3 Day Military Diet – 6 Important Steps on How to Achieve It


No matter how much you value your commitment to never ever take that next big bite of that calorie filled burger and that fatty filled cake, all those will be put into waste the moment you have conceded to spending that lazy afternoon with your friends for an innocent coffee get together. As much as you try to resist the temptation of not being able to take even the first bite of the cake, it all goes in vain the moment your friends tell you, “It’s my treat.. I insist”. You then have no choice but to meekly say yes and indeed, there goes your strict diet program.

Even though you do care about your friends, you can’t help but consider them as a destructive factor to your strict diet regime. How do you then lose that stubborn weight without even losing your friends? Unfortunately, it is either one or the other.

But must you really choose between the devil and the deep blue sea?! That is the ultimate dilemma.

It is indeed very crucial to always keep watch of your weight to maintain a healthier and fitter body. Because at the end of the day, what matters is your health and what better way to have a healthy body is by eating healthy.

And yet, you cannot do so unless you get rid of the influential factors which trigger you to reach that vulnerable moment of eating another cake or any food filled with calories that happens to be the all time favorite of your group of friends.

Tasty salad on the table
Tasty salad on the table

Diet Programs: Do they work?

To be honest, not all do. With all the diet programs and regimes sprouting like mushrooms these days, it can be quite a challenge to choose one that will really work for you. The thing is – some weight loss systems actually work for some but may not work at all for others. This is the reason why you can see all sorts of reviews – both positive and negative – leaving you more confused than ever.

3 Day Military Diet: What is it?

If you are a diet buff or an avid follower of the latest health fads these days, you may have heard of the 3 Day Military Diet. Now what exactly is this serious-sounding diet?

It goes by many names – the Navy diet, Army, the ice cream diet, and the American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, or Cleveland Clinic diet.

The 3 Day Military Diet promises to help you lose 10 lbs. in one week, an idea that is very appealing to individuals who would want to get trim and fit fast. The thing is, it is not for the feint-hearted. This diet is quite rigorous and strict when it comes to calorie count, and is based on boosting one’s metabolism whilst eating quite the unconventional food choices.

Here’s what the Army Diet looks like:

1st Day2nd Day3rd Day
Breakfast1/2 grapefruit

1 slice of wholegrain toast

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 cup coffee or tea

1 egg

1 slice of toast

1/2 banana

5 saltine crackers

1 slice of cheddar cheese

1 small apple

Lunch1/2 cup of tuna or lean protein substitute

1 slice of toast

1 cup coffee or tea

1 cup of cottage cheese

1 hardboiled egg

5 saltine crackers

1 egg

1 slice of toast

Dinner3 ounces of any type of meat or protein substitute

1 cup of green beans

1/2 banana

1 small apple

1 cup of vanilla ice cream

2 hotdogs

1 cup of broccoli

1/2 cup of carrots

1/2 banana

1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

1 cup of tuna

1/2 banana

1 cup of vanilla ice cream


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While the diet program is highly regimented, the idea that you merely have to follow it for three days is quite convenient. The next few days will be less strict, however. To be blunt, the 3 Day Military Diet is one solid testament to the cliché, no pain, no gain.

How to Achieve the Navy Diet: Your Checklist

Losing weight is the goal for everyone who needs it. But, only a few people have managed to keep up with the challenge. The best way to make that you will lose weight and maintain it, needs the best motivation you will ever have.

Motivation is a state of mind in which a person aims to achieve something – a will that will keep you inspired. All you have to do to assure a bigger chance of a successful weight loss is to find one, and stick to it.

Below are things that you can consider as the best motivations for you to shake off excess weight and keep it that way.

  1. You want to look good and feel good.

Feeling good always comes with looking good.  You might have gained weight for the past two years and have not been happy about it. You have also received fewer compliments from people that you know.  Instead you might have heard more about “You look huge!” or “You look good now, but you look way better two years ago.”  These words could be so depressing. Sometimes being fat to, can make you lose your self confidence. It surely will take its toll on you when you hear nothing more but negative comments about you.  Get those compliments come rushing back in and start losing weight.

