Amazon Prime day ideas for Keto

keto prime day
keto prime day

Looking for keto prime day ??

Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

With Prime day being this week, we made a list of some of the items that we purchase off Amazon that you may interest you. Many of these are items that go on sale with Amazon and may have a prime deal. We also have a page on our website with amazon products that we love.

Our favorite Amazon products :

Vitamin Blender:
Ninja Blender:
Nutri Ninja:
Food Saver:
Instant Pot:
Whynter Ice Cream Machine:
Breville Coffee Machine:
Anova Sous Vide:
Joules Sous Vide:
Silicone Sous Vide Bags:
Cuisinart Food Processor:
Measuring Cups:
Measuring Spoons:
True Lemon:
Ultima Electrolytes:
Oxo mixing bowls:
Blender bottle:
Anthonys Coconut flour:
Cocoa Powder:
Cocoa Nibs:
Lakanto Monkfruit Blends:
Lakanto Monkfruit drops:
Lakanto Monkfruit Syrup:
Redmond Real Salt:

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Peak Yogurt:
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Pili Nuts link:
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Primal Kitchen link:
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Kettle and Fire bone broth:

Chomps Beef Sticks:
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Killer Creamery Ice Cream;

Buyo Hot Sauce:
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Butcher Box:

KetoCoach ketone tester:
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The Keto Box:
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Our favorite Keto Products:

Our favorite Amazon products :

Some of the links in this description are affiliate links. If you purchase products by clicking on these links, we will earn a small fee to help operate this channel. This does not add any cost to your purchase.
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Inform a friends interested in keto prime day and make it best friends thank you again.

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24 thoughts on “Amazon Prime day ideas for Keto”

  1. Funny story, speaking of accident prone…I had returned from living out of the country and some of my exes items had gotten packed into my items, his ninja blender & a rolled up rug that I had placed along the baseboard by the door so I would remember to take them to him.
    I was getting ready to go on a long bike ride, carrying my tri bike toward the door walking on hardwood floors in my cycling cleats…my cleat caught the end of the rug, I’m so concerned about not damaging my bike, I fall backward against the wall and floor & I hard CRUNCH!
    I’m automatically thinking, oh no, I broke his ninja blender!!! Then shortly after that, I can barely breathe and am sweating profusely from pain! Long story short, I broke ribs 7, 8, 9, & 10 on my left backside. The CRUNCH was not the blender!
    His ninja was returned, unharmed, i am a proud owner of a Vitamix…but the running joke now is that a NINJA broke my ribs!
    At least that’s way more adventurous sounding right?!
    Loved this video tho, lots more great info, sorry for the ramble but thought you might enjoy the laugh!

  2. You should know I totally bought the Whynter ice cream machine from Amazon after watching this video and I LOVE IT!! Made 5 batches within 24 hours of it arriving in my doorstep! Ha ha! Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. I'm a new subscriber! I love the following: WatchAutumnKeto, KetoGinja, and Kim's Commitment. I learned of you guys from Autumn ❤❤❤

    Question: Were you both creatures of discipline already or did you battle with discipline and consistency when beginning the switch to Keto?

  4. The Nutri Ninja blender has stainless cups available for it. There is no problem adding hot liquids in them. I got them mainly for the large size because I like to add a lot of ice.

  5. Amazon prime has lots of great deals. Not that I need anything so I will be spending money on things I did not know I needed!!!!

  6. I need to get more keto things. I've thought about trying Perfect Keto but don't know how to incorporate it into my diet.

  7. Rachel, look into a French Press and Toddy Coffee! On Amazon, the Toddy does a cold brew concentrate.

  8. Have you ever tried using a milk frother for your bulletproof coffee instead of the blender? I got one at Target for about $7. It is so easy to use and makes wonderful bulletproof coffee!

  9. I use only the Lakanto sweetener so I’ll look for a sale. I also just ordered the 500 count of Real Lime crystals after your review the other day. My husband thought I was a little crazy. I use it in everything. I’m looking for a good small hand mixer so I will definitely look for one of those. I love these videos 😊❤️

  10. Okay, you totally passed over the clip you used on the Anthony's flour bag. Where did you get that and what brand? We've been using ziplocks, save us!

  11. CNET’s website has this guy called The cheapskate that has a whole list of Amazon Prime deals (always getting updated)

  12. I thought about getting my daughter Apple wireless ear buds. I’ve seen them as low as $149.99. I believe that Apple is coming out with a new and improved pair of buds, but it’s all about price for me.

  13. thanks so much for this great list. Hope sous vide will be on sale, I really want to get one 🙂

  14. I’m looking for a sous vide and a meat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid. 🤞🤞

  15. I love those measuring cups and spoons. After breaking several cups and melting several spoons, I bought those through your link and I have no regrets!

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