5 Home Remedies For Bleeding Hemorrhoids


What Term the Hemorrhoids Means:

Hemorrhoids indicates a skin tag right beside of the anal, while this small clot is a swollen form of the vascular structures inside the anal canal. However, these are also the best cushions for the help of stool control, while these structures become a disease or chronic disorder if they are inflamed. So, you can say them the blood vessels of the rectum and during complicated bowel movement these veins get swollen and pain starts.

In medical science, this disease is considered as the worst one that gives continuous pain, chills, tingling, itching and irritation. In serious conditions the patients feel pain as well as the bleeding that causes blood shortage, pale color and dizziness. Most of people rely much upon the home remedies for hemorrhoids, because these do not suffer them from further infections and health complications. Hemorrhoids might be of two types which you will read in next.

Types of Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids is one of the common and complicated human diseases which almost 6 out of 10 people usually have in these days. That is why; this anal canal disease has become a big concern of health industry. Many of doctors and health professionals are trying to find the best, permanent and most effective treatments for this critical disease. Secondly, hemorrhoids has two main types which are internal and external hemorrhoids. You must look each of these types and know bit more before to go for the best home remedies for hemorrhoids pain. In the following both of hemorrhoids types have been discussed in detail.

  1. a) Internal Hemorrhoids:

According to medical science, it is said internal hemorrhoids is not complicated as the external one is, because internal pile or hemorrhoids will be painless and the brighter red bleeding from rectal during as well as right after the bowel movement. Smaller clit or swollen structure will appear inside of anus, between rectum and anal. Stool becomes red colored when the blood gets out during bowel movement. Patients experience severe itching, burning and chills before as well as after bowel movement. Today, many of effective and well known home remedies for internal hemorrhoids are available in markets that can heal this swollen clit faster.

  1. b) External Hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids is considered a worse disease of rectal canal and anus than the internal pile which is free of pain. Secondly, when you look deeply over the external hemorrhoids, then you will come to know many of the signs, effects and problems in which severe pain, itching and burning are major complications. However, when someone experiences the swelling in skin tag and there is much pain, then sitting will be impossible. On the other side, swelling of skin tag in this disease can easily be treated by applying useful home remedies for external hemorrhoids. While, the pain and bleeding both will be typical to control and cure.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

The most important question about hemorrhoids is this that what causes of this disease. Sure, there are many things and activities which usually cause hemorrhoids. If you prevent such things to happen and keep the diet balance, then there will be less chances of this complex disease. Secondly, when anyone of you experience early signs of hemorrhoids, then the best thing to do will be right treatment and application of remedies. These kinds of sensible actions may prevent hemorrhoids happening and developing. Some of the major causes of this disease are;

  1. Obesity
  2. Sitting for longer period on harder stuff
  • Straining during bowel movement
  1. Frequent constipation
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Some internal diseases like liver infections
  • Eating fast food massively
  • Drinking less water and avoiding fruit juices
  1. Rectal infections and disorders
  2. Stomach disturbance etc.

Is It Possible to Prevent Hemorrhoids?

Every physical and medical disorder like hemorrhoids is usually very easy to prevent. For prevention of hemorrhoids you need a lot of things to do. While, drinking and eating suggested things will bring mighty changes and amazing improvements in bowel movements. That is why; most of the doctors prefer such suggested things than suffering from hemorrhoids and then searching for reliable home remedies for bleeding hemorrhoids. Most of doctors and health experts are agreed upon following things for complete prevention of hemorrhoids.

  1. Execute effective workouts to lose weight, as obesity may cause hemorrhoids
  2. Increase the regular intake of fiber, vegetable and fruits
  • Consume pro-biotic rich foods and fruits
  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Avoid straining during bowel movement
  • Increase use of fresh juices and natural beverages
  • Support the stool with some softer stuff like mattress etc.

Symptoms of the Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids has several other medical names like lumps in rectal, piles, rectal lumps, skin tag near anus. However, this has two famous types which occurs inside as well as outside the anus hole. There are plenty of signs and symptoms which you may observe and confirm hemorrhoids. Usually, bleeding in both types of piles will happen that will surely make patients fatigue, pale face and weak day by day. Some most common symptoms of hemorrhoids will include;

  1. Itching
  2. Swelling
  • Irritation
  1. Chills and burning
  2. Bleeding
  3. Anal pain
  • Stretchiness in rectum
  • Blood clots around the anus
  1. Skin tag near to anus
  2. Straining during the bowel movement etc.

How to Diagnose It?

When you have confirmed the symptoms of hemorrhoids, then before to go for treatments you must contact with some doctors for diagnosing. Sure, it can be diagnosed by several famous ways, but most of doctors prefer visual exam that is the best and confirm technique. Secondly, some other technologies and methods are also used for diagnosing hemorrhoids if it is internal or external type. Diagnosing is executed by doctors to check the nature, seriousness and effects of piles rather than just confirming it in a patient. After proper diagnosing, the doctors suggest either home remedies for hemorrhoids or some pharmaceutical products with fast reaction. Some best diagnosing methods are;

  1. Visual examination of anal area
  2. Anoscopy or Endoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  1. Through rectal exam etc.

