5+ No Carb Drinks With No Sugar (Your Ultimate Keto Drink Guide)

keto drinks
keto drinks

Looking for keto drinks ??

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Lose Weight While Celebrating! No Carb and Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks, + drink recipes, so you can stay in ketosis and keep the weight off you lost with keto. They go great with the top 10 low carb foods that you can eat. These drinks are low in carb and sugar and more than 5 of them are no carb and no sugar. Learn about the carbs in vodka, mixed drinks, liquors, champagne, carbs in beer, rum, whiskey, wine, and other alcoholic drinks.

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41 thoughts on “5+ No Carb Drinks With No Sugar (Your Ultimate Keto Drink Guide)”

  1. If you ever come to Germany, give Green Cola a try. It's with Stevia only, too. Maybe you don't get it anywhere… 🙂 P.S.: Also no phosphoric acids!

  2. I just read that licorice root not only is beneficial for your liver but also actually helps repair a fatty liver. Can you confirm that?

  3. The body see all alcohol as sugar.but what I don’t understand is while drinking you can test your blood it will read normal 90- 100 mind usually reads 130-140

  4. If I take whiskey once in a week .. How much ml of it we can drink at a time… I am diabatic.. Appricaite if Please replay

  5. He rambles on for 14 minutes until he eventually tells us what drinks are ok. God this guy can talk!

  6. I couldn't in good conscience ever EVER say it's ok to drink alcohol. Should be forever banned and the makers should be prosecuted.

    Drunks abusing their children is the WORST epidemic in the world.

  7. Always had negative effects from small amounts of alcohol that outweigh an otherwise enjoyable buzz. Have been feeling great on keto last few weeks and thought a single Jameson on the rocks would be fine but my heart rate and bp shot up til the morning and gave me total insomnia and a blocked at the duodenum stomach feeling. Have battled that feeling on and off alcohol or not but it had gone totally away by just going keto for a couple weeks. Slowly figuring out my body and afraid I (still) can’t let alcohol in.

  8. Great information. But I will disagree with you on mixed drinks. You can make your own mixers with allulose and have a zero net carb liqueur. As far as rum goes, there are a lot of brands that add sugar after distillation and do not disclose that, and legally don't have to. It's a process called "dosing". Keep up providing great information. Cheers

  9. Thanks for the straight talk on alcohol. This video was very informative and extremely helpful. Thank you!

  10. I always learn something new, interesting and useful, taught by a Master Health Champion.

  11. Just like with cooking, if you brew it yourself you always know what's going in it. I'll make dry cider or meads, and I know they have no carbs. :3

  12. Thank you for this information, I knew beer have carbs but didn’t know much about other alcohol.

  13. I have Fatty Liver Disease & Alcohol/Sugar/Fructose/Red Meat/ Animal Fats are FORBIDDEN !! I have been told to consume 60-100 ml of Extra Virgin cold pressed Olive Oil daily. High fibre, low carbs & plenty of protein, plus swimming & walking/jogging. I used to party hard all Weekend in Discos & Raves. No surprise that I got Liver problems ! 😆 Thank you for your crusade to clean up our lives 👍

  14. I drink Sangre de Cristo from Ferriño brand. For so many years almost 40. Less frequently now. But 1 or 2 bottles per month. The alcohol is natural fermented. Is this a factor for better or worse?

  15. my diets a lot cleaner then is use to be soon I be able to really eat the right things

  16. Seltzers are low carb.

    Also although no alcohol beer has carbs the absence of alcohol is a plus for health and when you have to drive. I’ll take the regular carbs for these advantages.

  17. Thank you for such informative video, I always watch you your videos, I'd like to ask you a Q: I know you mentioned whiskey but does bourbon like Maker's Mark specifically have any sugar or carbs at at all?

  18. I use fruit juice as a mixer for my white spirits…..BUT……I use 200 ml of fruit juice and add water to make a litre bottle…….so 20%…….BUT……then when I'm poring the drink I go about half and half with water….so around 10%…..okay, still a few grams of carbs but way better than full on 100% fructose mixer.
    Oh yeah, when out and about, I have a beer or two and then switch to white spirits with only water as the mixer!!!!

  19. The only drink I like now, bc I’m on keto, and don’t like sugary drinks anymore is a Bloody Mary…..however, I still have to watch the tomato type mixers……I only drink maybe a handful of times a year anyway……..

  20. After 3 weeks on low carb I was offered some Kirsty Kreme donuts. I didn’t go shopping for them, it was a gift, so I ate them! I’m definitely booted out of ketosis for now but I’ll fast now for 12 hours and get back on the low carb wagon. I think I’m allowed the occasional treat as I don’t drink all those sweet beverages and I believe in moderation. Nine out of ten days I’ll avoid carbs but I’ll definitely treat myself occasionally. Must look into those low carb beers more closely!

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