30-Day Keto Low Carb Challenge with Dr. Berg

Free Keto Diet Plan
Free Keto Diet Plan

Looking for Free Keto Diet Plan ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Start my 30-day challenge and experience the massive benefits keto has to offer.

2 Options to Sign Up for the FREE Keto / Low Carb Challenge:
Facebook Messenger URL:
TEXT the word CHALLENGE to 1-800-816-8184 on your cell phone (texting area)

**I think I forgot to tell people – it’s FREE, no text – merely some help to encourage you.
***You’ll get your Eating Plan Inside, once you sign up:))

Let me help you finally break up with carbohydrates! I want to invite you to participate in a keto 30-day challenge. This is a low-carb, no-cheat challenge.

Some of you have not been able to do the ketogenic diet long enough to really see the benefits you can experience. So, I’m going to challenge you to do low-carb with no cheating for 30 days.

***But I’m going to help you.

• Every week, on Thursday nights, we’re going to do a live Q&A where I’ll answer all of your questions.

• I’m going to send you daily audio tips via your cell phone to help educate you and motivate you.

• I’m going to give you a complete meal plan to download and study.

You’re going to be doing a combination of the healthy keto diet and intermittent fasting. I’m going to help you learn how to start keto and how to do keto successfully. I’m going to help make this really easy for you, and it will only get easier as you keep going. You’re going to be so impressed by how you feel!

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It’s been the carbohydrates all along that have gotten you in trouble. Carbohydrates are the reason why your body is not the way you want it to feel or look.

There are two ways to sign up for this 30-day challenge.

1. My messenger channel:
2. Through text: TEXT the word CHALLENGE to 1-800-816-8184

Go ahead and sign up now, and I’ll see you tomorrow for your first lesson.


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42 thoughts on “30-Day Keto Low Carb Challenge with Dr. Berg”

  1. Thank you Dr. Berg..will there be another 30 day challenge. I just signed up for membership. Is there one there..Thank you Team Berg!

  2. I wish I could…I feel you have the answer to weight loss, but I can't afford the challenge

  3. Sorry I missed this video! What a great idea! As someone who targets the high end of the 20 -50 grams of carb range.

  4. Started on 01.01.2021, 14 days later i am 5kg lighter, going for 10 more. No hunger, no cravings, combo with intermittent fasting 6/18. Very important: take electrolites! Feeling great, thanks Dr.Berg!

  5. I've been doing IF well, and am very interested in keto. I'm just concerned about being able to sustain it over a long time…

  6. My husband and I started on March 30th 2020 which was a Monday and as of today my husband has lost 28 lbs and I’ve lost 15 lbs in your keto diet… it works!

  7. Lost 10 kg in 4 weeks with LCH and I was not even obese 😉 No taraining att all. The reason why I tried (still eating LCHF) was it sound healthy, this was 10 y ago. 😀

  8. Hello, I am 50 years old. I have been following intermittent fasting since January 19 and have weighed 5 kilos until today. I had a bitterness removed two years ago and I am relieved. Is there a risk if I complete until I get the weight I want?

  9. I have been keto for one year. I lost 75 lbs. but stopped keto and gained 20 back (stopped working out and picked back up old habits) I recently started keto again and started working out. It’s been 2 weeks but the scale seems to be stuck or going up and not down. What I doing wrong? I’ve adjusted my macros to my current weight.

  10. Can you doctor advise me a good doctor for joints, bones and nerves in Arab countries or in America, thank you

  11. Hi , I tried keto diet for 5 months with no effect, l am 56 years old ,vitamin D and Thyroid hormones normal.
    Do you think that is the problem?
    Shall I stop keto and find another diet? or what? Thanks.

  12. Really enjoying all of your videos. I have 2 sons who are wrestlers and it has been refreshing to see and listen to all the nutritional information you have educated your viewers with- if you can further cover nutritional advice and education that young athletes can benefit from for optimum energy-performance and overall health-it would be appreciated greatly!

  13. Hi Doc. Love your videos. I got a question by the way, what is the difference between the fat we eat directly vs. the fat formed from carbs within the body? Feedback will be appreciated, thanks.

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