5 Health Benefits of Green Tea


By itself, green tea is a very miraculous concoction of nature. It has lots of incredible benefits, nutrients, and most of all spiritual nourishment. Tea is not only a mere beverage but also an emerald brew which serves as the blood of the oriental culture and many spiritual traditions. It is in the different ways of drinking teas as well as its myriads of forms and flavors that you will begin to grasp an understanding of a certain place’s cultural roots.

You can see from the way a person drink his or her tea the kind of personality that they have, and as both of you and your guest in your little tea party appreciatively savor every sip of your tea, you can already measure each other’s level of depth. Indeed there are lots of multi-level satisfactions that the benefits of green tea or any kinds of tea for that matter, can give us. However, aside from that green has other specific positive effects on us that we are currently not aware of. So here are some physiologically positive effects that the benefits of green tea may provide us:

Green Tea

Regularly Drinking Green Tea Can Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

Recent studies and researches have been made in order to extract the different effects of drinking green tea does to our body. One of those researches has proven that by regularly drinking tea, you are being given the chance to grow healthier and shiny hair. The reason why one of the benefits of green tea in our body is hair growth is three fold.

Firstly, green tea and tea in general has a natural capacity to inhibit DHT or also known as Dihydrotestosterone a type of testosterone or male hormone in our body (both male and female) which is responsible in hindering hair growth and one of the causes of hair fall. The components found in green tea have the capability to react with testosterone and bring it towards its normal levels in or blood.

Second, green tea has the potential of ridding our scalp from excessively flaking. It has great antiseptic abilities making it possible for it to reduce inflammation which is the primary reason why dandruff is developed on our scalp.

And finally, green tea and tea in general have a very h3 antioxidant property called polyphenols; this antioxidant is responsible which protects all kinds of cells in our body (especially those of hair) to easily get damaged by free radicals (foreign substances left in our body that causes cell deterioration) which by extension a way of slowing down our body’s aging process.

Aside from the stuff stated and established above, green teas has become dubbed as an excellent agent in helping out to achieve a very good hair growth; which is also the main reason why different brands of shampoo have started incorporating green tea and green tea properties in their formula. However, people with or without issues with hair loss should not wait for this sort news to come a light before they regularly drink green tea regularly.

A Hot Cup Of Green Tea A Day Can Provide A Healthy Heart

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Cardiovascular experts and researchers have shown a recent study about the different positive effects of drinking green tea on a regular basis. According to the study, it shows that by drinking green tea you may widen the artery which runs through your elbow and shoulders by over four percent within half an hour, making our blood flow smoother as well as minimizing the possibility of having blood clots.

This kind of physiological condition caused by green tea is an indicating factor that our body’s flow of blood is adequate enough to supply our body’s every parts need. However, impressive the results are we still can’t deny that this is the first evidence that green tea has shown to provide at least a short term physiological benefit as compared to black tea that has already proven to have both long term and short term endothelial effect on our arteries.

Although compared to black tea, green has considerably more levels of antioxidant due to the fact that before it was dried it undergo a fermentation which retains its color pigment as well as the majority of the antioxidants that you will receive from tea. The longer the fermentation process the more concentrated the levels of antioxidants will be.

Green Tea As A Digestive System Aid For A Well Regulated Digestion

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Green tea is a natural concoction that is produced through steaming the leaves of Camellia Sinensis or commonly known as tea plant at a high level of heat pressure which blooms its inner storage of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Due to the high levels of potent antioxidant concentration, green tea gradually gets audience from many people all over the globe because of its myriads of health benefits which covers most of the lifestyle diseases today (like diabetes, high blood cholesterol, cancer, and many more). Not only that, green tea has also the capacity to burn calories for an effective weight loss maneuver, and most importantly the capacity to improve our immune system as well as our metabolism.

In other studies, results have yielded a direct relationship between good digestive health and healthy regular dose of green tea on a daily basis. Furthermore, in this study about green tea’s effect on other parts of the body supports the claim of the green natural concoction’s capacity to regulate digestion. Aside from that they also discovered in that study a comparatively greater concentration of anti-inflammatory substances which helps our body relieve itself from inflammatory disorders that triggers poor digestive health.

Because of that, recent experts in green tea and its miraculous medicinal break through considered the possibility of green tea large importance with the fight and over all treatment of inflammatory disorders as well as play its role in ending diseases.

