11 High-Sugar Vegetables to Avoid on KETO

keto vegetables
keto vegetables

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Most gurus (and doctors) teach you that vegetables are the best food you can eat. But many people find that eating too many of certain veggies can stall weight loss. These 11 high-sugar veggies are prime suspects for raising your insulin level and turning off your fat burning.

Vegetables are not the nutrient-dense super-foods we’ve been taught. Many of them are sugar-dense and almost devoid of meaningful nutrition. This video will give you a “watch list” of veggies you might need to avoid to achieve the blood sugar and body-fat percentage levels you are looking for.

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42 thoughts on “11 High-Sugar Vegetables to Avoid on KETO”

  1. I have just discovered your videos! They are so interesting! Thank you for spreading carbs intoxication awareness!

  2. Thank you very much Dr. Berry! Oh my I must admit I got really shocked about shiitake mushrooms and red bell pepper! How about yellow and orange bell pepper? And what about Shirataki rice style/wok style/pasta style food item? Thank you for your feedback!

  3. Wait Im confused didn't Dr Berry say in his 8 vegetables to eat on Keto video that Cabbage was a great keto option?

  4. Regarding the sugar content of Onion I have seen many sources claiming that red onion can reduce sugar level, and it is recommended to diabetes but here you advise to avoid it, can you please comment

  5. 46 pounds about a year low carb mostly keto takes a little do it but it’s not hard and exercise has nothing to do with it.

  6. Bell peppers aren't peppers and aren't a vegetable but a fruit,
    Your facts are wrong on this, so how can people believe anything you say,
    Only In the USA do they use the words Bell Peppers in all other countries it's, Capsicum and once again it's a fruit not a vegetable,

  7. Omg. These are all the veggies I love most! Stuffed peppers, onions in everything, mushrooms…dang!

  8. All of the vegetables listed have a much lower glycemic index number if consumed raw. It’s when they are cooked the glycemic index increases. I could be mistaken, but it appears how these vegetables are prepared for consumption determines their impact on our bodies and an insulin response.

  9. Here you say red cabbage is bad…, BUT in another of your videos you say cabbage is good. So which is it?

  10. Many thanks from Caracas, Venezuela. I was wondering if u could elaborate on your opinion of tomatoes. My wife and I are T2D and we are grateful to u for your advice. Much obliged

  11. I have been eating onions since my teen years to fight off colds and flu with great effect and have grown very fond of them. What about garlic? It’s another food long known to help the body against infection.

  12. Man worries to much like this gentleman about this short stint called life! Jesus said Labour for the food that doesn't spoil! Seek Jesus not man's remember life is real short. Seek Jesus for Salvation eternal life with Him. Thank you Father God.

  13. I’ve really been enjoying cooking radishes as a potatoe substitute lately. Now, you’ve got me wondering if this is a good idea, since radishes grow underground too!

  14. Is it safe to say no one diet or way of eating is good for everyone?? Genuinely curious for input.

  15. You need natural sugars, otherwise your brain wont work. These new doctors and their KETOs diets think they know everything, they don't. Do not starve your brain from essential nutrients.

  16. Onions are you kidding there are studies after study that says onions lower blood sugar and is a number 1 vegetable for diabetes . You are the first Doctor to claim this .Infact I am really starting to question your creditablility.

  17. Why is sweet potatoes listed but not white potatoes which actually have a have a higher glycemic index? Starch is broken down and absorbed as sugar so there is no reason to differentiate a sweet from starchy vegetable.

  18. What kind vegetable for the blood sugar, because all these vegetables have sugar, what vegetable for kidney for eyes

  19. Lowered my A1C from 6.1 to 5.7 in first 150 days by reducing pasta, bread, tortillas, and sugar (and most snacks that come in a bag) to very minimal (which means I cheated here and there). I am going to continue to make changes to get to what I think Dr. Berry says should be 5.4?

  20. Not impressed with your information ,maybe you should do more research .An MD after your name does not make you an expert on everything

  21. I eat lots of leaves and garlic. I always stink. Even mosquitos find me gross.

  22. I’m sorry but I just can’t wrap my head around onions, mushrooms, beets etc. being bad for us. It’s just not true. These are natural, God-given Whole Foods. They are a one-ingredient food and the benefits of eating them are incredible. I eat an onion/mushroom/spinach egg omelette every morning for breakfast and it’s nutritious and delicious! I eat all fruits and veggies and eliminate processed sugars, breads, pastas etc. It works fine.

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