6 Tips On How To Lose Weight In A Week


Almost everything in our life has its own alchemical processes as a proof that life truly exist. This so called alchemical process is a governing element of existence which brings order to the cycle life as well as in preservation and creation of life. It can be seen macroscopically or microscopically and no one, not even the tiniest particle or substance is not free from its firm guiding hand, for we without those alchemical operations nothing will exist.

How To Lose Weight In A Week

Human Body And The Alchemical Process Of The World

One of the greatest example of where we can find a real life manifestation of alchemy is through human body’s capacity of growth, metabolism, as well as our capability to adopt through different kinds of transformations and foreign adversities within and without of the body (diseases, viruses, life style related illnesses, insecurities, fear, and other forms of discomfort). Some people would say that it is by observing man or by going inwards can we truly understand the world and boy those wise sages where right, almost everything that happens in a human body can serve as a map towards the understanding of the world.

You will see how two opposing forces will either neutralize its antagonist, or incinerate it completely, or even manage to combine through a mediating substance. By observing the capacity of the human body, you may witness how can different process in the body can influence our every decision in life. So if you will objectively inspect how overindulgent people differs its personality from a physically fit person as well as to those who have manage a perfect balance of indulgence and power over their body (soulful people who are either creatively profound or artistically spiritual) through spontaneity and being able to be attuned with the true alchemical harmony of their mind, body, and heart.

Soulful Living, Spontaneity, And Discipline The Key To Get A Perfect Body In Weeks

If you are going to observe them closely you will see that people with such high levels of soulfulness are more positive in their outlook in life, they do not let physical appearances dictate their character as well as in perceiving others, they are able to eat, drink, and do everything they like without suffering from physical illness or even experience chronic illnesses that are caused by life style. You will see how they manage to be in top shape and even perform incredible physical and mental feat without regularly going to the gym or in keeping themselves from eating what they want. They are considerably h3er and sturdier as compared to those people who are regularly working out and being so strict with their diet to the point that they ridiculously reducing their food intake which is entirely unhealthy and may trigger life style diseases.

As compared to those people who have found the optimum balance in life, people who are undeniably over indulgent( this doesn’t only pertains to overweight people but to all people who feel demotivated and extensively mundane) with their bodily needs tends to have shorter life span almost as much as their shorter breaths. They way more easy to get cranky and lose patience at almost everything (although most extremely fit people have more tendency to be moody) that happens in their surroundings. And sadly as you may have already guessed, over all the people who are suffering from over indulgence are the most imbalanced people, and worst the kinds of people who are terribly in poor synchrony in the harmony of their being.

Finding the right balance in your mind, body, and heart is quite a difficult undertaking, for it takes an accurate and precise control over yourself can you attain its completion. You must be careful in doing it because you don’t want to reach each of the extremes of the scale. You don’t to be overly strict and scientific with everything that we do just so you can be physically fit, because before a person reaches their physical fitness they have severely damaged their heart and their mind by avoiding even the necessary indulgences allowed in order to reach a sound balance as a whole. Overly fit people tend to weaken their mind and get controlled by their body without them realizing its deterioration over time. And of course you don’t to get too much of the good stuff, and become overly indulgent while feeling yourself slowly sinking into an empty husk that is filled by a void like manifestation of pleasures.

What you must aim for is the perfect balance of mind, body, and soul that can only be achieved by having a mentally disciplined mind, emotionally committed and laser focused and physically ready, as well as by attending to several soulful indulgences that can provide overall satisfaction that will lead to the experience of total balance. The aim of every wise and enlightened people over the ages especially those who enjoys long life spans while fulfilling themselves with profound experiences. It may not be easy but it is something that anyone and everyone can achieve changes in seven days’ time. After all, we are created equally with equal and unique skills and capabilities.

Soulfully Pleasurable Tips On How To Lose Weight In A Week

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According to the rules of the alchemical process the first and foremost part in the path to perfection is calcination or burning down. Meaning to say it is the burning down of the old body while sterilizing and purifying it from impurities and excesses brought by too much pleasure or any forms of excess. Once it is done then the other important components in the alchemical process shall transpire in order to progress into the road to perfection. In other words by burning down excess in calories and by losing too much physical baggage is the first step in achieving the perfect body.

