5 Reviews of Best Cacao Cocoa Butter


Cocoa butter has become a favorite of most women and even men around. In fact, it became a staple in their makeup storage for the reason that it has greater effects on stretch marks. It has become an attractive choice for most people who have stretch marks. Another good thing is that, it doesn’t cost much as other methods like surgery. What makes it a very good choice as well is that, it is all natural and easy to use. Our skin is elastic and flexible in its own nature. The only thing is that, we could only stretch our skin far until it tears and breaks down. Whenever this happens, scarring occurs and this is actually, when the stretch marks become so visible. Thus, this makes cocoa butter a good find for most women.

What is Cocoa Butter?

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Cocoa butter is a unique, natural product that’s been used for many years now. It’s also known as the theobroma cacao or theobroma oil, light yellow in color and made from the cacao bean, which are also used for making the precious chocolates! The pure cocoa butter is also an edible type of vegetable fat with a good number of uses. It can be used not just for making chocolates, but also for other baked goods, and it could create pharmaceuticals as well as general bathroom products. Cocoa butter is also the by-product of the process, which is used to get cocoa solids known as the Broma process. It has been developed in the year 1865, and is arguably the best method for separating cocoa butter and the solids. By hanging the bags of ground cacao beans in a warm tempered area, the butter will separate and drips away. This then leaves the cocoa solids behind that are used to create the powder. The butter will be collected and hardens into blocks at room temperature. However, the process differs from the products of shea butter cream.

One of the best features that people like about cocoa butter is that, it could stay solid right at room temperature. However, it melts when it’s applied to the stretch marks. This miracle butter also contain natural antioxidant, which could repair the damaged skin cells and fight against any free radicals, causing premature aging. Most people create cocoa butter mixtures right to the affected area. This butter also acts like a moisturizer for your skin, and is effective that could reach even the lowest levels of the skin. The epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin and the dermis, which is the one below it. The stretch marks occur at the layer of the dermis, so a high quality moisturizer is needed to reach and heal the dermis, thus, removing the stretch marks.

Laser treatments could be an effective form of stretch mark removal, but it could be highly expensive. However, using cocoa butter cream. It will make your stretch marks as if it never occurred. For removing stretch marks, the raw cocoa butter cream will be highly effective. The raw cocoa butter contains mineral oil and helps with the cream application. Other common products are the natural onion extracts and coconut oil. The best cocoa butter cream may actually cost more than the average brand, yet the additional ingredients as well as care goes into the formulation of such products, and is worth all the money.

What is the Best Cocoa Butter?

If you are looking for the best cocoa butter, it would be ideal for you to get Caribbean Cacao Cocoa Butter. Why? This is for the reason that it has 100% unrefined, and pure raw cocoa butter, which is made from the authentic caca beans. It could surely be your all in one beauty miracle. This is for the reason that, with only a smear of this cream, you could easily reduce, not just the visibility of the stretch marks, but also the signs of aging, blemishes and scars. Another good thing is that, it could help in restoring the inner glow of your skin, while helping you promote the growth of your hair. This will also work well for your “Do-it-Yourself” projects, such as homemade body creams and lotions, skin cleansers as well as moisturizers, massage oil, lip balm, scrubs and body butters. If you’re also looking for nice hair conditioners, this would work best for you.

What makes the cocoa butter the best in the market is that, it also has the highest concentrations of anti-oxidizing as well as toxin-fighting compounds, which reduce as well as neutralize the free radicals and foreign toxins. This magical cream will easily do the restoration of your skin’s health, most especially if you are using it regularly.

Since it’s packed with natural oils and minerals, it will surely nourish your skin, thus, it could save you from any sort of skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. Whenever this cream is topically applied, it will create a barrier between the environment and your sensitive skin, while retaining the moisture. As mentioned, this cream also has the higher concentration of antioxidants than those of blueberries and any other sort of Superfood.

If you want a soothing cream during the winter, this cream would work best for you. You only have to apply it like a lotion and you’re good to go. As a matter of fact, you can also apply it to your face, and it will keep them smooth, soft and downright healthy. Pregnant women will also benefit a lot from this cocoa butter. You don’t want to develop stretch marks, right? Well, this has the power to eliminate the onset of stretch marks and it could help your skin restore itself, making it look like it was never a victim of stretch marks.

