Aldi Keto Cookie review | Are these really keto?

benton's keto cookies nutrition facts
benton’s keto cookies nutrition facts

Looking for benton’s keto cookies nutrition facts ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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20 thoughts on “Aldi Keto Cookie review | Are these really keto?”

  1. My husband actually prefers the flavor of the Aldi keto cookies to the high key cookies!!

  2. I love the Aldi Benton chocolate chip cookies but something about nut flours kick up my cravings and also cause water retention. Lilys chocolate bars or fat bombs work so much better for the way I keto and my body chemistry

  3. This week I saw them. Read the ingredients and thought-why not?
    Loved them both!
    No soapy on any of my snickerdoodle ones.

    I was upset though, that they were out of the Savoritz Parmesan crisps(not the cheddar ones)
    Oh, they have the Parmesan crisps back in now🥰

  4. Is that Aldi bread made with soy? I can't do soy. And to be fair, it's sooo bad for you even if you can tolerate it. Also… LISTEN!! I need to know what kind of chips I buy for nacho chips at Aldi!! I am one of those that could easily do taco tuesday literally every day if given the chance! I just need to know what nacho chips to get so I can start making some serious taco salads again! HALP!!

  5. These cookies are delicious and worth the money….Also pretty close to Highkey cookies

  6. People sleep on quest cookies they're great and filing enough for a meal replacement.

  7. I started using HighKey cookies for cheesecake crusts. It gets expensive. THIS may be my way to make a cheaper cheesecake crust that’s still really good.

  8. I’m not sure anyone is going to be able to knock HighKey off the top of crunchy chocolate chip cookies pedestal. Or lemon/peanut butter/brownie – they just dominate the crunchy cookie game. I am gonna go try to find these though. In just a bit even.

  9. I didn’t think that the Aldi
    keto cookies were that bad, actually I thought they were pretty comparable to the high key which I love the high key cookies but the price is one thing that is a little bit better and if Aldi would stock them regularly that would be an even bigger plus

  10. Joe, you are funny. Snickerdoodle is a jacked up, lost in translation word for "schnecke" which is a German cinnamon bun. Has nothing to do Snickers

  11. I am all for convenience. being able to go to the store and buy them is amazing. I love high key but ordering and waiting to ship out plus pay more. I have tried both and i like both. I also like the snickerdoodle but i love cinnamon so,

  12. Happy Valentine's Day! I use a lot of Stevia and yesterday I was told that my body reacts to artificial sweeteners the same as sugar. Is this true? Do I need to use less sweeteners??
    I use powder stevia and eat a lot of sugar free jello.

  13. I have tried these Aldis keto cookies and they are yummy and you can’t heat the price

  14. I loved the chocolate chips ones from Aldi. The snickerdoodle were pretty good but not my favorite.

  15. Great product review you 2KK! I'll look for them next time I go to Aldi😀👍 Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day! ❤💙💜🙏✌🌞🎶

  16. So glad you did a video on the Aldi Keto cookies. I was able to snag each flavor at the beginning of the year and was really impressed. I have never tried High Key due to price and having to order. Thank you for doing this review! Keep up the great work.

  17. I have been on the hunt for those Aldi cookies for well over a month. They have been sold out at every Aldi I've gone to, and they don't know if they will restock. Thank goodness High Key cookies are sold at Target for 3.99 a bag. I remember it was like that at first with their keto bread, but now it is a regular stocked product. Hopefully the cookies will catch on too in the future.

  18. Snickerdoodles are great cookies tasting cookies when baked fresh. the name has German origin and the cookie was developed in New England in 1891, well before snickers were developed. I have seen the keto cookies in Aldi and wondered about them, thanks for the review.

  19. I missed it. Does the Aldi one have hydrolyzed collagen? Getting that in is worth the $2 price difference.

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