10 Ways on How to Get Rid of Dust Mites


When you have a home that you can spend your time with or do things that you want, it is definitely your home and a private space for you to be yourself. Of course, when you have a home, you must do the necessary things to make it clean and livable for yourself or your loved ones, if you are living with another person or people.

Another important thing that you should sink into your mind is the safety and security for your loved ones or yourself. You must keep your homes clean to avoid spreading diseases, making it worse, or be inflicted with a disease, especially when you are working and you cannot afford to lose even one day of work to support your family or yourself.

Once you spot a dirty area, garbage lying in any area of your home, or pest crawling or running around your kitchen, you must clean it right away to avoid making it worse. That is the reason why; you either hire a professional or clean it with an effective detergent or chemicals to make it safe for you and your loved ones.

Cleaning is the solution to dirty areas because you disinfect and kill bacteria that may cause diseases or sickness to both children and adults. You may have to be cautious in cleaning or you may be at risk in contact with the bacteria or pollutant.

The bedroom is a nice play to rest and recuperate

Every house has a bedroom and this is the room where you rest your aching body, so that you are ready for the next day to do tasks and work. It is also important to keep your bedroom clean to avoid unnecessary reactions such as allergies or diseases to be developing inside it. However, the most common problem among household keepers and moms are the allergic reactions to dust.

Since your bed, blankets, and pillows are mostly made of cotton, these things would immediately accumulate dust particles, which cannot be seen by the naked eye without focusing a light on it. That is the reason why dust is the number one source of allergic reactions that may worsen the health of a person. Another branching problem would be the dust mites. These microscopic critters can be lethal to your children or yourself when you have asthma problems or weak lungs.

Once you or your children inhale the dust particles that contain a dust mite, you or your children will suffer from inability to breathe properly or the asthma will trigger, making you unable and weak to do your daily activities or the risk of dying. A bedroom filled with dust mites is not a good bedroom to rest and recover your health.

Dust Mites

What are dust mites?

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Dust mites are microscopic insects that feed on the tiny flakes that fall from the humans such as dandruff, dead skin, sweat, and many more. These microscopic insects live in numbers and can worsen the condition of a person with asthma or lung problems, as well as worsen the condition of people, who tend to get allergies quickly through inhalation of dust particles in the air. Luckily, to prevent all these from happening, it is easy when you just clean your sheets, beddings, and pillows, as well as cleaning your whole room, leaving no trails that dust can enter and form again. Dust mites are frequently living in pillows and it is multiplying especially on humid atmospheres.

Dust mites are somewhat allergic to hot and cold temperatures as well, which makes it easier to dispose and eliminate them in many ways. As long as you do not have a humid weather or you eliminate any humidity in your room, you will surely kill the microscopic critters that cause allergies and rashes.

In addition to that, with chilly temperature, dust mites cease to exist. On the other hand, hot water during laundry and washing will also kill it or exposure in sunlight because sunlight produces heat. Again, dust mites are easy to eliminate once you know how to do it.

Do dust mites bite?

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Yes, they do. If you have experienced the feelings of itchiness and rash while you were sleeping, that is the work of dust mites. You will start to get itchy all over or part of your skin that is bare and uncovered, as well as developing a rash due to scratching. If you have not eaten any food on dinner that makes you allergic or you have a fever, then the cause of the itchiness are dust mites.

One may even develop eczema and allergic rhinitis, which will add to the cost of the medicines and cure for it. To save your time and money, you must clean the infested room right away to avoid worse case scenarios that hurt your children or your loved ones.

The solutions that saves you from all hassles

Fortunately, you have solutions and ways you can get rid of these microscopic critters. You are assured that you will surely eliminate the itchiness, allergic reactions, or sneezing that may arise. Here are the following ways to get rid of dust mites in your room:

