A keto diet for beginners – 5 Must to know facts – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

Keto Diet For Beginners
Keto Diet For Beginners

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You must remember the following factors if you are starting ketose diet. You have to restrict your carbs. So you have to take minimal carbs in the diet. General diet is having 30 to 40% or even 50% of carbs like rice and maida and wheat flour. So carbs you have to restrict your carbs. That means you don’t take any carbs, no cereals, no grains. On the other side you have to increase your fat content. Generally it should be 70% fat, 10% carbs and remaining 10% should be protein. So protein rich foods like meat, lean meat, pulses, lentils, dry fruits, and milk, yoghurt etc, these things you should increase in your diet. Also you have to do regular exercise, drink lots of water because if you are on a ketogenic diet, you will feel very thirsty. So you must drink 5 litres of water everyday. Include some fruits and vegetables because they provide you with lots of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals you have to take some supplementation as well because you are not taking the carbs food which also contain some other nutrient in order to compensate the carbs food, you also have to take some supplements and also some essential fatty acids. Do a program always with the help of a dietitian, a guided program. Don’t do self dieting it is very harmful. So stay healthy.

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  1. Loved keto for 5+ years ~ felt great, lost weight, etc.
    But then had SERIOUS cardiac issue and am switching to cardiologist Dean Ornish plant-based no meat diet. It was ranked best heart diet by US News magazine for like 10 years straight. Not looking to start a fight here, but this is important and I felt I had to say something. Best to everyone.

  2. People should stop promoting the keto diet, it is not a diet anyone should adhere to without doctor supervision. Everybody should eat a balanced diet and that includes carbohydrates. For me, the Agoge diet plan worked wonders, I no longer have visible cellulite and lost significant amounts of fat.

  3. I’ve already been active in the dieting as well as fitness area of specialization for in excess of a decade and in that time I’ve acquired a great repute which I’m considerably proud of. What I’m wishing to point out is that, they invested the better part of a year fine-tuning and measuring the 3 week diet before they at long last made it available to the public. in this way, they made absolutely certain that every-thing was covered and that absolutely nothing was ignored. https://truehealthreport.com/the-2-week-diet-review-legit/

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