Keto Meals
Keto Meals

Looking for Keto Meals ??

Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Sorry about the sound issues! I was having issues with my editing software, hopefully it will be fixed in the next video.

Hello friends and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Today I am teaming up with my friends Jia from Marriage & Motherhood and Jen Chapin. Together, we will be bringing you 27 keto meal ideas for UNDER $100! Shop with me, cook with me, and let’s do keto on a budget!

Jia’s Video –
Jen’s Video –

Cellucor Protein –
Cosori Air Fryer –
Loaf Pans –
Microplane –
Lemon Juicer –
Salad Spinner –
Ninja Blender/Food Processor –
Kitchen Aid –

Cobb Salad –
Meatloaf –
Garlic Parmesan Chicken -.
Protein Angel Food Cake –
Cottage Cheese Pancakes –
Tuna Cakes –
Taco Salad
Strawberry Smoothie
Turkey Burger Lettuce Wrap

Grocery Shopping List –

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Inform a loved one interested in Keto Meals and make it people Happy again.


  1. Be careful of sugars in store bought dressings. They're not KETO. Love your channel. Thanks for the tips.

  2. By far the best diet is the Agoge diet because it works great and is easy to follow. Keto is simply risky and hard to stick with.

  3. I really enjoyed this video. Your approach to keto was refreshing. So many keto recipes are just packed full of extra fat & so many calories! I also love that you've completely proven that keto does not have to be expensive!

  4. thanks for putting this together: been keto for 7 or 8 years now, and it's still tough to keep the weight off. the last grocery challenge had too many carbs for us, so this is great

  5. my heb use to have the bulk bins with all the healthy keto snacks etc until they took them out due to covid..I pray they come back again someday because i was getting4 pounds of keto energy bites for like $3.99. I got all my raw nuts & nutritional yeast cheap to make kale chips. I have a 99 cent store, a dollar tree,walmart &aldi in my area so keto shopping canbe so much fum when it comes to saving $$$$

  6. instead of croutons maybe use the colby jack and make the crisp kinda things (i presume throwing it in the oven)

  7. I love that you make the food for us and dont just show the grocery haul and tell what you're going to make.

  8. Note: strictly as years of N=1 self introspection here.
    $20-$30AUD possibilities (that is PER WEEK) amidst years of Cyclical Keto+18:6/20:4 IF practice.
    Australian demographics and geography. YMMV. TLDR; Here in Australia – we'd resort to short dated meats and short-dated vegetables.

    Understandably this is a common cricitsm ~ but unfortunately many of the recipes here are way too high in protein.
    A little too many questionable accessory flavourants with hidden carbohydrates (vanilla essences / imitations in particular laden with HFCS / frucose corn syrups).

    My other notes =
    – Where's…..the Organ meats, chicken necks, ox hears, sheep / lamb / beef livers?…..sadly, there's a lot missing here in the video.
    – Vitamin C. Need at least lemons.
    – If one is feeling really "rich" or have spare $$$ ~ try to at least include gelatin powder. This is to balance out methionine / phosphorous / glycine ratios of protein intakes.
    – Surprised that the video doesn't talk about stocks (unless if I'm missing please let me know) ~ but Chicken / beef stocks likely be needed. Otherwise ~ be prepared for salts / minerals defeiciencies galore.
    – Do. not buy coconut flour. Get dessicated / whole shredded coconut isntead. you get some fibre with it as usual. Here in Australia 1kg of coco flour is $10AUD+. But shreded / dessic form? <$5.
    – Vegetables – try not to buy packaged. buy whole. grate your own / julliene.
    – when it comes to sweetenrs – no need for very expensive upmarket brand labels – just crush any tablet sweeteners. That shall do.
    – Almond milk = often laden with carrageenan. inflammation symptoms vary from person to person. Beware, experiment, journal, and do your own N=1 research.
    – Vegetables again – need not be and not necessarily be bought brand new.
    – Obviously – the biggest difficulty and controversy will be table spreads. Canola oils, vegetable oils are likely no no, however only when there is absolutely nothing else. Consider Beware, experiment, journal, and do your own N=1 research.One may pragmatically require (at some stage) Vitamin E. just as insurance policy. Beware, experiment, journal, and do your own N=1 research.

    Not trying to hijack the channel, just sharing and elaborating what's missing from my own years of insight , practice and N=1 journalling.
    It might be easier for time for some people – to go on Keto+IF for a while and calorie cycling when resources / supply of foods allow. This is just an anecdote, but when you are not hungry and especially if you are sedentary = not eating = is easier. Very difficult to describe.

    Keto Haters will always be with you. Of all things, they hate those who know how to live and experience what "enough" means, in solace and privacy.

    Well wishes to all during these difficult times. Live-It-Forward. AW™ / nutritional-humility.me

  9. Oh my goodness – that taco salad looks amazing. I need to try that one next week for lunches. Awesome job!

  10. wow. your really streched it. still. keto is expensive. I once got to know a womean, who was with child and no husband. very low income and almost no family to support with either money or time to help with the small child. so working hours low – income low – all difficult. she was living below the poverty limit – as we say in my langueage. and when i sometimes met her in a supermarket, I saw, what she had baught to make it through the week. you Christine can imagine. oil, potatoe, flour, lemon (I guess because from meditarenian regions, you need lemons more), 2 apples, onions and sometimes eggs. a sort of cheap brand (but nice) buiskit (a cooky kind I mean), for the child. sometimes a sort of veggy, when it was cheap on the markets we have, where I live. yes, here fresh food on markets is cheaper than in the supermarket. but usually sold to larger families, who buy in bulk. so she had to look out for those and still get a smaller quantity. then it would be a best buy. she would have needed more fibre and vitamin and such for her then small child. for some years now, we have a program in our town, that is called open shelf. where people put in things, that are fine but about to go bad or expire the next day. I am glad, she could use that since. she would have liked to eat meat and cheese from time to time. now her child has grown a bit older, and I see, she is better now. she now can work regular hours. still no fancy live no fancy keto. which is probably fine. why not 🙂

  11. I so enjoyed this video & will watch the others. We are senior citizens so my question is are these all based for 1 person meals? Thank you

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