5 Major Low White Blood Cell Count Causes


What are White Blood Cells?

Blood generally consists of three types of cells; White, Red blood cells and Platelets. All these are essential part of immune system, while the white blood cells perform several types of jobs like creating will power against the germs, bacteria and infections. While, these cells also play a part to grow the bones tissues and body structure. Undoubtedly, white blood cells are most compulsory of everybody and it has been estimated that an average count of these cells ranges from 4,500 to 10,000 mcl. However, the low white blood cell count may also cause various infections, bone problems, tissue destruction and chronic diseases like blood cancer.

What White Blood Cell Count Means?

White Blood Cell Count means taking a test of blood in such a way to evaluate the number of blood cells in the blood. Usually, if the count of white blood cells is below minimum amount like 4,500, then this will be called Leukopenia. Sure, when number of white blood cells in blood goes down, then chances of infections and diseases will be more. Secondly, the maximum count of white blood cells is also 10,000 and if this amount exceeds, then there will also several infections and blood diseases which will cause HIV Aids and bone cancer. White Blood Cell count test has become a necessary medical caution that will make you sure the right and standard count of WBC.

Types of White Blood Cells:

When you come to know that the white blood cells in your body are decreasing or increasing, then both the situations will be alarming for you. It means your health is on big risk, But, here before to move ahead, you should be aware of types of White Blood Cells which are essential part of human blood. There are five major types of these WBC and these are;

  1. Basophils
  2. Eosinophils
  • Neurophils
  1. Monocytes
  2. Lymphocytes

White Blood Cell Count Purpose:

You have read about the what does a low white blood cell count mean and now you must view reasons and motives to go for WBC count test. In general, it is just to make sure whether white blood cell count is at standard count or low than required. Basically, most of people go for this or they have to go for this count, because they experience severe aches, body strain, continuous nose infection, chills, fever, hidden infections and other bacterial health disorders. In case of these infections and diseases, you must go for a detailed WBC count test. Secondly, this count test also assists the doctors to monitor the treatments of cancer patients.

Expectations from White Blood Cell Count:

Expectations from White Blood Cell count will vary, because it depends upon the physical and medical condition of your body. When this count is high, then your health will be at big risk. Similarly, in case of low blood cell count, there will also several types of infections and diseases you will experience in future. Everyone who wants this test has to give a blood sample which the blood testing laboratory technician will take in a small glass tube and save for testing process. This is very critical test which the doctors and technicians very carefully test under ideal circumstances. You should never get worried about this WBC count test, because there are many ways to refill or maintain the cells in blood.

Preparation for White Blood Cell Count:

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When you are going for White Blood Cell Count test in a laboratory, then for this you must do yourself well prepared. In fact, there are a lot of things to be done by you prior to start this test. First of all, you must be aware of what causes low white blood cell count. Secondly, you should also avoid taking medicines that may affect the results of your WBC count test. If you have taken some types of pain killers, regular pills under recommended treatments and energy refilled products, then there will be more chances of errors or deficiency in your White Blood Cell count test. The following medicines may create problems and make your test doubtful.

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Aspirin
  • Corticosteroids
  1. Sulfonamides
  2. Heparin
  3. Barbiturates
  • Chemotherapy Medication
  • Antihistamines etc.

It is much necessary for you to share your medication process you are still taking before to go for WBC count test. If the doctors suggest you test, then you should continue, otherwise you have to wait until the effect of such medicines does not diminish.

Understanding Test Results:

It is clear that the average and normal range of White Blood Cells in a healthy body are between 4,500 and 10,000 mcl. But, if this range goes down from 4,500, then it will be called Leukopenia that will further cause many of infections, diseases and physical disorders. It will be compulsory for the patients to go some specialists and doctors for thorough consultation. There are many remedies that can recover your Leukopenia with passage of time. While, on the other side, if this White Blood Cell count exceeds from 10,000, then this will also cause many of diseases and infections that may or may not be serious.

In both situations, you will experience the health problems and internal medical complications. Although, there are a number of low white blood cell count causes, but you first look at the diseases and infections which you may experience in case of Leukopenia. Some of these diseases and infections are;

  1. Severe infections
  2. Immune System disturbance
  • Lupus
  1. Radiation therapy
  2. Autoimmune disorder
  3. HIV
  • Lymphoma
  • Bone damages
  1. Liver infections etc.

While, on the other side, when White Blood Cells exceeds from the maximum limit, then there will also many infections, disorders and sicknesses. However, there are plenty of reasons that cause such infections. Some of them are;

  1. Asthma
  2. Stress
  • Physical workouts
  1. Leukemia
  2. Allergies
  3. Anemia
  • Bone Marrow Tumors
  • Pregnancy
  1. Tissue damaging
  2. Bowel diseases and inflammatory conditions etc.

