15 Best and Highly Recommended Home Remedies for Migraines


Learn What Migraine Is?

Migraine indicates a severe headache that is known as the primary headache disorder which would last for 2-72 hours. In this ache, the patients have the severe pain in their half of head and they become unable to take rest or continue the work they are doing. Secondly, this headache will also cause some serious injuries in which stroke and blood vessels of brain bursting are major problems.

There are many types or conditions of this migraine which the people often experience. It is a very common phenomenon among the people having migraine to use some drugs, forbidden products like alcohol and some fast reaction medicines like aspirin. You should neglect such things that may suffer you from serious effects, while the natural remedies for migraines would be best that cure such headache disorder faster without delivering any side effect.

Causes of Migraine:

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Every health disease, injury or disorder has some grounds that push the patients towards bad medical conditions. When you look at the migraine and its causes which you may experience, then you will find many of the major causes that are standing behind migraine. However, when you do right things to avoid such causes and overcome the things that may lead reasons of migraine, then obviously you will be able to prevent it happening. While, once you should learn all the common and rare causes that lead migraine among the people. Some of these causes are;

  1. Aura
  2. Change in sleeping patterns
  • High temperature rooms, smoky areas, brighter light, loud noise and h3er odor or fragrance
  1. Dehydration
  2. Deficiency of magnesium
  3. Alcohol intake
  • Mental emotions and severe stress to nerve system
  • Jet lag and fatigue
  1. Low sugar in blood due to fasting or skipping regular meals
  2. Hormonal issues
  3. Increase in salt quantity
  • Continuous tension
  • Tyramine foods
  • Smoking
  1. Treatment and medicine side effects
  • Allergies
  • Addiction of some medicines
  • Using dairy products excessively etc.

Common Signs That Declare Migraine:

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When you have observed any or some of the migraine symptoms, then you must do right things to cure it fast. In general, there are many risks of migraine. If you do not have the sufficient know-how about migraine, then you must be aware of major signs that will help you identify it. Further, you can critically observe your daily habits and schedule like foods, stress, blood pressure variation and effects of viewing brighter lights. All these are minor things, but these are enough to confirm the migraine. Eventually, you can view in following list that has several common and rare signs of migraine.

  1. Severe pain feeling, especially in one part of the head
  2. Pulsing ache
  • Pain will get a speed in physical activities
  1. Sick feelings
  2. Change in temperature and sweating
  3. Sensitivity to sound and light
  • Avoiding carry on the regular duties and activities
  • Confusing thoughts
  1. Shoulder, limbs or neck pain
  2. Needles in body, especially in arms and shoulder
  3. Blind spots in vision etc.

Some Important Facts of Migraine:

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When you have read about the causes and symptoms of migraine, then definitely you should move to learn bit more about this painful headache disorder. In fact, this may suffer you from very serious medical conditions. You must learn about the facts of migraine, because there are several information which the people, even patients are unfamiliar. Some of these facts to migraine include;

  1. Why happens migraine, actual cause is still unknown
  2. Approximately 4 out of 10 people in the world have migraine
  • Severe attacks will keep patients unrest and disturbed
  1. Chances of migraine among people over 50 will be more than below this age limit
  2. Some medicines push migraine rather than relieving it etc.

Best Ways to Diagnose:

Almost, majority of patients know very well what causes migraines and what are general signs of this disorder. But, still they need the help of a medical expert to confirm this headache and then right treatment. In these days, modern technology has facilitated health industry to discover few very reliable diagnosing methods of migraine. While, medical test, bright light test and some other medical ways are perfect to diagnose whether a patient suffers from migraine or not. Most of patients confirm this disorder in themselves by observing the symptoms they have in real life.

Is Prevention Possible?

Migraine has become very common among the humans and this may also lead some serious problems in which brain stroke, madness, loss of memory, visual issues and brain anxiety are major complications. However, there are a number of ways that can help you to prevent this disorder. But, for a complete prevention you need many of things to do and you have to terminate several habits. First of all, you must eat fiber and drink plenty of water. While, on the other side, it is compulsory to give up drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco. Many of physical and mental activities can also help you to prevent migraine.

Home Remedies for Migraine Curing:

If you look little beyond, then you will see most people used various pain killers and quick reaction medicines for curing mental disorders in which migraine was much common. But, they experienced many side effects that suffered them from serious and very risky medical conditions. In these days, people have returned to natural remedies that are the best to cure mental issues, especially severe migraine. That is why; popularity and uses of Home Remedies for Migraines are rapidly increasing among the patients. Most doctors also suggest herbal or natural products to patients for safe recovery from migraine. In following, there are 15 bets home remedies to treat migraine faster.

