90 Second Keto Bread Recipe | Just 3 Ingredients

keto bread recipe
keto bread recipe

Looking for keto bread recipe ??

Check the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

This 90 second keto bread recipe is made with just 3 ingredients and doesn’t taste eggy at all! Plus, this low carb keto bread toasts incredibly well too. I hope you enjoy it.


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Things I used To Make This 90 Second Keto Bread:

Glass Dish:

Blanched Almond Flour:


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23 thoughts on “90 Second Keto Bread Recipe | Just 3 Ingredients”

  1. Hi love this bread! I have to go out of town this weekend will it be ok for 3 days without refrigeration? Thanks so much.

  2. Just wanted to drop by and say that Sunflower flour is a good substitute for Almond Flour for those with a nut allergy but still wanting to make some Keto Bread 🙂

  3. I love this I made this with Creme Fraiche instead of sour cream and I could not taste egg at all. I fried it and had it with spinach curry.

  4. Hi Joe, is it correct that if you want to make more portions you only have to add more sour cream and nothing else? I am just checking that the written recipe is correct.

  5. Hi Joe, I didn’t have a glass dish so I used 9 tablespoons of sour cream, poured them into a rubber muffin tray and cooked them in the oven. They taste really great! 😋

  6. Hello, any ideas of what to use instead of sourcream? We cannot get it in Belgium, thanks

  7. Really really yummy tho I did have to add a pinch of salt and stevia. Thank you so much for your great and simple recipes!!

  8. Tried this today and toasted it. Awesome 👌 you are a star 🌟 tyvm for all your hard work making these videos on keto. You have helped not just me but so many others.

  9. You said “anyway” and not “anyways”… Joe, what has happened to you?!! 🥴🤔🤣 Bread looks great, you have the best recipes!

  10. At this point you just have to admit that you should just eat a slice of fucking bread.

  11. Bummer, we didn't get to see how the toast broke and tore. That gives a good indication of texture and chew.

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