Hidden Complications:

In next, blood test is the only confirmed way to conclude whether a person is facing low White Blood Cell count or not. However, latest medical research has discovered various low white blood cell count symptoms that are true and reliable to believe this shortage in blood. However, if you are confused about confirmation of Leukopenia, then you may experience some of the general diseases and medical conditions in your body. If you find some or any of these symptoms, then definitely you will have shortage of white blood cell count in your body.

  1. Mouth infections like sore, red, white patches inside mouth
  2. Severe chills and fever
  • Redness and swelling on body
  1. Sore throat
  2. Continuous body strain and fatigue
  3. Severe cough
  • Breath shortness
  • Diarrhea
  1. Rectal area swelling, redness and pain
  2. Unusual itching or vaginal discharge
  3. Burning ad pain in urination
  • Drainage
  • Some infections
  • Slow healing of wounds
  1. Bone ache and joint issues etc.

All these are signs which you can view and then confirm whether you are experiencing low WBC count or not. However, in case of Leukopenia, you should go to doctors and ask for blood test that will make you sure and then the specialists will suggest some kinds of treatments to recover WBC shortage. If patients of this disease delays treatment, then he or she will suffer from serious problems like HIV and cancers. There are many other infections and diseases that kill the humans. So, there should be no delay in treatments and medications that are proper ways to maintain required count of White Blood Cells.

5 Causes of Low White Blood Cell Count:

Today, low white blood cell count has become a universal issue that may cause many of serious health disorders and infections. There are plenty of reasons of this problem, but most of health experts are agreed to few causes which are sound. On the other side, it is also possible to maintain White Blood Cells in human body. However, age factor directly affects the low or high White Blood Cell count. When you are old, then you may experience any of these possibilities; low or high WBC count.

Medical Science offers a number of precautions to prevent this disorder than using drugs to control White Blood Cell count. In the following, 5 major low white blood cell count causes have been explained. These reasons will expose why the White Blood Cells go down and which infections, diseases and physical disorders are possible. You must be aware of these causes and try to avoid occurrence of these causes.

1) Specific Disorders and Blood Diseases:

It is an important to know what causes low white blood cell count, because in this way you will care your health when you will experience any of these causes. There are many specific and certain disorders that may cause WBC shortage. In fact, the bone morrow function gets disturbed by various reasons in which the blood diseases and infections are at the top. On the other side, these illnesses and infections will also impact many other body parts. Anyway, you will encounter with White Blood Cell shortage when you have bone morrow issues and other particular diseases. In case of blood diseases and infections, you must have a chat with your doctors and get best remedies to get rid of such health problems.

2) Cancer:

Patients suffering from any type of cancer, but especially blood cancer will experience low white blood cell count right after getting recovered from cancer. Some other types of cancer will also cause low WBC count in body. You must avoid using various kinds of medicines for energy refill. Secondly, when you are told by your doctors that you are recovering from cancer faster, then immediately you must ask them for White Blood Cell count test. This test will help them to monitor your treatment, while you will also be able to view the white blood cell count your body actually needs. Secondly, you should consume natural fruits, foods and vegetables during your cancer treatment, because in this way you will prevent excessive low in WBC.

3) Blood Cell Infections:

Blood is the sum of three types of cells and all these cells are naturally produced inside the body by immune system. Human body is surrounded by various blood allergies, diseases and infections that cause low WBC count in body. However, there are also many low white blood cell count symptoms which you can clearly observe in your body and when you confirm this disease, then you should pay much attention to cure it. Secondly, in case of any blood infection or disorder you should move to a doctor for proper checkup. The blood test will help your doctor to diagnose major problem.

4) Medication:

Medication is a way to treat the diseases in human body and recover it as fast as possible. When you have some serious sickness or disorder, then surely you will go to doctors for medication and complete treatment. You must keep in mind there are several sicknesses that are treated by some specific medicines. These drugs can kill the white blood cells and create many health problems. When you are taking a long term medication, then there will be more chances of White Blood Cell damaging and consequently it will lead low WBC count in your body. That is why; it is said by health professionals that no one should personally take any remedy or apply a medical treatment to cure some health problems.

5) Viral Attacks and Infections:

Viral infection is a specific disorder which occurs in the body to stop or restrict the functions and working of bone morrow. However, if you take it seriously and get right treatments on exactly right time, then more probably you will recover from it soon. But, when you get rid of such viral infections through medication, then you must go to some laboratory for blood test just to verify the white blood cell count and general health. This will make you sure that there is no problem with your blood cells.

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