keto side dishes
keto side dishes

Looking for keto side dishes ??

Watch the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

In this video Emily and Sarah go over 6 easy keto sides that you can bring to your next gathering!

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  1. That is the cutest dog ever! Almond biscuit recipe? The cheddar bay biscuit? How to make it?

  2. I laughed so hard at Emily attempting to ignore her dog. Seriously I haven't laughed out loud like that watching something in a long time. Love you girls.

  3. Haha. Now I’m hungry for these 6 recipes in JANUARY! Ha! Actually, I realize did this to myself!

  4. Haha. This one came maybe because of the time of year. So funny! And more funny because you guys didn’t laugh! Hohoho. Glad you didn’t get rid of it or edit. I love the roasted asparagus with some Parmesan on top at the end. Mushrooms can make a great side dish or paired with something else. Gotta use the tasty ones though, like shiitake.

  5. I like the idea of the creamed spinach. However, my family would probably not like that on the dinner plate, but would rather it be a dip. I could see myself bringing a bag of pork rinds and a bag of pita chips so that everybody has something to dip with. And I absolutely adore brussel sprouts done the way you described! I've done those green bean bacon bundles before, but only buy basting with a brown sugar glaze. I'm sure I would love them without that.

  6. Love watching your old videos. You have come a long way. Congrats on bringing positive and realistic views on keto.

  7. I love your channel. I just subscribed this afternoon and have been binge watching all day!! You both are so relatable to me. And I too have a love/hate relationship with egg. And can’t do the egg diet! Keep it Keto ladies, you just motives me to get back on the Keto wagon.

  8. Hi there just wanted to say thanks you for your honesty and how relatable you ladies are! Ty ty ty!

  9. Hi there, love your channel! Can you share the recipe for the almond biscuits please. God bless you both!

  10. I think you two love food as much as I do. I love your recipes and your channel. Sorta binging a bit. 😛

  11. Your face when she calls you out to light the sweater! Meme worthy- so salty! 😂
    Cut to the curly cutie. “Just ignore him.”
    Climb on top of you and gets in your face- “ignore me now- double dog dare you!”
    Have you tried roasting the garlic and then adding that to the roasted cauliflower? Drooooool 🤤

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