23 Signs Your Body Is Deficient in Nutrients

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Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Are you deficient in vital nutrients? Learn how to spot the signs of a nutrient deficiency.

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Why Does Eating Sugar Deplete Vitamin B1?:


0:00 Introduction: Nutrient deficiencies
0:25 The main causes of nutrient deficiencies
1:50 Signs of a nutrient deficiency
23:37 Check out my video on how to identify a liver problem by looking at the foot!

23 different signs your body is deficient in nutrients and what to do:
1. A white spot on the nail
• Get plenty of zinc
• Stop eating sugar

2. Oily skin
• Get plenty of zinc
• Control your blood sugar levels

3. Cracking on the corners of the mouth or heels
• Get plenty of B vitamins (nutritional yeast)
• Get plenty of vitamin D

4. Flaking skin
• Get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids (cod liver oil)
• Reduce your omega-6 fatty acids

5. Yellow eyes
• Get plenty of purified bile salts

6. Chronic cough
• Get plenty of calcium lactate

7. Bleeding/red gums
• Get plenty of vitamin C
• Avoid sugar

8. Poor night vision
• Get plenty of vitamin A

9. Chapped lips
• Get plenty of B vitamins (nutritional yeast)
• Avoid grains
• Avoid chapstick

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10. Pitting edema
• Get plenty of potassium

11. Craving ice
• Get plenty of iron

12. Angina
• Get plenty of vitamin E
• Avoid refined grains

13. Leg/calf cramps
• Get plenty of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and B1

14. Irritability and excessive thinking
• Get plenty of B1 (nutritional yeast)

15. Asthma
• Get plenty of vitamin D

16. Loss of outer eyebrows
• Get plenty of iodine (sea kelp)

17. Tightness in the right trap muscle
• Get plenty of purified bile salts

18. Nightmares
• Get plenty of vitamin B1 (nutritional yeast)
• Avoid sugar and refined grains

19. Craving salty chips at night
• Get plenty of sea salt

20. Stiff/painful low back
• Get plenty of vitamin D

21. Craving dirt
• Get plenty of iron

22. Erectile dysfunction
• Get plenty of zinc

23. Depression
• Get plenty of vitamin D

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Thanks for watching! I hope learning these signs of a nutrient deficiency helps you get your health on track.


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29 thoughts on “23 Signs Your Body Is Deficient in Nutrients”

  1. My kid get sore throat very frequently.. Please suggest is it because of certain deficiency?

  2. Hi Dr Eric Berg, re #5 liver/bile and whites of eyes more yellow, I have long noticed that after going for a 1 hr walk in fresh air, that whites of my eyes are whiter. Can you explain why physiologically?

  3. Does anyone know if lack of nutrients and unregular meals lead to random grey hairs and if they do can they be reversed when eating regularly and healthy?
    Thanks in advance

  4. We eat a lot of 12 grain, 7 grain, multigrain bread. I absolutely love bread but not white bread I don't like anything that has been bleached.
    Am I understanding correctly that even the multigrain breads like everything bagel is still bad for you?
    I just don't know what to replace it with I love bread and it helps my bowel movements but I am deficient in many areas you were talking about when it comes to grains. I also love brown rice I don't buy white rice. And I just don't know if I could give up bread or rice I've eaten it majority of my life. Plus when I give it up which I have I have diarrhea… Guess is because my body is so used to eating it I don't know.

  5. Huh. Last i heard, the white spot thing was a myth, and you've just damaged the nail at some point

  6. I've been having re occurring gastritis it sucks because alot of vitamins and meds feel like they make my stomach become inflamed lately I can't even take my nightime meds I've been taking for years, I get the opposite, terrible anxiety and restless legs lately im litterly having a bad reaction to everything I take that's how raw it is in between the middle of my chest… anything I take 20mins later it feels like I drank bleach then I'm in agony for hours… I've been living like this for almost 3yrs now all I really eat is oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese 2% almond milk and rice 🍚 ect…

  7. Me looking at the white specs on a few of my nails and remembering 3 months ago how I binge ate an enormous amount of sour patch kids 😳

  8. Dr. Eric: Depression is deficiency in Vitamin D

    The world: let’s lock up everyone and force them to stay inside and not question why depression and suicide skyrocketed

  9. I've diagnosed chronic iron deficiency anaemia. But daily I feel great and of course, sometimes tend to forget to use my supplement.
    I eat ice-cream very rarely, like once in 2-3 years, but recently I had a huge craving for a whole pack of ice-cream in a middle of the winter. Ate it with great pleasure, and after that started to take my iron on a regular basis and I don't care about ice-cream anymore. Interesting, how craving for ice is related to iron deficiency, but your words are practically applicable!

  10. Great information. Amazing research to produce all of your videos. What about cell/mineral/tissue salts in terms of deficiencies?

  11. Dr B you’re too cool MashaAllah 🙏🏼!! Fascinating (I need a designated notebook 🤩)!!

  12. Hey Doc, just wanted to say thank you for all the info on your channel. I’ve been binging and implementing for a while now and you’re very on point. Thank you so much. It’s enabled me to make my whole family healthier.

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