10 Ways To Lower Cholesterol Naturally


Health is something that we should really take care and give importance to because this is the only determinant of how long we are going to survive. And since our lifestyles have changed over the years, the causes of death among people and the average life expectancy also changed.

One of the main leading causes of death during a study that has been conducted was heart attack or cardiac arrest and the predisposing factor of this is having high cholesterol levels in the body which can trigger or cause cardiac arrest if not given any immediate attention. According to survey that was done by Center of for disease control and prevention, people who happens to have high total cholesterol has a greater risk of having heart diseases as compared to those people who are just in normal levels. But you don’t need to worry since you still have something to do about it and do it as soon as possible because if you will start it later, then I hope it is never that too late.

So to further understand cholesterol and how to prevent cardiac arrest and learning some ways on how to lower your cholesterol naturally, then just read the rest of the articles.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is considered as a fat or a lipid that is found in the bloodstream of our body, but unlike blood, it doesn’t mix up with them since it is oil based. So cholesterols are just circulating in our body along the blood vessels. Actually Cholesterols are good since it has some functions in our body such as it contributes to the structures of our cell wall, it also is the reason for building up of digestive bile acids in our intestines, it also enables the body to produced Vitamin D which is very essential to keep our system functioning and last and definitely not the least is allows the body to produce some certain hormones.

Two Types of Cholesterol

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There are actually two types of cholesterol that are carried by lipoproteins, and these are, high density lipoprotein and the other one is the low density lipoprotein. High density Lipoprotein or also known as the good cholesterol is found along the bloodstream and its main function is to carry out LDL with them away from the arteries and put them back to the liver so that the LDL will breakdown to pieces and remove it from our body system. High density lipoprotein area, also known as scavengers, acted like that in the body.

While on the other hand, Low Density Lipoprotein or also known as bad cholesterol since they contribute in the formation of plaque in the blood stream, it is a hard, thick fat deposits that may clog the arteries in which if it builds up that long it will turn into an atherosclerosis or may cause stroke or heart attack to a person if the emboli of it will stuck in one of the artery in our body.

How is high level of LDL diagnosed?

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Cholesterols, as I have mentioned are present in our blood stream, but since it doesn’t combine with blood, they are just there in the bloodstream and going in and out of our system delivering what they are ought to do and doing their functions. If you want to know the levels of your cholesterol, there are blood tests that can be done to determine if you have normal or high levels of cholesterol. Both extreme levels of cholesterol can be bad and is dangerous to our health. Make sure to just maintain it within the normal range so that there will be no problem in the future.

As what I have mentioned again earlier in this article, that you really don’t have to worry because there things that can be done to help lower down your cholesterol levels and remove you out from the risk of having stroke or cardiac problems. So here are some 10 healthy ways to lower your cholesterol naturally.

  1. In order for you to know how to lower cholesterol, all you have to do make sure that you don’t practice sedentary lifestyle. One of the contributing factors as to why a person develops high levels of LDL is that he or she has not enough activity and exercise that is why the LDL will just stay in the blood stream until it will clog the whole arteries.

Make sure that you do some exercise every other day. If you are already diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol, it is better to seek first some medical advice as to what exercises are you allowed to do or if there are contraindications. Brisk walking is a good start in having a healthy and active lifestyle. Then if you can tolerate it, you can upgrade and increase it into something that can make your heart beat faster than the usual and that is running or jogging. If you are feeling uneasy or dizzy, you can stop immediately doing it.

