15 Early Signs of Pregnancy-How to Make Sure You are Pregnant?


Pregnancy is an important time for every married girl or woman who wants this right after the marriage. However, young girls always experience some problems to confirm whether they have got pregnant or not yet. This confusion continues until they do not visit a specialist and get medical test about their pregnancy. But, today there are many smaller and pocket size instruments that may confirm the pregnancy just after one month of conception and ovulation.

Sometime, you have no time to go for a medical test, then there are several signs that surely declare your pregnancy. Basically, medical science has discovered dozens of very clear symptoms of getting pregnant. A girl can observe any of these well known signs and make sure whether she is pregnant or not. Simply, here just 15 very common and earlier pregnancy signs have been enlisted with little detail which you can go through to confirm the pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

1) Change in Body Temperature:

Basically, the belly of a young girl will let her that she is pregnant, but the most of young girls do not rely upon it and they go for pregnancy test. This is a unique method that is enough to confirm the pregnancy. But, physically the women always feel little or big change in their body temperature. This may happen little intensively, because first pregnancy would be complicated for the young girls. Temperature of the body mostly goes up at night and women after conception feels much sleepiness and laziness. This pregnancy sign occurs just 37% women and may come to an end till 8th week after pregnancy.

2) Morning Sickness:

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In next symptom of pregnancy, women after conception and ovulation will experience sickness in the morning. This will also make them hyper and odd in mood. While, young girls having their first pregnancy will feel difficulty to leave their bed and resume their house job. Medical experts and doctors consider this pregnancy sign a casual one that may happen due to some long traveling, high temperature and other physical problems. That is why; most women do not rely upon this symptom and they step out for some pregnancy tests that are better than physical observations.

If the morning sickness become chronic fatigue and severe depression, then obviously this will knock with a good news. However, doctors always advise pregnant women to avoid taking any pain killer, energy filling and casual medicine, because this may suffer them from some serious health complications. When you feel the sickness in the morning, then you should take either a tea or some fresh fruit juices that will definitely refresh you and help you to get out of the bed. Morning sickness will last for 4 to 6 consecutive weeks and after that women will return to their routine life.

3) Missing of Periods:

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Missing period may or may not be due to the pregnancy. However, first period missing will not make you sure about the pregnancy, but consistent missing will indicate that you are pregnant. However, there are many serious cases in the world that represent very strange situations. Many women in the world after marriage do not have the periods, while they are not pregnant. These cases make this sign a weak and imperfect to judge the pregnancy.

Eventually, it is right to say that when there are 2 to 3 consecutive months of no periods, then physical conditions and belly sizes will change. Thus, it will declare the girls and women that they have got the pregnancy. Finally, you should visit your doctor and talk with her over your period missing and possibility of the pregnancy.

4) Breast Changing & Excessive Swelling:

Breast size of the pregnant women and girls right after 4 to 6 months changes rapidly. They feel little pain, observable swelling and increase in the actual breast size. Definitely this is much common and a confirm symptom of pregnancy. You will feel your cups bigger and the bra you have on your body will be tight after 6 weeks of the pregnancy. Furthermore, breast changes will be as follow;

  1. Nipples will be sensitive and tender
  2. More chances of lumpy or sore breast
  • Color of the nipples will also be different than natural
  1. Blood veins in breast area might be dark and larger in color and easily noticeable
  2. Circles around the nipples will be brown and bigger after 8 weeks of pregnancy
  3. Shape of the breasts will be attractive and women will also feel their figures tight etc.

5) Severe Fatigue:

Metabolism in human body plays a key part to develop the body parts. Women experience fast increase in production and consumption of the metabolism that will perform an essential job to provide the energy to growing baby. However, the pregnant women will also feel more sleepiness and fatigue due to excessive metabolism in the body. Secondly, the physical condition of women having pregnancy will represent them extremely tired. When fatigue among pregnant women increases and reaches to peak, the a big swing in their moods will surely happen. Finally, continuous fatigue among the women will tell them they are pregnant now.

6) Frequent Urination:

A healthy person mostly goes to washroom for urination at least 4 to 5 times a day. But, the women after conception their pregnancy will continuously visit the bathroom for urination. Sure, the bathroom visit will be more than a normal woman and they feel frequent urination after 8 to 10 weeks of their pregnancy. Pregnancy hormone hCG causes of frequent urination, while this happens due to quick and big change sin ovary. Fundamentally, the girls or women feel more urination right after their conception, but it becomes bitter in second month of pregnancy. Your bladder will also under several types of changes and no one should take any kind of remedy that may cause the miscarriage.

