8 Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Moles


What are Moles?

There are plenty of skin lesions and infections which the medical science has discovered with their proper treatments. In fact, moles are clog growths on the human skin and these may appear anywhere on the body, but they will be different in size and color. In general, common moles are of brown or black colors, but some of serious moles may also appear in reddish, light skin and dark brown colors. Some of moles may also cause cancer, skin irritation and other disorders. Everyone having this skin disorder or infection seeks for the best ways to get rid of moles. However, the people should never use any type of serious and risky remedy to get rid of such skin lesions. Moles sometime are called melanocytic naevi and these will occur in smaller cluster.

Are Moles Harmful to Skin?

Moles may or may not be harmful for the people, especially for teenagers and youngsters. Usually, there are different periods when moles appear on human body. Moles in black and dark colors may irritate you because these smaller clusters are mounted on skin and every person having this feels strange feelings. While, moles having reddish brown colors and which start bleeding may cause serious infections and skin disorders. You must take moles very serious and try to manage for the best, but secure ways to get rid of them as fast as possible for you.

Causes of Moles on Skin:

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It is easy to understand major causes of moles on human skin. Medical science has discovered only one way of moles happening and appearing on body. Basically, the melanocytes, skin cells that generally provide all humans the natural and unique pilgrim, grow faster in forms of the cluster and they become dark in color and little mounted. They might be smoother like cotton and harder like wheat grains in touching. While, they may also be smaller and larger person to person. However, it is much important to find recommended and 100% satisfactory methods of getting rid of moles rather than discussing deep on color, size and smoothness of such skin lesions.

Types of Moles:

There are plenty of moles types in medical sector, but some of them are just casual allergies, while few are well known for their serious effects. Secondly, the moles also appear on skin and body in various periods of life. But, these may appear to anyone and anywhere on the body. Moles have been classified into various types on grounds of their nature, causes, shape, development, effects, removing methods and other general aspects. Some of famous mole types are;

  1. Dermal Mole [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B001DB4MQI”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

    is the one which is quite pale in color and it will be hard to identify on skin.

  2. Junctional Moles

    are the clusters that are big in size, flatter, deeper and faster in black or brown colors.

  • Compound Mole

    is a famous one with light brown color and little hard to differentiate whether these are spots on skin or moles, however these have hair.

  1. Halo Mole

    is another pale colored mole with its skin matched color, but it is around in shape that surrounds the mole itself.

  2. Blue Mole

    is blue in color and its hue is fast that can easily be viewed on the body.

  3. Dysplastic Moles

    may appear in various colors and shapes, but size of such moles is larger. On the other side, these are flatter and raised to bump which are unique in all types of moles.

When Moles Appear on Skin?

There is no specific time of appearing moles on skin or body, however the teenagers mostly experience moles in mounted forms on their body when they are over 10 and under 16. On the other side, moles mostly appear when body changes rapidly. When weight loss or gain happens, then moles will appear on body. Secondly, there are various types of sunlight and rays that may also cause moles on body. Finally, due to pregnancy body of the woman also rapidly changes and there are more possibilities of moles. However, the types of moles and shapes will be different in all these cases. There is no way to prevent moles appearing on body, but many of effective and useful remedies are available to remove these skin lesions from skin.

Ways to Remove Moles:

In health industry, there are many methods and technologies to remove the moles. Usually, these methods are classified in various types which have their own features, benefits and side effects too. If you are willing to learn these ways that how to get rid of moles, then you must go through positive and negative effects of such treatments. Some of these methods are very simple to apply, but few are full of injuries and risks. It is up to you that which treatment you select for complete recovery. Some of the best treatments of moles have been illustrated in coming headings.

  1. I) Laser and Surgery Treatments:

Laser technology and surgery both are extremely fast and most effective treatments, but both these are rich with chronic side effects. Patients may experience skin burning, tissue and cell damages, while skin cancer is also possible by applying laser treatment. On the other side, doctors and skin specialists say that both these treatments are just to remove the casual, pale and smaller moles. However, surgery is the most expensive way to remove moles. While, laser technology is unsafe for human health.

  1. II) Medication and Injections:

These are less common and effective treatments of moles on body. However, these also have several side effects which will become complex and out of control if the moles have bleeding issues. You must take proper suggestion of some skin specialists before to apply any of these treatments. Moles that have family history will be impossible to remove, because these are due to genetic problems and there will be some health risks by selecting injections for mole removal. Everyone who wants removing moles from body should follow instructions and advice of skin specialists who will guide patients rightly.

