflammation or redness on the affected area, which will speed up healing and recovery process. However, it is not recommended for patients or people who have high blood pressure to take this remedy because it has adverse and harmful effects. They should avoid it.

  6. Garlic

    – this natural ingredient in cooking and other herbal medicines has enzymes in it that cleans and disinfects the affected part with blisters. Garlic is a great help in aiding healing process and makes the patient recover fast enough due to the anti-viral properties.

  7. Toothpaste [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00EE17DTM”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    – this remedy can be seen immediately in household products that you bought. Toothpaste contains the mixture of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, baking soda, and menthol, which disinfects, cleanses, and dries out the fever blisters. Not only that this remedy is cheap, but you can buy it in almost every store. To be specific, white toothpaste is used. To use it, just apply a little dab of toothpaste on the affected area and leave it overnight or a couple of hours. Wash and rinse with damp cloth.

  8. Tea bags or tea leaves

    – Tea bags or tea leaves contain tannic acid, which is has anti-viral properties and an astringent. In addition to that, tea bags or tea leaves contain anti-oxidants and vitamins, which is helpful in removing toxins on the affected area and providing with the vitamins to compensate for the lost nutrient in the skin of the affected area. Just boil the tea bag or tea leaves in one cup of water for one minute and cool it down after. Either use the extract from the boiled tea leaves or press the tea bag on the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat the process six times a day in duration of 4 days.

  9. Yogurt

    – this remedy is a close relative to whole milk. Yogurt contains lysine, which is the element that counter attacks the virus that caused the fever blisters. Just mix one egg and a cup of yoghurt with a tablespoon of honey to form a sticky and thick consistency. Apply the paste or mixture on the affected area using a cotton ball or wad and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, just rinse it with lukewarm water. To achieve results, repeat the process once a day. Eating yoghurt will also counter attack the virus that is living inside your system, which makes the healing process faster than normal.

  10. Aloe vera

    – this plant or herb is most popular among facial and skin treatments because of the moisturizing and healing effect that it gives for the skin. This remedy is all natural and you can buy it in green grocer or a botanical shop, or simply the extract from this herb is enough to make a remedy for fever blisters. If you have the plant, simply cut the leaf and extract the gel inside it. Otherwise, if you already have the extract, apply the gel or extract to the affected area using your fingertips and let it dry. After it has dried, rinse and clean with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a clean towel or cloth. Repeat the steps several times a day in duration of 4 days. This will keep the area clean and soft to prevent the skin from splitting open and to avoid further infection.

Healthy living paired with healthy food

If you do not want to experience the same thing again or if you do not want to experience the horrible effects of fever blisters, you should make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle. You do not just eat and eat whatever kinds of foods you want, but you should eat fruits and vegetables to aid your body and to get the right nutrients. This will give your body the right nutrients to combat any disease that will penetrate it and build up your immune system, so you do not get sick right away.

Eating vegetables without exercise and proper hygiene is a no-no. When you eat healthy, you must also pair it by living healthy. Exercises and short routines both in the morning and afternoon will enhance your stamina and endurance in your daily tasks and activities, so you are not stressed right away after you finish your job or routines.

Spread the news and information you have learned

Now that learned about fever blisters, it is good to share and impart the knowledge, especially to your friends and family, who may have been suffering with the sickness. You can aid them by guiding them the proper ways in using the remedy as well as the precautions about fever blisters. However, if the sickness and fever blisters would not go away after how many days and it worsened, it is better if you go and see a doctor right away before the fever blisters make the person afflicted with it uncomfortable, in pain, and sicker.

Worsening of fever blisters include the increase in number of the blisters on the nostrils, cheeks, lips, or gums. That is the reason why you should go to a doctor and have it checked, so the doctor can prescribe and tell you what to do and so on. It is better sure than sorry. Expenses are there as well as medicines, but it is the suffering of the person you should look into. After that, it will just go away and that is your job to ensure yourself that the fever and fever blister will never come back again.

Most of all, stress is also one of the contributing factors of fever blisters, which is why you should find time in fun activities and indulge yourself in games or entertainment to alleviate fatigue and stress you have built up in work or studies. Do not worry if you do not have time to have fun because you will. Not all the time you are busy with work and your studies, at least find short hours to meditate, go to a peaceful and serene place, or eat out at your favorite restaurant with happiness and contentment to eliminate stress.

Say goodbye to fever blisters

Once you have done all things to prevent fever blisters, you are now a wise and h3 person. You now know the home remedies for fever blisters and you can impart that knowledge to other people close to you. Lastly, as you go outside on a sunny day, you know when is the time you put on sunscreen to protect yourself from what lies outside. As long as you are living healthy and eating healthy, you are making yourself a shield against impending diseases and sickness.

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