Aldi Cheese Haul | I passed on the Cheese Advent Calendar | Tasting Cheese

keto advent calendar
keto advent calendar

Looking for keto advent calendar ??

Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Aldi Cheese Haul | I passed on the Cheese Advent Calendar | Tasting Cheese


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6 thoughts on “Aldi Cheese Haul | I passed on the Cheese Advent Calendar | Tasting Cheese”

  1. I hadn't been to Aldi's in years and my wife heard they were a lot better than they used to be from a friend at work so we went there to check it out. I ended it up getting a bunch of cheeses and meats (we are doing a keto diet as well) and I was blown away by how high quality it was. I got this one cheese called Borgonzola which is like Brie with blue cheese veins inside of it, probably the best cheese I've ever had(and that's saying a lot because we live in Wisconsin). I actually went back the next week to get more of them. I remember about 15 years ago when everything at aldi was like overstock generic stuff and nothing tasted as good as the name brand. It seems like Aldi is premium stuff now they just acquire high quality products and sell them as their own brand now which is a much better system. Infact, some of the stuff we got there was FAR superior to local grocery stores. We got fresh coho salmon fillets there and it was so fresh and fantastic.

  2. When I first seen u and seen that yellow shirt I thought Charlie Brown on keto was doing the video lol. Much love and keep up the good work

  3. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that did not buy the Aldi Advent Calendar. I went to the dollar store and bought several packages of small plastic snap top containers.99 cents for 12. Then I went to Aldi and Costco and bought a ton of different cheeses. I put stickers on the lids of the containers and 1 – 24.Then I put little pieces of cheese in each one. They are abut 2"x2". Found a nice box to put the 24 boxes in. I did put in containers 6,12, 18,and 24 have pieces if beef stick just to break up the cheeses. So each of my daughters got an Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar and each sons in law got a home made Cheese Advent Calendar. And I got to keep the left overs. Win-win. We don't exchange Christmas gifts but I do like to give them all a little something.

  4. I always go to Aldi’s for my charcuterie platters…cheeses, meats, olives and nuts. Great options!

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