5 Ways to Get Through Constipation on Your Keto Diet

thomas delauer keto constipation
thomas delauer keto constipation

Looking for thomas delauer keto constipation ??

Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

This video is about how to avoid constipation on a keto diet. The keto diet has become incredibly popular among those wanting to lose weight but it is also popular for those with neurological issues, heart disease and diabetes.

A lot of people have already come to this channel for tips on constipation. My constipation videos are the most watched videos on this channel, so I thought I would make a video about how to avoid constipation if you are on a keto diet.

This video offers yoga, lifestyle tips, liquid, food that you can have on a keto diet, and self massage that will help prevent constipation and alleviate constipation if you are already experiencing it. These tips, exercises and recommendations to relieve constipation naturally are based on my experience and teaching since 2002. I even share some testimonials in this video from my students who have had success with the yoga exercises and self massage for constipation that I share.

Short Yoga Videos for Constipation:

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37 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Through Constipation on Your Keto Diet”

  1. I've had some AMAZING results with the keto diet but I abandoned it because of the constipation problem and all problems connected to it. Now I think I can start again thanks to you, and I'll implement the techniques. Thank you so much, amazing video, and it sure is an amazing channel.

  2. I would like you to do a video on fibre Rich soup constipation in instant soup. Thank you

  3. Ty so much was able to poop with ur tips. my vowel movement works perfectly now ❤️

  4. I'm going to start with warm lemon water, the massage before I get out of bed, and eat more vegs. Thank you for these tips. ♥️

  5. The fissures are killing me. I eat vegetables everyday. I drink gteen tea with ginger and lemon daily. I find it difficult to eliminate daily.

  6. I drank warm water with lemon today and yesterday, and I did a stomach message and yoga as shown in this video.

    This actually helped with constipation more than the pills I used! I thought it wouldn't work but it did surprisingly!

    Thank you so much for these tips

  7. streamed cabbage or cauliflower drowned in extra virgin olive oil should get you going, nice chicken soup with celery carrots unions parsley garlic lemon extra virgin olive oil maybe with some pan de casa bread drowned in extra virgin olive oil on the side should get things moving

  8. Omg it worked. I was so uncomfortable that I was going to get an enema. I’ve been drinking tea as my hydration source so I think I’ll switch to warm lemon water, which I like anyway. I’ll also take the advise from others for fiber supplements, too.

  9. I got rid of my bad breath with a herbal cure remedy from dr Oyalo . I met dr Oyalo on YouTube channel with his name dr Oyalo and after consultations I got his cure and it really work for me

  10. Only the Agoge diet worked for me, I lost so much fat and feel great. Keto just made me tired.

  11. I developed a fissure within 2 months of starting keto back in 2018 and I've been suffering from it ever since. Had to go to the ER because it was so painful. I could not pass stool every day. It was every 3 days and when I did it was always exhausting and painful. I did keto for 2.5 years before giving up because of my digestion. I wish I didn't have to because I had lost 90lbs and I felt amazing. I have been on a flexitarian diet (mostly just fish as extra protein source), and I'm not losing anything. Just maintaining. I might go back to keto soon and keep all these tips in mind. I've been trying to find the solution or why keto caused me to have such terrible digestion, but it seems like it was being kept as a taboo secret. Thank you for this video!

  12. Start your day with psyllium husk and half lemon in warm water. Guaranteed constipation gone.

  13. Can I do warm lemon water in the evening / afternoon when I get off? I don't like to use the bathroom at work.

  14. Warm lemon water sounds fantastic! I also plan to try the yoga pose. Thanks for your video!

  15. I am so annoyed of this constipation. I feel so uncomfortable. I’m not really bloated but I can feel I need to go but it won’t all come out. I did take a magnesium supplement and I went twice but they were small. I feel I can go a lot more.
    I’m so annoyed. But I’m not giving up. That’s what it wants me to do.

  16. I truly appreciate you sharing this information. I plan on incorporating all of the suggested methods to relieve and prevent constipation. I tried the self massage and the yoga pose after drinking a cup of warm lemon water and the results were almost instantaneous.

  17. I lost weight and have been exercising and drinking lemon water and etc but I haven't had a natural bowel movement since late January. I honestly can't remember when honestly

  18. Wooo! Not being able to take a dump, sucks!!! You are amazing. Thank you for caring enough about people to post this video and help others in need. 😍 I tried the massage with lemon water and vegetables. It worked in about 15 minutes.

  19. Wo This works! I did lemon water and tummy massage and 10minutes all clear 😀 thank you.

  20. Lemon water and self massage… I have been keto for almost three months now and the constipation is the worst symptom. Thank you for making this video…

  21. This was awesome. I massaged my stomach and had the hot lemon water. It worked within 10min and I even had another movement 4 hours later. Started keto for the first time January 3 and I’m down 8 pounds. Maybe even more after using the restroom.

  22. I drink warm water with matcha in the mornings. Do you think it would be fine if i just added lemon to that instead?

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