10 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin


Are you having skin problems as of late? If you have drying skin and you want to get rid of it, you need to know the causes of this ailment. It can be because of the weather. If the weather is dry then chances are so will your skin. Also, do you have extremely dry skin? Particularly dry skin on face? Here’s some help. If the weather is cold, your skin will dry up from exposure to low temperatures. The coldness of the weather can make your skin look more aged and flaky, in fact. In order to counteract this, you might need to get warm or visit spas and hot springs more often to give your body some moisturizing heat. Or you could simply get some liquid moisturizer from your nearby drug store.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin Treatment 101

Here are the ten ways to treat your drying skin and make it milky smooth once more.

  1. Milk: [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00PN7AOSS”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    Milk isn’t just great for making you grow when you drink it. It’s also dependable in moisturizing your skin when you apply it to yourself in a topical fashion. What’s more, milk has anti-inflammatory properties you can take advantage of in order to keep your skin as moisturized as possible. Did you know that milk is the best moisturizer for dry skin? If you didn’t, now you do! Many skin-conscious young women models bath in fresh milk in order to keep their skin as supple and moisturized as possible.

When skin is dry, it doesn’t only get wrinkly; it also has a tendency to get inflamed. By using milk as a moisturizer, not only will you keep your skin from wrinkling; you could also treat any inflammation problems it has as well. To apply milk to your drying skin, you need a clean washcloth that’s dipped in warm milk. You then place it on your skin area that’s dry and leave it there for 5-10 minutes. Wash it off with another washcloth dipped in lukewarm water.

  1. Sunscreen: [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00MV14Z2K”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    If your skin is dry because of tanning or sunburn, then here’s what you need to do. Skin dries up pretty badly after long exposure to the heat of the sun or even after getting a tan artificially through a tanning bed. The best way to make your skin as milky white and smooth as possible is to limit your sun exposure to healthy amounts (you can’t remove all sun exposure altogether since the sun remains a good source of Vitamin D). Avoid letting the sun ruin your skin completely by staying indoors more in the summer.

If that’s not an option, then put on sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays from your skin. Different sunscreens have different effects and sun-blocking capabilities. Your best bet is to use a lightweight sunscreen that’s best for your skin because certain other sunscreens prioritize UV protection over making sure that your skin doesn’t get dried out by the sunscreen itself. Apply the product 15-30 minutes before leaving your home to go to the beach. Remember to reapply it as needed as well.

  1. Olive Oil: [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00KPYZ3D0″][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    Did you know that olive oil contains a lot of fatty acids and antioxidants? These are the agents that your skin needs to stay healthy, moisturized, and smooth. It’s also the product you need to help soothe your skin from head to toe because inflamed and irritated skin is where most skin complications originate. As such, it plays a dual role as far as your dermatological healthiness is concerned. Just a little amount of olive oil daily will do wonders to your skin.

When using olive oil, you simply need to mix a small amount of it on your moisturizer for your face and/or body. It’s mainly for skin relief. Don’t forget to really spread and massage your moisturizer all over your face and body in a circular lathering motion so that the oil can enter your skin pores better and do its magic from within. This should be done after every bath to ensure the best results every time.

  1. Humidifier:

    Skin dryness comes from staying in areas where it’s hot and dry to the point that there’s no ambient moisture around at all. Bathing as much as possible to keep your skin moist can only go so far in a naturally dry desert environment like Nevada and Arizona. You want your skin to be bathed in humidity as well. Too much humidity can lead to oily skin (so is putting too much olive oil on it), but too little can dry it all out. You should find a good balance.

In order to keep your skin from drying out in non-humid (that is, arid) areas, you should make use of a humidifier. It’s a device you can put water in to increase the humidity in your room or house (by up to 50% humid). By proxy, the ambient moisture will also assist in moisturizing your skin (or at least keeping the dry weather from damaging it with dryness). It also helps your moisturizer product to do its work more effectively without the weather sabotaging it.

  1. Honey: [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00WASOIYE”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    Honey is one of the best home remedies that can help your skin get well-moisturized. It’s not just ordinary sugar syrup, after all. Yes, it can get sticky all over your skin, but it’s actually a good all-natural moisturizer in its own right next to your store moisturizer. It’s filled with antioxidants that are well-known for their anti-aging properties (chances are, your moisturizer products and anti-wrinkle creams also claim to have antioxidant ingredients in them since they’re so effective in staving off skin damage).

Honey is also anti-microbial, which means your sensitive dry skin is safe from microorganisms and germs that could also lead to skin disease and various dermatological issues that could exacerbate your drying skin problem. The thick, syrupy goodness of money is particularly dependable when it comes to locking the moisture of your skin to ensure its smoothness throughout the day. Don’t worry; it won’t leave a sticky feeling your skin like melted candy after application, since you’ll be taking a bath afterwards anyway.

