10 Safe and Fast Ways to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


Fat is one of the most famous macronutrients like carbohydrates and proteins. However, this is extremely useful for human health and growth of body, but excessive amount of fats can react adversely. So, the people should consume it in average and medically recommended amount, because exceeding in its intake can push them from plenty of physical problems in which the fatness is more serious and common. Fats in medical science is also known as Triglycerides that is a part of three fatty acid chains including alcohol glycerol.

Once you get excessive fats and become fat, then it will be much problematic for you to live a good life. Secondly, more fats can cause of heart diseases. Now, there are many ongoing methods which are known as the safe and best to lose weight faster. Here, you will also read the most famous and successful methods to lose 20 pounds in a month. If you strictly follow these instructions and apply given methods, then surely you can easily lose as much weight as you want.

Fast Ways to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Why Calories Count Matters?

Calories are the biggest sources to produce energy and run the operations in human body. But, if the calories exceed from a needed limit, then this may move to danger and you can experience some of the serious problems like rapid increase in body weight, stomach issues, extra growth of muscles and quick death of cells and tissues. While, the people having more calories in their body do more exercises throughout the day and they will not gain body mass, because they have good way to absorb the generated energy in their bodies.

When you are searching for safe and 100% effective ways regarding how to lose 20 pounds, then you must also learn about the instructions that are more compulsory than your deeds. In fact, a person can lose weight as fast as he wants, but if he is conscious and follows the physicians or specific methods otherwise he will never achieve his expected goals. It is really possible to achieve a slim body by executing physical works, drinking natural beverages, pure water and consuming sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

However, every way or method you select to follow will depend upon the level of calories and quantity of fats your body owns at the moment. It means the lower level of calories will help you to lose the weight up to 20 lbs just within one month. If your body possesses more calories count, then it will be little hard to burn fats and lose weight quickly. Finally, the first step you should do for weight loss is the selection of a balanced, healthy and effective diet plan.

Dangers of Fats to Health:

All fats are not bad for the human body, because liver produces the Cholesterol from the fats you always eat regardless the quantity of eaten fats. However, when the level of cholesterol inside the body increases from a required one, then there will be big obstacle to blood for circulation. Usually, the fats move to human body through blood and in two ways; Low Density Lipoprotein and High Density Lipoprotein.

Saturated fats are mostly useful for the bodies, but this may turn into dangers when it goes high in the blood. Finally, there are many chances of physical disorders and chronic diseases when the amount of fats in body increases rapidly and people do not take right measures to control it. Usually, excessive quantity of fats or cholesterol in the body can cause following serious diseases.

  1. Heart diseases
  2. Blockage of blood vessels and heart valve issue
  3. Obesity
  4. Diabetes
  5. Stroke
  6. Asthma due to weight gaining
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Liver infection by more quantity of cholesterol
  9. Lack of physical activities
  10. Cardiovascular diseases etc.

Biggest Sources of Fats:

In the world, fats are mostly found in the natural products like fruits, nuts, grains, crops, meat and dairy products. In fact, the fats and proteins both are found in similar substances, but the excessive quantity of fats produce more counts of calories and these are almost adverse to every human. It is little good for everyone to know the biggest sources of fats before to find right solutions that how to lose 20 pounds fast. Some general and major sources of fats are;

  1. Big cuts of the meat
  2. Fish and products prepared from the fish
  3. All meat recipes and derived products
  4. Whole dairy products chain
  5. Nuts and grains
  6. Oils made from the vegetables and nuts
  7. Palm and olive oil
  8. Green leafy vegetables
  9. Seeds and eggs
  10. Fried and Pre-Mixed foods

Furthermore, you should not consider the word fat the adverse and dangerous, because it is a natural substance which is gained from many types of things. Secondly, fats can be of two types; good and bad. The saturated and useful fats which a body needs to grow and manage operations are known as good fats. While, the fats that can cause excessive production of cholesterol and other anti-health elements will be known as bad fats.

Ways to Lose 20 lbs Pounds a Moth:

Today, many types of innovations and discovery in Health Science happen which the people mostly consider fake things. But, in reality there are many discoveries that can change the life of a person. Usually, most people consider that it is a big fake news that they can lose their weight up to 20 pounds just in a period of one month. According to science and latest research it is really possible to lose weight up to this promised amount in only 30 days.

If you are willing to know how this is possible, then you should continue reading and confirm whether this is true or false. Following 10 very best and safest ways to burn fats faster and reduce body weight up to 20 lbs in 30 day period.

1) Physical Exercises:

Undoubtedly, physical workouts are the best things to burn fats, reach ideal physical fitness and prevent the calories to increase. That is why; most of physicians and doctors suggest the people to continue walk and general physical exercises that can promote their fitness and kick the extra fats. When you are very punctual in taking workouts, then it does not have any value that how much quantity of fats you regular eat.

