11 Tips For Eating Low Carb and Keto in Disney World!

keto friendly restaurants
keto friendly restaurants

Looking for keto friendly restaurants ??

Watch the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Navigating Disney World with special diets can be complicated, but it’s a lot easier than it was in years past and with these tips you’ll have no problem — or at least an easier time — sticking to your low-carb or keto diet on your next Disney World trip!

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30 thoughts on “11 Tips For Eating Low Carb and Keto in Disney World!”

  1. Thank you AJ! This will be very helpful when I plan my trip to Disney for my 40th birthday celebration.

  2. Very kind of you AJ for doing this vglog for keto/low carbs. No worry about the term "hangry" usually we don't get that. I think that happened the most to high carbs consumers with their sugar spikes when go low.
    Big props to your channel 👏

  3. I’m going to WDW at the end of September. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November of 2020. I don’t strictly follow a keto diet, but I try to go semi low carb. However, I know I’ll probably indulge a little.

  4. You too often show the SAME PICTURES. Please expand a little. We can handle it. There are too many things we are missing the way way it is.

  5. You too often show the SAME PICTURES. Please expand a little. We can handle it. There are too many things we are missing the way way it is.

  6. AJ, can you do an updated Gluten Free dining & snacking?? My son has Celiac & haven't been in a few years, going this Christmas. Thankyou🥰

  7. I have been doing keto for 4 years off and on and I can spot a someone "trying" to do a keto video and someone doing a LEGIT keto video. THIS IS LEGIT. I don't know if you have ever done keto , but you know your stuff!

  8. Could you do a full gluten free food video. My mom has celiac disease so she can’t eat anything with gluten it. When we went to Disney every one working at the restaurants we ate at were so nice, and told us about the ingredients in everything, so that she knew what was safe! I would love to know what other options there are, because I tend to eat things that are gluten free just because they are normally in our kitchen and I honestly feel healthier for it. And I think that those servers and chefs deserve so much praise for their work. They really made our trip magical!

  9. Thank you thank you for this video!!! I started after our last trip and didn't want to go backwards for our next trip after working so hard!!

  10. Been keto for 2 years and it save my life….I’m now on carnivore diet….but I won’t die 😂 asking for a side of veggie while I’m at Disney ….thanks for this video.

  11. the thing my mom does for me for anything burger related is to ask for the burger to be lettuce wrapped basically the burger is wrapped in Lettuce and not on a bun, while sure eating this way can get a bit messy but it's worth it

  12. Thank you so much for this video! I’m Keto and planning a Jan ‘22 trip for our family. I know it’s possible to make keto work in the parks, but this really helps!

  13. Disney is very good about swapping food items. At garden grill we asked them to bring us the meal without the ham, not expecting them to bring us extra helpings of turkey instead.

  14. I absolutely love that you showed this. I’m diabetic and my medication can unfortunately get me so sick. After eating lots of different foods. I’m so surprised to see such an arrangement of healthy low carb dishes. I’m excited to go back now

  15. Thank you for doing this, some great advise as I do a low carb diet but also find it hard to substitute thngs out.

  16. We need a video dedicated to all the charcuterie boards! Charcuterie is so popular right now and I didn’t realize they existed in Disney til watching this video!

  17. Just a disclaimer: the cauliflower crust at blaze pizza is NOT keto. You’ll want to ask did the actual “Keri crust” which is different.

  18. I don't know why I even watched this video. I'll eat ANYTHING at Disney. I just like to listen to AJ!

  19. sounds like AJ knows whats up, most non keto people don't get the high fat part. Thanks~

  20. I've mastered keto at Disneyland. My first keto trip to disneyworld was harder with the mobile order being the only options…. you can't make any customizations on mobile orders

  21. I’m keto and will be in disneyworld this Saturday! This is perfect, thank you!!

  22. I don’t know why I would eat that way. I know I put over 100,000 steps when I go to Disney. So I’ll working it off faster then putting it on. I know over 100,000 was around noon. So I know I put on a lot of steps when I go to Disney.

  23. Shouldn't she have mentioned that the keto diet is not recommended by health professionals?

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