1) Peppermint-Quickest Way to Relieve:

Peppermint in different forms may relieve  you from migraine. This is the best and world’s top home remedy to cure several mental disorders. Today, it is highly used in South and Eastern Asian countries for curing migraine. Mostly, peppermint tea is considered a fastest reacting natural product to relieve headache. If you continuously take peppermint tea once or twice a day, then it will also help you to prevent migraine.

2) Take a Head Massage:

Head massage can be much useful for relieving migraine. In fact, the health professionals have discovered that muscles and tissues of head, especially the organs of nerve system get tired and become hard. Due to these conditions the people may experience severe headache that will finally become migraine. Secondly, if you use some natural oils like olive, coconut and other oils for head massage, then surely you will be able to cure migraine. You will also observe many other benefits of this massage.

3) Eat Something:

Dieting and fasting both may lead the people towards casual headache. Further, if the people continue fasting and skip the regular meals, then definitely they will suffer from migraine. This painful disorder will continuously become bitter and terrible if the patients do not promptly apply some treatments. If you observe initial signs of migraine, then you must give up fasting and eat something. More probably, you will feel refreshment and relaxation when you have eaten  your meal and there will be no headache anymore.

4) Willow Bark:

Basically, aspirin is produced from Willow bark and this is the natural product that is best to cure headache. In developed countries, women and men usually use willow bark for relieving their brain stress and keeping their minds cool. Yoga trainees mostly use this herb to keep their brains free of useless thoughts and worries. If you take some exercises along with intake of willow bark, then this will make you healthy minded.

5) Feverfew:

Feverfew is a well known herb that is found excessively in Asia and Africa. In early days, antique people used this herb to cure their mental disorders and headache. Today, you can buy this herb in small packets from some herbal remedy stores. If you take the feverfew tea daily when you have depression, then this will help you keeping mind cool and pushing anxiety away. If you feel any problem by taking feverfew, then you should take advice from your doctors.

6) Take a Nap:

When the muscles and tissues of your head, neck and nerve system itself become fatigue, then you need nothing except a nap. This smaller nap will relax your memory and relieve the headache. However, if you take a nap right after having your lunch, then this will make you fresh for rest of day working. Secondly, this will also refresh your memory and prevent migraine. When you know what causes migraines, then you should include a little nap in your routine life.

7) Magnesium Refilling:

There are many medical researches and surveys that have proved that people facing magnesium deficiency will suddenly experience migraine. In fact, when you have less quantity of this natural substance in your body, then you will soon become fed-up. So, in next stage you will be caught in migraine that may harm you badly. Most of doctors suggest patients to eat the magnesium rich fruits and foods to prevent migraine.

8) Plenty of Water:

Water shortage may make your blood thicker and sugar rich. So, the thicker blood will not easily move and arteries passing towards the head will suffer from complications to take blood. As a result of this problem the muscles and tissues of head will experience some stress. This stress will lead headache and finally it will be migraine. If you start drinking plenty of pure water, natural fruit juices and some blended beverages free of carbonate and sodium, then you will treat your migraine without having any bitter medicine. When you observe initial migraine symptoms, then you should start drinking water excessively.

9) Eat Cherries or Drink Shake:

If you search for the best Home Remedies for Migraines, then you will see cherry at a good position due to its special qualities. Cherry is a special blessing of God to humanity and this is one of the best antioxidant natural fruit. The cherry is rich with anti-inflammatory substances and Quercetin that play a good role to control blood circulation. These natural substances found massively in cherry will also cure headache and migraine. There will be no adverse effect of cherry if you use its shake instead of eating it.

10) DLPA Intake:

DLPA is a famous supplement that is made from natural ingredients. This supplement does not have critical side effects to human health. Secondly, if you use it to boost dopamine levels in your blood, then surely you will be able to soothe your migraine. However, everyone should never use it without the expert’s suggestion. You must get an advice from your doctor and then apply it.

11) Do Yoga:

Yoga exercises may also relieve your migraine and bring you back to the normal life. While, if you drink water and eat some special fruits as well as foods during yoga workouts, then the best and fastest results will be gained. On the other side, yoga is a way to relieve mental stress, anxiety and migraine.

12) A Cup of Hot Tea:

Regular tea will be a best home remedy to cure migraine. Most of people demand for a tea when they fed up and feel fatigue. Actually, if you take a nap and then take a cup of tea after getting up, then you will never experience migraine. Tea is one of the best natural remedies for migraines. You can also use zero calorie green tea that may be better than casual black tea.

13) Ginger:

Ginger is a basic ingredient of almost all the foods you daily eat. However, if you have migraine and feeling sudden attacks of pain, then chewing little piece of ginger will give you calm. This will be a special remedy to cure severe headache. In next, you can use ginger tea to get rid of migraine completely. Ginger directly influence the performance of blood vessels and organs. While, it will stop inflammation process and develop production of hormones.

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