7) Constipation:

Intestines of pregnant women come under several effects that may also cause the constipation. Usually, this is very general sign of pregnancy, but most women feel it much irritating symptom and so they avoid confirming their pregnancy by this sign. Anyway, the uterus experience big changes and it gets expanded due to conception and excessive amount of the hormones is also released by uterus.

Thus, the constipation will be a minor effect which almost every girl and women will experience after getting pregnant. There are several instructions and remedies that can be used to get rid of constipation during the pregnancy. While, they should confirm expiry, side effects and other necessary facts of the medicines which they are going to use for relieving their constipation. It can also be overcome by drinking pure water in excessive quantity throughout the day.

8) Bleeding and Spotting:

Bleeding and spotting is a well known sign of pregnancy, but most girls in their first pregnancy get worried about this condition. In general, this condition seems you are going to experience your period, but in fact this is much different from that. You will not have any period when you experience the conception. Bleeding happens just 8 to 10 days after ovulation and the color of spotting will either be pinkish or dark brown. This spot will also be in minor quantity and it is also greatly possible that you will have some lining on your uterus that will surely declare your pregnancy. It is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

9) Taste of Mouth Changes:

Saliva in mouth will also change its presence. For example, there are many situations when the women during their pregnancy feel their mouth full of saliva, while in most cases they feel their mouth dry. But, the taste of the mouth in both situations changes and pregnant women feel metallic taste in their mouths. In fact, this occurs, because quantity of hormones in blood of women during their pregnancy increases rapidly and it definitely affects the saliva. In such situations, they should try some fresh fruits, juices and spicy foods which they can taste little different than some odd flavors. While, you should never apply any medicine to refresh the mouth taste, because this may cause some risks.

10) Vagina Color Varies:

Maximum number of changes in pregnant women will happen to their ovary and uterus. Sure, vagina remains under many types of effects and changes from ovulation to delivery of the baby. But, the color of vagina changes due to excessive blood flow in pelvic area, much quantity of hormones in ovary and bleeding. Usually, color of vagina after pregnancy will be purplish and sometime it becomes dark, while black spots may also happen in case of medicine application. You should never get worried about change in vagina color, because this is a natural change and it will return to its natural hue with passage of the time.

11) Emotions and Swings in Mood:

Women in routine life may or may not be calm, but during their pregnancy their mood will continuously vary. Usually, this swing in mood of pregnant women happens due to fatigue, morning sickness, pain in bladder, changes in ovary, depression and swelling in breast. All these changes and effects confuse the women during their pregnancy and finally they feel bit change in their mood. They have no idea about their behavior when talking and dealing with others. In such situations, they should prefer little more sleep and eat much to keep their energy reserve. Emotions of the pregnant women will also be more excited than a normal lady.

12) Cervical Mucus Changes:

Cervical mucus production increases when someone gets pregnant. Most women and young girls feel thinner and slipper mucus for longer period than normal routine. However, there are many solid reasons of excessive cervical mucus production during the pregnancy, but it is said that body of a pregnant lady suffers from dozens of changes at the same. So, these changes may causes excessive production of cervical mucus and big changes in its quantity than normal periods. Sure, no one should go for any treatment or remedy, as this will go down with passage of time. You will feel it normal when you will cross the 5 to 6 month of pregnancy.

13) Backache & Increase in Sleep:

Women during their pregnancy will experience tiredness, aches and other physical issues that may or may not be serious. However, it is more possible that they will feel severe pain in their back, while they will also feel more sleepiness. In other words, you can say that women in their pregnancy will have more sleepiness, but on the same time they will also have pain in their body, especially in their backside. Similarly, they can also suffer from legs, hip and stomach cramps that will be chronic till 4th month of pregnancy.

14) Heartburn and More Hunger:

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Women feel clear increase in their routine hunger when they experience conception. In fact, many women complain that they experience reduction in their hunger, while many say they are hungry even they have eaten much throughout the day. Secondly, the heartburn may also happen when you have confirmed that you are pregnant. Heartburn is a critical condition when you feel the heart burning and need something to cure it. You can also feel frequent vomiting when heartburn increases. Sure, the hunger of women during this situation will be greater than usual limit. Pregnant women can use some recommended and secure medicines to overcome heartburn, but they should consult with some doctors and then apply any drug.

15) Serious Acne Issues:

Hormone changes in early of your pregnancy will lead the spots, dark circles, wrinkles and other acne marks on your face as well as rest of the body. This is similar sign as you feel the lining and color changes on your uterus during the pregnancy. Furthermore, acne issues can be overcome by some precautions, remedies and other useful tactics that will be free of side effects. However, if you do not use anything to recover the beauty of your skin, then these marks will disappear near to your delivery. But, you should never wait much for removal of such blemishes and apply some safe creams or remedies to your acne.

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