837 – Between Meals 05 – Keto Confusion with Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit

keto-to-go by belcampo
keto-to-go by belcampo

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When it comes to keto, I hear the same questions time and time again from so many of you, from my clients and family members, as well I am constantly observing a general overabundance of rumors and myths. The keto confusion is SO REAL! Keto is a super trendy nutritional approach right now, with very good reason, and while I find there is lots of misinformation and misconceptions, I truly believe the benefits and potential, for so many, is getting lost in the dogma, the rules, the unimportant details and straight-up myths.   I am joined by my guest Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit and we take on the most common keto rumors, we answer a few questions from my readers, we chat about the keto misconceptions we encounter most often, how keto isn’t just about weight loss plus Leanne shares her thoughts on carb-ups, how to know when to do it and so much more!   Show Notes, Links & References: 


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