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10 Wrestlers That RECENTLY Went Through A BODY TRANSFORMATION! – Seth Rollins HAS A DAD BOD?

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10 Wrestlers That RECENTLY Went Through A BODY TRANSFORMATION! – Seth Rollins HAS A DAD BOD?
Wrestlers throughout the history of the sport have been expected to keep themselves in the best shape possible. After all, the business used to sell on the basis of who had the most muscles at a point. While the same pressure doesn’t exist today, wrestlers do seem to prefer having aspirational body types, as that still helps them sell themselves to the casual audience. We are the Wrestling Hub and today we will be talking about 10 Wrestlers That Recently Went Through A Body Transformation

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31 thoughts on “10 Wrestlers That RECENTLY Went Through A BODY TRANSFORMATION! – Seth Rollins HAS A DAD BOD?”

  1. Imagine what will happen to Seth Rollins kid when he learns what Seth did on twitter. With WIll Ospreay.

  2. You can't take the 'roids and growth hormones all the time. When you take them, you look unnaturally buff. When you don't, it shows. Then again, that stuff can and does literally kill people, so I'd much rather have an alive Colby Lopez providing for his family with a "dad bod" and being there for his kids than another damn casualty of the business. You shouldn't have to kill yourself just to make a decent living and provide for yourself and your family – regardless of what I think about Colby Lopez as a person. You never want to see someone go like that. Especially when there are families involved.

  3. seth rollins is a dad now. its acceptable that he gets the dad bod. who knows. once things calm down. he might come back better than ever

  4. While I respect Edge for coming back, damn!–he looks like a ghoul just done crawled out of the grave. Have to admit, he looks good. 'roids and hard, smart workouts plus decent nutrition can do anyone some good.

  5. u can't say that seth has a bad body just because he put on weight and that six pack in the thumbnail was fake, do u really just go round body shaming people?

  6. Maybe is something that Rollins is not using anymore, I've notice that body change since he was in the authority back 2014-15

  7. chris said he got a little bit fatter to better portray his heel role btw, and i reckon this is the same way with seth

  8. Seth's body now looks gross like he has hardly any muscle it's like a skinny dude with a potbelly

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