So in order for you to begin your path to perfection here are some helpful and soulfully pleasurable tips on how to lose weight in a week. Just a reminder this list of tips is largely varied (although they are mostly focused on the physical aspect) you will see that they touching a specific aspect of our behavior and physiology, it is your job to mix and match the particular ways that you shall adopt into your routine.

  • First Tip

    : Body hydration by consuming water as your main and only beverage. The main objective of this tip or dietary procedure is to introduce a regular dose of water as the general fluid intake source of the body. After all, the human body is mostly consisted of water (60% according to recent studies), has lots of micronutrients like essential minerals, and most importantly has no calories making it the perfect drink if you are planning to burn down excess calories in your body.

Not only that, by increasing the possibility of in taking water in your system also helps in flushing out excess water weight, free-radicals and toxins, and most specially water responsible jump starting your body’s metabolic processes (body’s miniature alchemical operation).

  • Second Tip

    : Gradually remove white grain products from your diet and replace them with vegetables and other organic sources. White grain products such as white breads, pastas, rice, and many more, are quite abundant with simple carbohydrates as compared to other complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are one of the main causes of metabolic disturbances in the human body for they are easily digestible, which are also easily becomes excess nutrients or calories in the body.

In order for you to start balancing your diet, instead of using other alternatives to white grain products which are usually rare and expensive yet still bloating, the best option that you must do is to slowly reduce your white grain product intake and incorporate more plant based foods as well as other more organic food sources in larger quantities. An example of dishes having more plant based and other organic alternatives of white grain products are: making your usual chicken, white meat or red meat based sandwiches into a high density plant based foods salad with your favorite white and red meats and other protein sources.

  • Third Tip

    : Drink a cup of coffee or invigorating tea an hour before performing your series of thirty minutes per day cardio-vascular physical activities. Having a potent concoction of revitalizing tea or your favorite black mixture called coffee is a good starting beverage for your day. They are probably the most sensible exception to your mostly-water-only –drinking habit. After all a hot cup of tea or coffee helps a lot in waking up your body as well in making your day more productive.

By having a nice cup of coffee or lovely tea time during breakfast helps in energizing your daily physical activities. Especially if those mentioned physical activities are mainly focused on improving your body’s cardio-vascular processes which is also responsible in burning lots of unhealthy surplus of calories. After all a perfect dose air and heat (by doing cardio-vascular exercises or activities) is the best way to start the calcination process.

  • Fourth Tip

    : Make love with your partner more often, and take it a notch higher by being on top! Remember that the more dominant you are with the act the higher the possibility of exerting more energy. According to experts one of the most promising physical activities that a person could have is having an intimate act with each other’s special love ones.

Well for one, it is through this act that both male and female are have their energies at their most active and purest state. When having sex we are doing lots of breathing through aerobic movements, we are highly sensitive that our perception is heightened as well, and most importantly by doing this act we are mixing both our male and female energies, hence increasing our energy that is responsible in burning physical excesses.

Moreover, by becoming dominant or on top while having sex with your partner you are the one who is mainly doing all the work according to your level of satisfaction. It does not only benefit you by being the one burning the most calories but also in helping you assert your power by being the one who is in control, since it nourishes you in mentally, emotionally, and soulfully.

If you are a woman and in search of the perfect way to enjoy the deed while also sculpting your body into your desired form together in ecstasy with your partner then, this tip is perfect for you.

  • Fifth Tip

    : Add an extra half-an-hour in your regular sleeping time, since sleeping is one of the many aerobic activities that our body performs and also because it is the time when our body can effectively build more muscles in your body while making the necessary repairs in your cells.

Regardless if you are sleeping a full eight hours or you allot 5 hours to seven hours of sleep at night, it is highly effective to add an extra thirty minutes in your usual sleeping time since that particular length time can help your body to get refreshed to the point that you will no longer consume excessive foods and make ideal food choices. Not only that by having an extra thirty minutes of sleep you are also eliminating of feeling lethargic when you are starting your day’s lists of physical activities.

  • Sixth Tip:

    Go on a diet, and we are not saying that you should starve yourself. No. What we are suggesting is for you to eat healthier. Try to incorporate healthier and more organic foods in your diet. If you are still not feeling any results, you can also go on a detox diet which seeks to remove all the toxins inside your body. This could be performed and finished in a week’s time, but you will be surprised on how much weight you have already lost!

In the end, it will still depend on you – on how much determination and discipline you have. Once you have those two characteristics, anything – even losing weight in just one week – is possible.

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