A WEEK of EASY #KETO Lunch Ideas for Work + School [bento box meal prep] 5 DAYS of low carb lunches!

keto lunch ideas
keto lunch ideas

Looking for keto lunch ideas ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Here is another video filled with a week of easy keto lunch ideas for work and school! These ideas are all in the bento box style, which is great for you low carb meal prep!
▶ supplies used ◀
▪ lunchbots bento box:
▪ monbento box:
▪ monbento utensils:
▪ monbento sauce cups:
▪ portable utensils:
▪ edtsy bento box:
▪ silicone liners:
▪ vanilla stevia drops:
▪ immersion blender:
▪ lily’s chocolate chips:
▪ crinkle cutter:
▪ parchment bags:
▪ birchblenders waffle mix:

*recipes to try/videos to watch*
▪ keto krate unboxing:
▪ keto mayo:
▪ keto ranch:
▪ last week’s keto bento boxes:
▪ keto bread recipe:
▪ jalapeno cheeseball:
▪ cinnamon roll recipe:

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19 thoughts on “A WEEK of EASY #KETO Lunch Ideas for Work + School [bento box meal prep] 5 DAYS of low carb lunches!”

  1. Happy Sunday! I hope you all enjoy this new #keto Bento Box video! I wanted to let you all know that next week's Keto Bento Box video is going to be DAIRY AND EGG FREE! If you have any other dietary restrictions and want me to create a week of keto bento lunches for you, drop them below so I can work on building a meal plan!

  2. Your husband is spoiled. I can’t believe you put this much effort into his lunch. Good ideas though

  3. i made your sushi today for lunch as i was at home & wanted to test it out before taking it to work. it's DELISH! It's REALLY hard to find Vegetarian keto work lunch ideas but this one was an easy one to modify to my needs. I made my 'sushi' with cukes, red pep & carrots with the cream cheese….I made some for my lunch tomorrow too, I hope it holds up alright, I"m pretty sure i remember you saying you make your hubby's lunch the day before so i should be good :).

  4. Starting school in 1week and I'm so happy I found this video because I was scared how I would manage continuing keto back in school.

  5. You are really good at stuffing those containers full. They hold way more then they look

  6. That cheese ball idea looks so good I'm going to have to try it. Love these videos Please keep up the good work.

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