Al Roker’s Original Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe: It’s So Good! | TODAY

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Everyone needs to know how to make a great lasagna, including Nick Lachey. TODAY’s Al Roker shows Nick how to make a delicious vegetarian lasagna using crushed peppers and layers of mozzarella. Sheinelle Jones says it tastes like heaven on a plate!
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Al Roker’s Original Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe: It’s So Good! | TODAY


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36 thoughts on “Al Roker’s Original Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe: It’s So Good! | TODAY”

  1. That is certainly not how Italians make this recipe he uses l would give his to the dog looks disgusting.

  2. How much food did they waste making this segment so they could speed through it station by station?

  3. Have made this recipe 2 time already only that i added more ingredients it taste amazing 😊

  4. So i got this in the oven right now i have mostly followed the recipe i used 1 can crushed tomatoes 1/2 Jar organic premade pasta sauce it has those extra spices. i did add granulated onion powder with the chopped onion. I also did not have a single egg lol here in texas in our winter storm stores were out. so i looked for a substitute i read you can add heavy cream and cornstarch to the ricotta mixture the egg basically binds the mixture so i did use about 3tbs heavy cream 1 teaspoon cornstarch thats what i did…i will check bk in with the grand finale results lol.

  5. Stop putting Mr. Roker down. If you dont anything good to say dont say it at all. Do you and you will be all set.

  6. No offense to anyone, but why is this dish being labelled 'Vegetarian' when he clearly used an egg? I understand egg binds the ricotta, adheres better to the sauce and it is traditionally used with lasagne recipes, but this isn't a vegetarian lasagne. C'mon Al.

  7. >< im very alleric to all the spices and most veggies and i cant have much tomatoes or cheese do you need alot on the lasagna or is it required to add all to the recipe

  8. Yeah just any sauce will work…any type of vegetable as well..U know what just let your personal chef do it.

  9. So much food waste just to show one dish. It might be that it tastes good, but slow down man..

  10. I tried it and it's delicious! So easy to make. I used the can of crushed tomatoes but also added eggplant and mushrooms for more flavor.

  11. good way but try add peppers and eggplant. It adds tons of flavour. And little bit of bechamel sauce will make it creamier.

  12. I couldn't just open a can of tomatoes and no seasonings. No way! I need to add garlic and onion powder, basil and oil at least plus hot pepper flakes too. I like spicy sauce, not bland. But, that's a good recipe. Only, make sure you spread each layer, generously over each prior layer, or the lasagna won't be….. Oh, man! You're making me crave some lasagna now. Crap!

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