6 Low Carb Foods That Burn Belly Fat – Are You Eating Them?

Keto Foods
Keto Foods

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Check the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Cutting carbs is an effective way to lose weight. In this video, I share 6 low carb foods that take weight loss to the next level by targeting belly fat.

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39 thoughts on “6 Low Carb Foods That Burn Belly Fat – Are You Eating Them?”

  1. Great video!
    If you want burn fat get healthier!
    Fat loss and detoxing go hand in hand, that is why people say they feel tired when dieting, because their body is de-toxing all the junk from the body.

  2. I'm pretty sure that I understand that whenever I eat something I then produce insulin…
    Two questions does that include when I brush my teeth, nothing is ingested but the mouth has been active…
    Also when insulin is produced, is the amount of insulin set by the amount eaten or is there no " off switch "
    Thank you for your helpful videos

  3. How else can I take the MCT oil? I like my coffee black. Nothing in it.

    Also, the psyllium husks i had but never took it because I didn't like the texture. I like the idea to take it before dinner but is there any other liquid I could mix it with to sort of mask the texture?

  4. I will have to eat more guacamole to get the avocado, but I take a quality fish oil supplement and eat eggs almost every day.
    But avocado by itself is not my favorite food

  5. I bag my almonds by the ounce and buy them in huge bags. I love the crunch. I have lost 45 pounds and almonds are very much in my diet. Here in Alaska avocados are very expensive and they turn black inside super fast. A huge waste of money. I totally love them and would use daily if quality could be found.. we raise our own chickens …

  6. I disagree with almonds as a snack. They just trigger me to want to keep snacking. I don't find the small amount of nuts to help. I would rather fast a while longer than partake of the nuts BECAUSE my hunger will pass after an hour and I can make it to the next meal.

  7. I just found your channel, I really like your content, I’m always moving fast your calm voice helped me to slow down enough to listen to what you had to say. Thank You, I was so sick of everyone trying to sell something, this is the first time I ever felt someone finally cares about people’s health, during this pandemic I didn’t eat a lot, I realize I became lazy as heck, I started my weight loss journey today Thanks to you.❤️

  8. My wife & I lIke Salmon, we live in Pacific Northwest, we can hardly find it anymore W/O paying a fortune.

  9. A nutritionist I saw said to stop eating low fat peanut butter and low fat salad dressing and to eat the regular because the reduced fat versions have more sugar,but I gained more weight doing this instead. What do you say?

  10. I have ulcerative colitis / I cannot eat salads, The vegetables I eat have to be cooked within an inch of their lives …..

  11. I was in all the wrong sites But I am glad I found yours. very to the point well researched! thank you

  12. I read that eggs contain melatonin, and for that reason, are best consumed as part of your last meal of the day. True?


  14. Spot on Dr. Gillaspy! I've been doing all of these except the psyllium husk which I've never heard of. In 6 weeks doing clean Keto I've gone from 209 to 178 pounds! Thanks for all that you do. All the best

  15. Anyone else notice Dr Becky has a “standard American accent” until she says “hotdog” at 0:37, and then sounds like she’s from the Bronx? 😄

  16. Be careful with Salmon. Only eat it in moderation as reports have been coming in that those who eat it daily are now suffering from Mercury poisoning. There are better fish options.

  17. This is great and very useful! I love the way you show studies as well. I like these better than the videos with hubby where you got slim fast and he seemed to have bad numbers even though he looked like he was in good shape. We guys felt discouraged by numbers. LOL

    Great kitchen! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  18. I'm not sure how food itself can actually "burn" belly fat. From what I understand one cannot selectively "burn" fat on the body. Do you have any published mainstream medical sources that show the selective burning of fat or any foods that actually cause fat to burn. I'd like to see if my understanding is flawed, or am I right on the money?

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