Green Tea And Comprehensive Bone Health

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According to recent findings made in Hong Kong, says that green tea not only being one of the world’s most famous beverage, but also has great potential improving bone health that it even has the ability to help prevent as well as in treating osteoporosis and many other bone related diseases. Furthermore, green tea’s biochemical properties have the power to prevent cancer and various heart ailments. And those very same biochemical properties are the ones responsible for improving complete bone health through its stimulation of forming and toning down the speed of breaking down of bones.

Moreover, just like any parts of our body, bones are living tissues which has a dynamic metabolic system which rely on the perfect equilibrium of bone formation and bone depletion. The tea catechins or polyphenol found in green tea (EGC to be exact) have good effect on bone metabolism with the help of promoting osteoblastic activities in the bones (substance responsible for producing bluish-white potent bones) while preventing its opposite bone metabolism activity called osteoclast which causes bone deterioration.

To make the long story short, as we increase the amounts and dosage of polyphenol in our blood stream by regularly drinking cups of hot green tea or any green tea related products we are improving the osteoblastic functionalities of our bones making it possible to drastically develop bone health.

Helpful Guides In Using Green Tea To Achieve A Better Skin

As we all know, green tea has tons of antioxidants that provide benefit to the body in ways you cannot hope to count, which is incidentally great in removing acne. So if you are looking for a way to get a better skin then here are some guided tips in using green tea as a way to achieve it.

Just a quick note though, if you have already established a habit of drinking tea as much as you can try to consume more green tea. And in order to make the most of your green tea by piercing your used green tea bag, open and make a paste out of honey and its content. Make sure you rinse your face well before applying the green tea paste on your face for a better result. Moving on, here are now the simple tips and tricks in using green tea as an effective skin regime:

  • Rinse your face using green tea. In connection with the previous paragraph about green tea facial paste made from contents of the tea bag, here is a an excellent way of rinsing your face after ten minutes of exposing your skin with the facial paste.

Beforehand prepare a hot green tea and let it cool before you store it somewhere dry and cool. After cooling down the green tea transfer it in a small basin and splash handful of the emerald cooled concoction until all paste has been removed and the entire basin is emptied. After rinsing of the paste with cold green tea, rinse your face off with clean water or clear running water and you are done. Do it constantly and you will witness great results in short period of time.

  • You can use green tea bag as a quick full facial fix, when you are on the go. A definite must try. All you need to do in order to start the facial treatment is to run green tea bags over hot water enough to make the tea bags steamy. After running the tea bags over the surface of the hot water (squeeze some of its water content make sure not to completely extract them) you may go ahead and rub them over your face for a couple of minutes or until the teabags have cooled off and loses moisture and steam.

You may repeat the process as much as you like, after all it doesn’t only cleanse your skin and pores but also incorporate antioxidants to completely cleanse your skin. After doing it habitually you will see your face getting younger and healthier.

  • Green tea can also be turned into a facial cleanser. In doing so you will need a tea bag of green tea and your regular facial cream or cleanser. The first thing you will do is run your tea bag of green tea over hot water to awaken its antioxidants and other cleansing properties. And then you cut open the tea bag and pour its content over a small cup or bowl.

Get your facial cream or facial cleanser and mix its content inside the small bowl containing the fillings of the green tea bag. Mix it thoroughly until it turns into a thick white with green particles or whitish-green cream or paste. Spread the thick concoction over your face for at least 5 minutes or depending on the time limit of healthy exposure of your face cleanser over your skin.

Relax and relish the incredible invigorating feeling brought by the cleansing properties of green tea mixed with your facial cream. After that rinse your face with cold water and pat dry your face or if you want let it air dry with fresh blows of air.

  • If you want a cheaper yet more effectively natural steam facial alternative you may use a steam treatment procedure from green tea. First and foremost prepare the following: water for boiling, clean boiling pot, a tea bag of green tea, water bowl, and clean towel. Boil the water inside the clean boiling pot. When the water already reached it boiling point empty the content of the green tea bag into the water bowl and pour in the hot water.

Get your clean towel and wrap it around your head then go ahead and bend over the water bowl ( but not too close to the scalding green tea concoction) and let the steam touch your face completely for a minimum of five minutes or until you feel satisfied with the steam treatment. By exposing your skin over the steam of the green tea concoction you are getting the full benefits of the tea’s inner potent antioxidants and imbed it inside your pores for as long as you expose it.

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