10 NEW Keto Snacks – Taste Test and Review!

keto snacks to buy
keto snacks to buy

Looking for keto snacks to buy ??

Watch the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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10 NEW Keto Snacks – Taste Test and Review!
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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Real Good Foods
2:34 – Blendtopia
3:45 – Koia Keto Shakes
5:23 – Wonderworks Keto Cereal
6:30 – Jack Links Beef Jerky
7:18 – Alter Eco Fat Bombs
9:09 – Quest Candy Bars
10:39 – Tempo Nootropic Creamer
11:15 – No Sugar Keto Cups
12:17 – Barbell Bars from Trader Joe’s
13:22 – Core Keto Bars
14:13 – Cando Keto Krisp Bars
15:17 – Atkins Keto Cookies
16:40 – Winners and Losers

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Ping a person interested in keto snacks to buy and make it best freinds Happy again.

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34 thoughts on “10 NEW Keto Snacks – Taste Test and Review!”

  1. I don’t see how add a comment below (for higher algorithm without saying “it’s all for ranking and money for me” ) is any different than Toms saying “buy my shoes and I’ll give a pair to someone in need” Except I know that where I’m giving my money will give me what I want and helps people resulting in giving me a since of ownership in a gift to someone in need. Honestly if I want something I’m going to buy it. If the person with the product gets rich then I am happy for them even if they say “leave a comment below”. Hopefully all your hard work is paying off. I really do enjoy your videos. PS I’m really not scoffing at you. Just exampling why it doesn’t matter. I do like transparency of what I am supporting. I like to feel like “I helped support something I believe in.” Be blessed.

  2. The cereals are super expense. 8.99 a box at Walmart.. hard pass for me 😂

  3. I was so disappointed to see my favorite chocolate peanut barebell bar raised my sugars dramatically after eating it. 🙁

  4. Great vid, I glad you did this one. I am also doing keto but my version is keto simple. Our community needs to do more lives. Join me anytime on Saturdays

  5. Those real good lasagna bowls have kept my life going the ice cream is good but they’re not forthcoming with net carbs

  6. I tried Keto for 2 weeks, no as bad as I thought. But honestly I bought those cereals and all I can say is yuck 🤮 but I ate them because $6 each is $6 dollars I worked for. Lol

  7. The YouTube videos are good but DO NOT subscribe to The Curve! I've been paying for many many months and can't even access. Terrible support.

  8. Ok! You guys are great. Hilarious. When you disagree it is so civilized. God, Thank You!! If I am having a bad day (which is a lot the older I get – 66) you guys buoy my down spirits, make me smile, laugh, and think everything will just be – Ok!

  9. I really enjoy the Adkins cookies, especially the peanut butter!😀👍💜💐✌🌞💐🎶

  10. Can anybody else hear Matt's shirt? I bet most late 70s/early 80s kids can hear it.

  11. Love your reviews……Mega cracks me up with her funny faces and expressive Eyes! Matt is a riot too with his jokes..witty comments.

  12. I've given "Real Good Foods" several chances. I'm done! They are the worst keto frozen meals ever 😝👎

  13. I don’t like them using charity to sell. Then they get tax credit for giving to charity and we don’t get the credit.

    Altruism in the forefront makes me think you are trying to Con Me to buy your product.

  15. I agree with Matt about the companies who advertise their donations. Just donate. No need to advertise it and just try to make money off of donating by getting more people to buy your products.

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  17. I found the Jack Link's sugar-free about a year ago in store, like it a whole lot better than the original.

  18. Keto seems to be a cookies, cakes, candy, snacks, shakes thing. Trigger, trigger, trigger, what's up guys?

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