5 Big Facts Associated With Why Do People Bite Their Nails


What is Nail Biting?

Nail biting is one of the most common habits of people, especially children and women throughout the world which are considered the worst activities ever in human life. In fact, it is clear that nails are the paradise places of germs and bacteria that always stay longer and through this part of body they enter into mouth either by foods we eat or via biting our nails. Usually, a child always thinks that why do I bite my nails, while it is much injurious to my health. Nail biting habit is also known as the onychophagy which is considered as a mental disorder to bite nails.

No doubt, biting nails will lead the people to serious infections and disorders. There are many reasons to bite nail and also many of best treatments for stopping this habit have also been discovered. This habit or disorder is mostly common among the women, teenagers and growing children. Secondly, this disorder may also cause very critical diseases in which stomach disorder, finger tips problems and mouth sicknesses and more common. So, this oral compulsive habit may be much risky for people. There are also many possibilities of nail vanishing, eating bacteria, chemicals and wounds by biting the nails.

Is Nail Biting a Disorder or Habit?

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Many of medical researches have proved that biting nails is a habit which is due to mental anxiety, severe depression and loneliness. But, on the other side, latest research reports over nail biting illustrate that it is a disorder which happens due to some psychological activities, diseases and mental action in which mouth is used in some other purpose rather than eating, drinking and speaking. Anyway, who does this will suffer from several types of infections and chronic diseases.

Usually, women use various types of nail polishes, removers and other toxic chemicals make their nails colorful, stunning, glowing and decorated. Definitely, when a girl or woman bites her nails, then all of such cosmetics will enter into her mouth. Possibilities of diseases and infections will start here. Secondly, many women and men have fungus in their nails and they do not bite the nails, but bacteria and fungus that kill cells and destroy digestive system. All these are big risks and harms to human health, but still it is a big question that why do people bite their nails.

Who Bites the Nails?

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There are many surprising facts about biting nails. Almost half of the children do this habit from the age of 8 to 18 years. They may bite nails continuously or few times in this course of time. However, it is confirmed that nail biting generally happens during the puberty and some of mental disorders. Youngsters also bite their nails from an age of 18 to 22, but this is rare they bite nails regularly. Youngsters mostly get depressed by the failure in study, loneliness, anxiety and some other reasons.

This habit is equally found in boys, girls, men and women. All of them do this once or several times in different courses of age. However, it is extremely dangerous for health and most of children suffer from stomach ailments when they bite their nails. Parents always try their best to do something for preventing their children biting nails. There are also well known and highly recommended advices for such parents to make a quick stop for their children to bite nails.

Big Reasons That Stops Biting Nail:

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It is important to know how to stop biting nails, but this is much compulsory to uncover the facts and logics that motivate parents as well as nail biters to give up this habit. Usually, there are plenty of reasons that force every nail biter to give it up forever. If any of these nail biters read these reasons thoroughly, then there will be 100% surety that he or she will never do this again rest of life. Most of them reasons are logical and have been proved by medical experts. On the other side, it has also been found by medical surveys that almost 60% people in the world have a common habit to chew their nails everywhere throughout the day, even at work, in learning institutes and during the play.

There are a number of adverse impacts of this habit to teeth, gums, nails, lips, mouth, throat, digestive system, breathing, tips of the fingers and tongue. People eat various types of things from open areas and doctors say it is harmful for their health, because such eatable goods have bacteria and germs. But, what do you say about the nails when you eat them directly. Nails are biggest shelters of the harmful bacteria and injurious germs like fungus. Definitely, you will experience a number of chronic infections and disorders by this irritating habit. Some of the major reasons that emphasize to stop nail biting are;

  1. Fingernails breed nasty bacteria
  2. Nails will become bigger places for bacteria by biting them
  • Dental damage
  1. Bleeding from gums
  2. Molar grinding
  3. End up of gross gum
  • Nail bite leads STI’s disorder
  • Entry of the toxic chemicals and nail varnish through nail polishers
  1. Nails will never come back
  2. Painful activity when there is no nail
  3. Anxiety broadcasting
  • Fungal growth
  • Warts
  • Mouth, gum and lips diseases etc.