  1. Replace anything that is made up of wool or feathers with synthetic materials, as well as washing your stuffed animals and putting away the traditional ones that are hard to wash. Doing this will eliminate the places for breeding and multiplying of dust mites, considering that stuffed animals are the most loved toys of children during bedtime. Some would even sleep with it, which increases the risk of contact with dust mites. However, if you are familiar with lanolin wool, this type of wool contains a natural element that repels dust mites, somewhat an anti-bacterial property or insecticide that repels dust mites.
  2. Encase your pillows, beddings, or mattresses with impermeable covers, to prevent any spots for hiding or breeding of the mites. You can buy these covers in department stores, bedding companies, or supply mail order companies. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Use air conditioner to decrease humidity in air. Humidity is the number one cause of dust mites to multiply because it is their preferred atmosphere rather than cold ones. It is best to turn on the air conditioner, to scare away and kill the dust mites with cold and chilly atmosphere. You can even use a dehumidifier, if the weather is humid. Once the humidity falls below 50 percent, it will kill the dust mites right away in time.
  4. Wash all of your beddings, blankets, and pillow covers at least once a week with hot water to kill the dust mites. If you are having trouble with non-washable beddings, do not worry because you can freeze them overnight in the freezer to kill the dust mites in freezing cold temperature. Just place them in a plastic bag or container and put it in the freezer overnight. You can even freeze your stuffed animals to kill what is residing in it.
  5. If are a fan of carpets in rooms, you must replace it with tiles, linoleum, or wood. The reason for this is because carpets gather much more dust particles, germs, and dust mites compared to the mattress, beddings, and pillows. Since carpets gather boogers, germs, dirt, dust, and many more particles, carpets are also a breeding place for dust mites. It is better if you replace it with tiles or wood for easier cleaning and no dust particles remaining.
  6. If you do not prefer washing with hot water or freezing it, you can use vapor stream cleaning. Any equipment that does vapor steam-cleaning uses vapors from water, which only contains 5 to 6 percent of water. This vapor will not contribute to any moisture for easier drying and usage. This process also kills fungus and bacteria aside from dust mites.
  7. Do you have a vacuum cleaner? If you do, then this machine is useful in cleaning and absorbing the dusts that resides inside your bedrooms, under your bed, behind every nooks and crannies on appliances and furniture inside your bedroom. Aside from steam cleaning, vacuuming all the dirt is a combo in steam cleaning, which makes cleaning easier. Cleaning the whole bedroom with a vacuum cleaner will lessen the cleaning process, so that you will only have to focus on wiping the appliances or cleaning the beddings and pillow covers. A vacuum cleaner with double-layered micro filter bag and h3 sucking power will make it even safer for you to clean the whole bedroom without worrying on the disposal of the dust bag or bin. To be safe and to prevent allergies, you must use a mask to cover your nose and mouth during the vacuuming process.
  8. You can buy dust mite fumers and foggers to fog the whole house or room definitely to kill the dust mites in it. You can even apply dust mite powders as you wash or clean your beddings and covers, as well as dust mite sprays to kill every single dust mite effectively. However, you must choose the effective products and brand to assure effectiveness in the cleanup and extermination process.
  9. You should avoid cleaning when your children or a person with high reaction to allergies is nearby the area. It might worsen the condition to the point he/she will be sent to the hospital for proper care and cure. When you are cleaning, make sure they are not present within the vicinity to do the cleaning process effectively.
  10. Wear goggles or protective-goggles to protect your eyes against pollutants or particles that float in the air during your cleanup process. If you do not, you would be feeling an itchy feeling on your eyes, which gives you the urge in rubbing it, making it reddish and destroying your eyesight. Of course, make sure the mask you are wearing is slightly thick and filters air effectively to prevent allergies such as sneezing and wheezing during your cleaning process. The aid of gloves is highly recommended when you are handling even dirtier stuff or dustier covers to avoid the risk of touching the pollutant.

The transition of living

You should be aware that population of dust mites depends on your habit and lifestyles. If you are negligent and lazy, you increase your risks of getting dust mites allergy. This type of allergy makes you have a runny nose and difficulty in breathing. That is the reason why, you should change your habit and lifestyle into a healthier and cleaner one. In addition to that, you should also change your cleaning habits into a more engaging and frequent cleaning to eliminate sources of allergens and dusts.

Effective way of cleaning

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An effective way of cleaning is to lift the furniture or clean the whole room in one sitting right away to find out the source and eliminate it. You should be making a progress on living a cleaner and dust mite-free lifestyle with the tips learned as what was mentioned. Once you master the methods and ways, you can even share the information with your loved ones or friends to avoid problems and increase awareness among circles of friends.

Now that you know about all these things, you can surely be at ease. You can plan when to change as long as it is soon as possible to counter attack the problems that may occur inside your household. Just keep the manner and personality of being alert in many ways. It does not hurt to be a clean freak also because it helps in various ways, especially when you are mom or parent of children.

As long as you know how to eliminate dust mites around your area, you save yourself and your children from the problems and diseases that may happen within your household, which may cause you to spend more and stress more. Enjoy a life of clean environment with children and be well.

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