Pros and Cons of Caribbean Cacao Cocoa Butter

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If you’re using any product, the thing would be, you just want to know how it will benefit you, and what would be the drawbacks. So far, this product has been making a big buzz out in the open, and a lot of people really do appreciate it. However, if you are interested enough to buying this product, it’s just right for you to know the pros and cons further.


  • It is made of natural ingredients, no chemicals found
  • Organic
  • It is effective in getting rid of skin diseases and stretch marks
  • Perfect as a topical lotion, cream, soap, face and lip moisturizer


  • No drawbacks reported


  1. Michelle Willis (My Stretch Marks Are All Gone)

It’s almost summer and it’s the time when I need to get my two piece swimsuits on and enjoy the sunny beach. However, I was not sure if I will be confident enough to do that because of my visible stretch marks. I tried a lot of creams that claim to help me remove these annoying marks on my stomach, but they just did not work. Looking at this website, I found Caribbean Cacao Cocoa Butter and bought one. I’ve been using it for one week and I’m really surprised about how fast it can resolve my issue. I have been religiously using it everyday and every night and I can see a big difference. It seems that my scars are shrinking. They are less visible now and my waist area are just as smooth as the rest of my body. I’m totally excited for the summer to come now. I think I will enjoy it this year. I’ve been deprived for the past two years about enjoying the summer and the heat of the sun. That’s why, I’m really glad that this product was able to help me out.

  1. Janice Belle (No More Stretch Marks… Happy Customer Here!)

I’m usually thin, so when I got pregnant, it’s like my size was doubled and my stomach was stretched too much. After the birth of my baby, I noticed a lot of stretch marks around my belly bottom and they are somewhat annoying. I feel so down, because I’m thinking that my bikini days will be all over. Of course, I’m really happy that I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy child. However, whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I can see myself losing my own confidence, because I can no longer wear bikinis when we have to enjoy a day in the beach. My husband, kid and I really love the beach, as it serves as our tranquilizer. It is just so peaceful and we are getting a lot closer the Mother Nature. To make the story short, this butter cream product has helped me get rid of these huge stretch marks hugging my abdomen part. As a matter of fact, the application of the butter cream itself is soothing, it smells chocolate-y, but not so sweet. The aroma is earthly, so I really love it. I apply it everyday, after I took I shower and at night before I go to sleep. The results are really paying off. I love this product!

  1. Liera Samuels (Works Perfectly Find For An Ex-Obese Like Me)

I used to be so fat, so obese, that I even hated myself. However, I challenged myself to live healthy, exercise harder and lose all these excess weight and it worked. The only problem I have right now is that, I have all these visible white stretch marks around my belly area, my arms and my legs. I really want to get rid of it, but I don’t want to resort to laser treatments. Apart from being expensive, I’m not really sure if it will really work for me. I am opting to a safer option, something natural and something that will make my skin healthier as well. My friend recommended this product to me and to my surprise, it slowly manages to get rid of my stretch marks, especially on my arm area. I can wear sleeveless shirts now without worrying that people may mock me of my stretch marks. I’m really glad that I gave this a shot. It really works and I highly, highly recommend this product as well.

  1. Joanne Landon (It healed my eczema!)

Leaving with eczema is totally painful, and I’m sure, those who have experienced and are still experiencing it know the struggles. Going outside the house could be such a pain, you are worried that people may mock you like you see them dying with curiosity about what happened to my skin. I’ve been into this embarrassment and I want to share my struggle and my success story here. I bought the Caribbean Cacao Cocoa Butter and I was really excited about using it. I use it three times a day, whenever I feel like my skin is all dried out. However, now, I don’t need to use it that much. I can use it once in the morning and once at night. I can just apply it like a lotion. This is for the reason that it helped me clear my eczema, especially the itch that comes with it. For all those eczema sufferers, I highly recommend this Caribbean Cacao Cocoa Butter for all of you.

  1. James Corning ( Helped with my Dry Skin)

Dry skin is such a battle for me, most especially when it’s summer and winter. My skin dries like the dessert and I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers, but they are just a waste of money, because they never worked. I bought this one, with my hopes up and it gave me the result that I want. My skin are highly moisturized, it doesn’t dry up at all. I really do think that it’s 100% healthy.


If you’re looking for the best product for skin diseases and to get rid of stretch marks, making use of Caribbean Cacao Cocoa Butter would be very ideal for you. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself the chance to use it now and enjoy the benefits it has for your skin. Live a life with healthy skin, free from any skin diseases and stretch marks!

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