When Should You Go to a Doctor?

When you have used all recommended medicines and herbal remedies, but you do not experience any improvement in your disease, then you should terminate use of drugs anymore. Now, it is time to move some experienced doctors who can give you a better way to get rid of hemorrhoids. Basically, there are a number of treatments which can surely help you to get rid of piles, but sometime the hemorrhoids becomes much serious and injurious. So, the patients have to come some doctors and surgeons for operations as well as surgeries. Anyway, these two treatments will be the last step for getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Complications of Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids surely leads many of physical and medical health complications that suffer the patients from serious conditions. Most of patients become unable to sit or stand for a long time. Secondly, they mostly experience excessive amount of blood that is released by rectum in bowel movement or just finishing it. Thirdly, the patients will be disturbed in their clothes. They will have swelling and severe itching that will not let them stay relaxed. If the patients of hemorrhoids do not pay attention and get right treatments, then piles will continuously grow and cause further infections and endless irritation.

Available Treatments for Hemorrhoids:

When you are seeking for the best home remedies for external hemorrhoids (internal or external), then definitely you must prefer 100% effective and useful curing methods. All these treatments are applied to patients by diagnosing a type and the condition of rectum. Secondly, some of these curing methods are little risky, while medication way is safe for the patients. However, sometime patients personally choose few medicines and modern techniques to get rid of hemorrhoids which may be risky for them. Here, you will read some of the best and available treatments of rectum lumps or piles.

  1. a) Medicines and Injections:

It is the first treatment which is much famous in developed countries like USA and Europe. In this curing method, the patients are either injected some fast reaction medicines in the body to get off the roots of hemorrhoids or medicines. Many patients are afraid of medicines and injections to cure piles, because such products have many side effects that may last longer. That is why; people avoid this way of treatment.

  1. b) Herbal Remedies:

These are natural remedies which are made from herbs and the other sources. These remedies have good healing properties which you can use for various kinds of infections and diseases. On the other side, Herbal and home remedies for internal hemorrhoids are available in medical industry. Hemorrhoids creams are best in herbal remedies that heal the wounds quickly and reduce swelling of skin tag. In this way; the swelling completely vanishes and rectal canal returns to its original condition.

  1. c) Operations & Surgeries:

Operation and surgery both are bit complicated treatments of hemorrhoids, but these give 100% results and remove skin tag in anus area. But, unfortunately there are many side effects and complications of these hemorrhoids treatments. That is why; majority of patients does not like this way of curing piles. You should not get worried about the right and pain free treatments, because there is another treatment option for those who do not want using medicines and surgery to cure piles.

  1. d) Homemade Remedies to Cure Hemorrhoids:

It is 21st century and people are still fan of homemade remedies, because they want using products for treatment which they find 100% safe for their health. In fact, the home remedies for hemorrhoids pain are considered best to use, because these do not have adverse effects or complications for patients. Five best homemade remedies for piles have been explained below.

1) Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar is the one that is most useful and beneficial in hemorrhoids, because it has natural properties to heal skin wounds and recover the skin faster. Many researches have proved that ACV can easily overcome the itching, burning and severe pain of hemorrhoids, but it may be bitter in feeling as you will experience stinging when you will apply it directly to skin tag. for internal hemorrhoids, you can drink 1 tablespoon of ACV in water and it may be much useful for you to overcome constipation and piles.

2) Aloe Vera:

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Aloe Vera is another homemade remedy which hemorrhoids patients may use on infected area. Using method is very simple. You have to extract the gel from Aloe Vera and then put it on the skin tag or swollen part and leave it for several hours. It will heal the wounds faster and recover the people from this disease completely. It also soothes swollen veins and completely makes it hydrated. In case of itching, you can also apply apple cider vinegar first and then Aloe Vera gel.

3) Witch Hazel:

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Witch hazel is an excellent product that stops bleeding when you have hemorrhoids, while it also prevents the patients from itching, severe pain and chills. However, you have to apply witch hazel for little longer period just on the inflamed area and it will make the wound dry and free of pain. You will never feel any pain and itching, while you will also get recovered from hemorrhoids magically in less timeframe.

4) Olive Oil:

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Olive oil is extremely well known for treating the hemorrhoids, because it is an anti-inflammatory agent with many of natural properties. Usually, it keeps the blood vessels soft and free of itching. While, its major task is to fade up the affected area and remove bleeding. Swelling in hemorrhoids will also go down within few days. If you consume it daily in some foods like warm milk, then it will help you to get rid of straining and problem in bowel movement.

5) Lemon Juice:

This is a last product which is excessively used as home remedy to cure hemorrhoids. When you search for the reliable home remedies for bleeding hemorrhoids, then surely you will see lemon juice as the simples natural product to heal piles. It has many qualities to resist the inflammation and if you consume it with vinegar and honey, then you will feel easiness in bowel movement.

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