  1. You are getting married and you want to start a family.

Congratulations! Love is such a wonderful thing. If you are starting a family, you have to make sure that you stay healthy to take care of yourself and the people around you.  Why not start saying no to excess weight.  If you are overweight and you want to have a baby, Ob/gyn will tell you to lose weight first it would be easier to conceive when you are healthy.

You would also want to keep up with your kids while the whole family is having fun at the park or in your own backyard.  You do not want to miss the fun, by just sitting in your picnic mat and munching on some chips that you brought along. Kids love mom and dad to be around. You would also want to see them grow. Just say to a healthy lifestyle and you surely will.

  1. You want to enjoy your sex life.

You have great kids, you have a loving husband, people around do not care about your size, you make love to your partner, it was great, as sex always is, but you want more, you want it mind blowing.

Sex is a common exercise that everybody would prefer to do. But, the truth of the matter is, most people have sex, but only some have find satisfaction.  Studies show that the more weight you lose, the better your sex life gets. Sex is affected by a lot of factors that are relative to each other.  When you are attracted, you get aroused, when you are aroused the more likely you engage in sex, when you get to have sex, you should enjoy it. Being attractive can come in many forms, but a person who loses weight never fails to become attractive.

  1. Use the ripple effect to your advantage.

You know what they say about ripple effect. One small act would influence the decision of the many. Thus, you must be able to harness this power for the intention of achieving a healthy weight loss. Aside from you being affected by the ripple of your friends eating unhealthy foods, why not turn the tide around and become the ripple. Be the influential factor and set a good example by eating healthy foods for them to emulate.

  1. Imitation breeds habit.

Ever heard of the game “Simon Says”.. Well then, why not try this game on your friends. Let your friends imitate your healthy lifestyle. It may be a hard start especially if your group of friends have been used to regularly eating fast foods with high calories. You just have to be firm on your decision and strictly stick with your plan. Little by little, they will see that glowing change in you and who knows, imitation would breed habit and it will only be sooner than you think that your friends will start that habit of eating healthy.

  1. “If you can’t beat them, DO NOT join them.”

The common saying may always be not true. If they remain adamant on their junk food way of life, then let them be. It is never healthy anyway to force on someone what they don’t want to do. It is also not healthy on your part either to give up the fight and start on your binge eating just like the old times. If you think, they are a bad influence on your health and wellness, just let them be. It would be highly advisable though that you find yourself a healthy group of friends who share the same belief in health and wellness as you do.

Who knows, in the near future, you might even end up seeing your old friends and let them seethe in fury and envy seeing how glowing and healthy your skin looks because you have strictly followed a healthy program for weight loss.

Knowing What to Avoid While Losing Weight

The following below could be some of the reasons on why your diet for quick weight loss is not happening. Check it out and know what you are experiencing.

  • Are you in a hurry?

First, there is a big chance that you are in a total hurry to get your dream body. There is no use in hurrying just for you to achieve your goals as keeping your diet might surely take your time and the very first time you have started on it, you have to make sure that you will continue it till the end. There is no end on this and it is a cycle you have to do for the rest of your life so take things slowly but be assured on the results you will get later on.

  • Do you skip meals?

Second, you think that skipping meals is the right thing for you to do. There are a lot of people who would think that skipping meals could help them to easily lose weight but the truth is, it is only helping you to stay unhealthy and eventually lose your energy. Skipping meals would make yourself have more cravings and that is something you surely need to avoid in order to become successful in getting the body you want.

  • How much of a cheater are you?

Third, you are probably cheating on your diet. When it comes to dieting to easily lose weight, cheating doesn’t have a place, so you should really do it every day and would think of it every second of your life. There are some people who would commonly follow their diet and would have a specific day where they can eat anything which totally ruins and wastes the effort they have put through on the past days of keeping themselves from eating.

  • How serious are you?

Your willingness to take dieting seriously is also an important factor if you really want to shed those unsightly excess fats. Losing weight may surely take a lot of your time, effort, and dedication so you need to make sure that you really have the willingness and passion to do it.

If you do not have those, then you are not really going to succeed on this endeavor, and probably you will just end up with nothing and waste all the things you have done for the past months or even years since you have started losing weight and engaging yourself to a diet plan.

Make sure to keep a journal for you to list down you achievements on a daily basis. Also, have the will to do it. If you want to lose weight so badly, will it, you might be surprised with the results.

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