Experienced physicians advise people to maintain their daily diet, avoid having fast foods, fried and pre-mixed products that are rich with many nutrients, proteins and fats. So, when you care your diets at the one end and on the other you continuously execute the workouts, then you will not experience any gain in your body weight. Further, some of specific physical workouts are also best to execute when you are seeking for ways that how to lose 20 pounds in a month.

2) Green Tea:

Just 5-10 years ago, the green tea was rare in the world and most of people were considering it a harmful and unpleasant type of drink, but later on it proved its benefits and health features. Nowadays, green tea stands at 2nd position in the list of things or natural remedies that are best and effective to burn fats faster. Green tea works very quickly and first of all it does a brilliant job to decrease the cholesterol from the blood and then from the liver. Secondly, it moves to every part of body through blood streaming and then cuts the big particles of fats and pushes them to urine for discharge.

3) Formal Tactics:

These are generally famous as the formal tactics which are really effective and useful, but modern people have their weak faith over such techniques. However, in Asian countries many women and men use these methods to cut the fats of their body and reach to a sound health level. While, the best tactic to lose weight in less timeframe is the intake of a mixture of lemon juice, honey and pure water. If you drink this mixture early in the morning just 2-3 hours before of having breakfast, then it will deliver you many benefits. However, this mixture is needed to use at least twice a day.

4) Avoid Using Medicines:

Sometime, people need the products and specific methods to burn their body fats. But, in many cases if they avoid applying typical and risky medicines or methods, then they can also lose their body weight. Sure, there are many types of medicines manufactured by world’s leading pharmaceutical companies that claim their remedies are free of side effects and other health risks, while the users will get big reduction in their weights just in a period of maximum a month. But, you should prefer the herbal or natural remedies that have their best benefits rather than complicated effects, as these are the part of methods that lose 20 pounds in a month.

5) Terminate Habit of Eating Fast Food:

Continuous development in food technology has changed the lives of people across the world. Most of people believe that fast food is the best source to get good health and empower the body. In fact, they are right, but not fully because fast foods carry excessive amount of nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and other minerals which human body needs in a suitable quantity.

If the quantity of these natural substances exceeds from a required level, then there will be more chances of weight gaining. So, termination of fast foods and beginning of physical workouts will bring mighty changes in body mass. It is expected that almost 20 or more lbs decrease in body weight will happen just in 30 days if fast foods are avoided along with good workouts.

6) Leave Foods That Kill Metabolism:

Sometime you need to terminate consuming some types of the foods that always kill metabolism and increase the cholesterol in body. Usually, doctors and physicians emphasize people to maintain the foods that play a vital role to increase metabolism in human body. In fact, metabolism is the natural hormone produced inside human body that mostly runs the brain functions and supports the entire body to react, move and work.

Fats grow faster when metabolism goes down and as a result of this human body will become lazy. You must select at least 4 to 5 vegetables and products that can help you to grow your metabolism and assist you learn well that how to lose 20 pounds in a week or month. For this, everyone should pay attention over vegetables, fresh fruits, juices and some kinds of mixed products.

7) Keep Your Diet Completely Balance:

Recently, research of health has discovered many new facts about the role of balanced diets for men and women. Actually, vegetables, suitable amount of meat, fresh juices and seeds can promote the health, while all these are also best sources to increase metabolism production. While, on the other end if you maintain your routine diet and exclude fried, fats rich and protein concentrated products from the fixed diet schedule, then this will make you slim and fit. However, a good diet will contain more quantity of juices, water, natural beverages gained from fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

8) Drink Plenty of Mineral Water:

Drinking plenty of water in routine life is the most essential segment of the methods that how to lose 20 pounds in a month, because mineral or distilled water can burn the fats. However, drinking water early in the morning, before every diet and throughout the day can return with maximum benefits. While, you are taking physical workouts, then you should continue drinking water after small intervals, because in this session water works better and burns fats quicker than during the day.

9) Avoid Fats, Nutrients and Carbohydrates:

When you are conscious to reduce weight and make your body slim, then first thing you should do is the reduction as well as complete stop of nutrients, carbohydrates and fats. You should be vegetarian and avoid the intake of all kinds of meat; both white and red meat. Eating raw vegetables and some of the fresh fruits can also help you to lower down calories count and minimize the production of cholesterol in body.

10) Some Supplements:

Losing fats means the reduction in body mass, while you can also consult with your physicians and doctors who will advise you to take some supplements for weight loss. When you are searching for the supplements that can help you in how to lose 20 pounds fast, then you should preview the following best and fast reaction products that are also free of serious side effects. But, still if you experience any side effect, then you should stop intake of these supplements and go to doctors for further instructions.

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