III) Operations and Cutting Moles:

This is a horrible way to remove moles form skin. But, most of men and youngsters prefer it, because in this way there will be no mole in future. Unluckily, operations will put you on bed rest and these may take several consecutive weeks or months to heal and recover. That is why; most of people having moles avoid such treatments which compel them to stay longer on bed. Secondly, these treatments may also be injurious and full of risks. Thus, you should not end your search of how to remove moles, because there are many traditional ways of mole treatments.

  1. IV) Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Moles:

Homemade remedies are 100% prepared from herbs and other natural ingredients that are health friendly. However, you must follow the formula of such remedies exactly, so that you can achieve your actual goals. On the other side, there are some very effective homemade medicines that may also be used to prevent such types of skin problems. Dermatologists also suggest homemade remedies for the people to remove all kinds of moles, because such products are free of risks and side effects. Here, you will come to 8 best and most useful homemade remedies that can help you to get rid of the moles.

1) ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar):

Apple Cider Vinegar is the best and most beneficial natural acid with multiple qualities. This natural liquid is well known for skin protector and today is has become a vital type of vinegar that can remove the moles from body. However, it should be used for a long term period, as it burns the moles and remove them from body. You will never experience any side effect by using ACV. Finally, this is also rich with anti-bacterial qualities which make it better than medicines and other mole removing treatments. It is generally directly applied to targeted moles or body parts with pure cotton.

2) Flaxseed Oil (Mixture of Honey and Ground Flaxseeds):

This natural combination is much popular in Asian, Middle East and African countries where women often use this mixture of honey and flaxseeds. Usually, this oil has good properties to lose the raised moles from their roots and cut off them from skin permanently. Flaxseed oil is a useful thing against infections and skin disorders. You must look at the process to use this oil for removal of moles. When you go to find the ways that how to get rid of moles, then this method will be at the top. It will not affect your skin and diminish the color or spot of moles after removing them.

3) Castor Oil & Baking Soda:

This combination will be a paste of castor oil and baking soda. You must keep the quantity of castor oil low and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. When you have prepared this mixture, then you have to apply it on the moles and leave it for few minutes. But, most of dermatologists say that if patients apply this paste before to go their bed and wash the face or skin in the morning, then better results will be gained. Definitely, castor oil will make the roots of mole softer and snatch them out of the skin without damaging cells and tissues. While, baking soda will protect skin and its shine.

4) Garlic:

No one knows much about the garlic as mole remover, because it is very rare method of reducing mole effects and removing the roots. Usually, garlic will play a big part that how to remove moles with this casual substance. You have to take the garlic and cut it just to get a smoother surface. This new surface or face of garlic is needed to put on mole and dress it for whole night. In the morning, you have to remove bandage and wash the area with lukewarm water. Within few weeks you will see the removal of moles from your body.

5) Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is one of the medically recommended homemade remedy that can influence the growth of cells in cluster and remove them faster. This oil generally gets absorbed in skin, especially in mole area and then stop cluster formation by reducing melanocytes. In this way, the clusters or moles get weak over the time and finally this oil removes them completely and permanently from skin. Application process is the same as in above two mole removing methods.

6) Iodine:

Iodine is a fantastic product that is full of calcium and many other natural substances. In fact, this substance is rich with skin injury healing properties and removing skin lesions. Usually, it can easily cause death of melanocytes and illuminate the moles within less timeframe. However, you should take right directions to apply iodine for getting rid of moles. Some other things are also needed to apply iodine on moles and remove them fully from the body.

7) Banana Peels:

Banana peel is an effective thing to remove moles from skin very fast. However, ripe banana peel can be most useful and fast reaction. You have to cut the peel and keep its yellow part outward and put it on the mole. Now, you should use some adhesive bandage to tie it for at least an hour and you have to continue this for several weeks without any gape. Finally, you will see quick removal of moles. Nowadays, banana peel us being used as skin protector and mole removing treatment in Asia and Africa.

8) Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has a wonderful natural gel that can be used for a number of purposes in which removing mole is much common. When you are hunting for homemade remedies to get rid of moles, then you should prefer Aloe Vera, because it also delivers many other benefits to skin along with mole removal. When you apply the Aloe Vera gel to moles, then you must use some medical tape of adhesive bandage to tie it and this bandage must be on moles for at least 3 hours. If you do it daily for few weeks, then you will get rid of all types of moles.

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