What Happens If Nail Biting Continues:

Biting nails will cause many of serious infections and diseases which are little complicated to cure. In fact, there will be many problems for you if do not stop biting your nails. If you ask a question that what happens when you bite your nails, then surely there will be many answers of this simple question. Usually, you may suffer from a variety of diseases, mouth infections, vanishing nail conditions and gum issues. On the other side, by chewing nails may also cause teeth damage, injuries on fingertips and some of throat sicknesses. Anyway, if you do not leave nail chewing, then you may experience five big problems that are;

  1. Poor quality of life and more chances of diseases
  2. Serious dental and gum disorders
  • HPV infections lead Warts
  1. Infections and diseases caused by bacteria
  2. Nail problems

Signs and Symptoms of Biting Nails:

It is time to look at the signs and symptoms that express someone is biting his or her nails. In fact, there are many symptoms of nail biting, because first of all the nails and fingertips will have clear signs of chewing. Secondly, biters will continue this habit regardless where they are standing. They mostly bite the nails and more probably their whole nail gets disappeared due to continuous biting.

There is no need to go some doctors and ask for the symptoms of nail biting, because everyone can view and confirm this biting habit. It is really an important matter to view the ways to stop biting nails, because if you continue this, then surely there will be more serious health problems and disorders. It is compulsory to stop chewing nails if you want living a healthy life.

Available Treatments to Stop Biting Nails:

Almost everyone knows very well the effects of biting nails. Now, the people should look at some of the best treatments available in medical science that can prevent biting nails. Usually, if this is a disorder, then it solutions are available and if it is a habit, then many measures and activities can also stop this activity. You must look at following information if you want finding how to stop biting nails. Some of best and most useful treatments to stop biting nails are;

  1. If you use nail clipper to cut the nails after every week or whenever you see the growth of nails, even it is less, then nail biting can be prevented and stop forever.
  2. Girls and women should apply the nail polish with very irritating smell that will definitely prevent them by taking nails in mouth and biting them. Similarly, men should use some clearer polish with an odor that may irritate boys and men and they will give up biting nails.
  • Artificial nails can also reduce nail biting and with passage of time most of people, especially women will terminate their habit to bite nails.
  1. Try to keep your brain busy either with others in chat or by playing games, because busy mind will get rid of anxiety and there will be least possibilities of biting nails.
  2. By using some gloves on hands will hide fingers and the biters will never bite the gloves

5 Facts Why People Bite Nails:

Biting nails is very common habit of people in many surveys it was found that 60% people in the world by some disorder or addiction bite their nails. On the other side, rest of 40% people are much interested to know that why do people bite their nails. Entire medical industry gets divided in two parts in the matter of biting nails. Half of the world h3ly believes that biting nails is just a habit that becomes common and consistent in lives of people when they are suffering from anxiety and severe depression. On the other side, half of the universe believes that it is a mental disorder that occurs due to some psychological effects and complications. In the following, five big facts about why people bite their nails have been explained.

1-Boredom & Stress:

Life of the human is full of sorrows, trials and hardships. So, it would be little hard to get succeeded in thin and thick times of life. Usually, the people having weak faith, poor determination and less will-power will get confused whenever they have some problems in life. So, they mostly become sad and boredom. In such situations, they mostly experience two types of activities; self-talking and biting nails. Answer of the sentence why do I bite my nails is very simple to read that boredom and mental stress will cause biting nails.

2-Loneliness and Frustration:

It is the second fact of biting nails. However, whenever a person is alone and feels inferiority complex, then he will be much frustrated. This frustration will lead a number of physical disorders and mental restless. Finally, he will start biting nails and fingertips. Psychology has also approved that loneliness and frustration will be major causes of biting nails. You can easily recover a person who bites the nails due to these causes. For this, you must give time to such people and stay with them and try to keep them verbally busy in various things.

3-Psychological Condition:

Almost every human is the psychology patient and he/she does many odd activities when he/she gets bored. Today, nail biting is very common activity among the people that has become a disorder. Diseases grow faster by this habit. Many of psychological disorders and conditions push the people to bite their nails and think useless things. This is a way to keep brain busy, but on the other side people bite nails and move to many complicated diseases. Psychologist have discovered many diseases, psychological conditions and mental disorders that force people to bite their nails. Once a person starts this habit, then he/she will not easily give it up.

4-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

It is right there are many ways to stop biting nails, but first you should read about the ADHD that is a mental disturbance in the people. This is a famous disorder in which suffering people experience impulsivity, inattentiveness and hyperactivity. In general, women and men unwillingly start biting their nails. They continue doing this and finally they become very addicted in this unpleasant habit.

5-Oppositional Defiant Disorder:

This condition exists in children and early teens who always react odd and behave rude. In the world, this disorder has become a risky one and most of children start behaving negative, defiant, uncooperative, annoying and hostile attitude. They also strictly follow their such pattern of reaction and they also bite their nails in anger. They must be told that what happens when you bite your nails and made them clear about health complications by nail biting habit.

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