  1. Avoid eating out in the fast food, Food preparations in the fast food uses commercial oil that is not good for our heart. I don’t mean to make fast food chains bad, but it is in their preparation that makes it unhealthy if you don’t have an active lifestyle. There is too much oil and salt in their food that is not good in the body since it build up fats and too much sodium will also cause some serious problems such as kidney diseases. So as much as possible stay away in this kind of food. Foods that are found in the fast food are rich in saturated fats that can be another contributing factor to have an increased level of LDL in the body. Make sure that if you eat out, choose food wisely.
  2. It is better if you will prepare your food at home, at least in this way you will be able to control and watch over the proportions of your food intake. Olive oil are good substitute for commercial oil that we are used in cooking our food, olive oil has an omega 3 content that is said to be good for the heart.
  3. Use natural oils in your food and avoid oil as much as possible. As what I have mentioned earlier, you can substitute your oil into some healthy options like avocados and nuts. This will also help you to increase your metabolism thus helps you in developing good digestion and remove toxins from the body.
  4. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to help wash out toxins accumulated in the body which includes the LDL and other harmful substances, asides form that it helps clean your bloodstream since water goes through it and help wash out LDL in the body.
  5. You can seek and ask the help from the professionals and experts like the nutritionist to help you plan out meals that promotes low levels of cholesterol and at the same time it doesn’t compromise other nutrients and vitamins that is needed in our body and the know exactly what to do on how to lower cholesterol
  6. Avoid smoking. In all means, you have to avoid or stop smoking since smoking can be one of the factors for having constricted blood vessels and thus it will only make the situation worse. If your arteries and veins are just too narrow, the tendency of this is that your blood will have difficulty in passing through thus it will impede the normal blood flow in our body. Some of our vital organs will also receive only a small amount of blood and the LDL will accumulate in the bloodstream that will trigger for it to cause cardiac arrest. Smoking by the way doesn’t bring any good to our health because asides that it can help increase cholesterol it can also damage our lungs and it is also one of the factors of developing cancer in the body, so avoid smoking and any other chain smoking that will greatly affect your health sooner or later.
  7. Try your best to achieve or maintain your normal body weight, it has been said that obesity can be a factor for having high levels of cholesterol in the body. It is important to maintain normal body weight and keep it that way by following healthy methods and not starving yourself because of you trying to maintain your ideal weight.
  8. If your doctors already give you some maintenance as to control your high levels of cholesterol and tell you this will help you on how to lower bad cholesterol, then I suggest taking it with strict compliance. Since those are your maintenance drug, see to it to take it at the right time and the right dose to maintain your cholesterol in normal levels.
  9. And lastly you should eat the right amount and kinds of food to keep yourself healthy and to avoid any building up of fats and LDL that can promote to developing LDL in the bloodstream. You should eat foods that are healthy such as vegetables, fruits and the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

More tips and considerations

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Again, cholesterol levels can easily be turn into normal for as long as you take everything in moderation. Discipline is also a key for you to have and maintain doing healthy lifestyle. Small changes from your daily routines can do a long way and will have great impact to your health. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not suffer because of the diseases and illnesses that we have due to not taking care of our body when we are still able.

There is also a study that says exercise and right amount of nutrition can help you lower down your cholesterols and how to lower bad cholesterol, and good thing about it is that you don’t have to take those maintenance drugs that are prescribed to you by your doctors since exercise and healthy nutrition can do a long way.

While we are young, we should do our best to take care of our body so that we can live longer and enjoy the world that has a lot of things to offer. As what I keep on telling you in this article that we should try and make our health be the number one priority since we cannot enjoy the things or do the things that we are supposed to do if we are sick and not feeling well.

Actually these high cholesterol levels can be modified for as long as we know how to discipline ourselves and not abuse our body, everything and every ways that can help lower down our cholesterol has already been mentioned all you have to do is strictly follow it and put it into your heart and bear it in your mind.

Let us also not forget our families and loved ones to also educate them about cholesterol and the importance of it to maintain in a normal levels. It is better to do some preventive measure that doing something that there is already a signs and symptoms; you cannot do anything if there are things that they already experience such as chest pain since these are irreversible.

If you find out that you are already experiencing any chest pain or shortness of breath and blurring of vision, the first thing that you must do is seek help or better yet call 911 for them to be able to bring you to the hospital as soon as they can and do some immediate intervention so that things are not that late. If you detect impending heart attack then there is greater chance that you will be able to have good prognosis. If you still haven’t experience any of those signs then good for you, that means you still have ample enough of time to modify your lifestyle and turn your eating habits into something that is proper and healthy.

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