  1. Coconut Oil:

    Coconut water is all the rage as far as drinks are concerned, but did you know that coconut oil is an effective moisturizer and skin protector in its own right? If you’ve never tried out this oil on your skin, then you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. Like olive oil, coconut oil is great on your skin. It makes it healthier, suppler, and smoother to the touch because it replenishes lost moisture after you’ve taken a bath or did some physically strenuous activities like exercise.

Essentially, you need to apply this oil all over your body before sleeping. Don’t lather the oil too much on yourself or you might end up too sticky and have trouble sleeping afterwards. You should apply just the right amount on your skin without leaving too much of it on you to the point of stickiness. You can also lock in the moisture better by putting on this coconut oil on yourself right after you’ve taken a bath. It’s the same deal with ordinary moisturizers, come to think of it.

  1. Avocado:

    Avocado is another excellent all-natural method of getting rid of drying skin ASAP. Like with milk and honey, avocado should be applied to your skin in a topical manner. This fruit actually has loads of nutrients and agents that will help your skin become healthy and full of zest without drying out. It’s a moisturizing solution to your dilemma that helps your skin from the inside out. In particular, it’s packed with Vitamin A content that assists in making your skin become more resilient against moisture loss and damage.

In order for you to apply avocado, you need to first mash it into a paste. You could also use a blender, but don’t puree it. You also don’t need to mix it in with anything else a la olive oil mixed with moisturizer. Plain avocado paste is enough. Rub this concoction all over your skin then leave it on as an avocado mud mask for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off. You can do this facial treatment for drying face skin about twice a week to get optimum results.

  1. Aloe Vera:

    Aloe Vera isn’t just treatment you can use for your hair. It’s also a drying skin home remedy in its own right. It’s not just for hair care but also for skincare. It’s a soothing plant-based substance you can put on your parched and moisture-free skin to help sooth its effects and complications (like irritation, wrinkle formation, and itchiness). It’s also an all-natural type of moisturizer you can use to keep your skin as fresh as possible.

You can even use it in tandem with your store-bought moisturizer to ensure that your skin’s moisture is replenished in every which way. To apply Aloe Vera to your skin, you need to first get a leaf then cut it in the middle. Squeeze the gel and put it into dry areas of your body, from the sides of your elbows to your neck and face. The gel should be allowed to stay on your skin for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it off thoroughly with warm water. You can do this twice a day to ensure the smoothest and supplest of results throughout the day.

  1. Yogurt:

    As for yogurt, you can eat this to get clearer skin as well as put it topically on your problem skin areas to remove their dryness. It’s yet another foodstuff like milk, honey, and avocado that’s effective in keeping your skin as hydrated as possible, funnily enough. Like milk, it comes with anti-inflammatory benefits since drying skin has a tendency to get inflamed and irritated due to lack of moisture and natural oil protection. It also heals your damaged skin as well, much like tea tree oil in certain skincare products.

If your skin has been so itchy that you’ve started scratching and wounding it, then yogurt could serve as your means of healing it right back up from its bouts of irritation. Yogurt applied topically to the skin can also keep bacteria from spreading, which can also be a cause of drying skin. Only choose unflavored and freshly bought yogurt first and foremost. Play the foodstuff directly to the dry patches on your skin then take a bath to remove the yogurt soon afterwards. This is something you could do freely every day until you acquire desired skin suppleness.

  1. Oatmeal:

    Oatmeal is actually a great method of treatment for drying skin. Rather than wait for your skin to become as leathery as a book, you should look into getting a high protein serving of oatmeal. It’s something that can help quite a bit in keeping your skin from suffering from too much water loss. It also ensures that your skin is more moisturized than usual, especially in dry areas where even a humidifier isn’t enough to keep your skin fresh as much as possible. Here’s what you need to do to get an oatmeal-based drying skin treatment.

If you have a bathtub, prepare warm water for your bath then add essential oils on the water to make yourself more relaxed. Afterwards, add helpings of oatmeal into your bathtub and bathe in it. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than making a milk bath (which is usually reserved for the rich and the famous who could afford to bathe in a bathtub of milk instead of drinking it). This is something you can do once a week to stave off skin drying as much as possible.

Treatment by Cause

Your skin is like a dehydrated packet of noodles that require some hot moisture to get back to your more supple form, essentially. Drying skin is disconcerting to many because the dryer your skin, the likelier it is to get laugh lines, fine lines, and outright wrinkles. It also has a tendency to sag and whatnot. There are many ways to get over dry skin rash or dry skin patches all over your body. You can use moisturizer, you can reduce your stress, or you can get away from pollutants in the air that could contribute to the worsening of your skin’s condition. It’s all about prevention of drying skin by avoiding its causes and cures for skin that’s already dry.

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