An Italian Tries the Keto Diet

Keto Friendly Foods
Keto Friendly Foods

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An Italian Tries the Keto Diet | Low Carb Experiment

My Italian wife, Eva, and I eat a lot of carbs. All of the carbs. Since beach season is here and we want to get into the best shape of our lives, we decided to try the low-carb keto diet! No more pasta, no more pizza…

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41 thoughts on “An Italian Tries the Keto Diet”

  1. You could put full fat cream in your coffee on keto… Instead of beef sticks why not eat quality salami?

  2. should be cooking your bacon sous vide then fry one side you get the best of both worlds crispy and chewy at the same time

  3. this is a real thing though,,,, all jokes aside, my grand parents came from Naples,, bread was always a staple, there was always italian bread. but way back in the poor poor times ?maybe the 1700's (that is just a guess,, but it was bread and whatever vegetables you could grow. My diet is good bread, greens, tomatoes, onion garlic,,, etc. then, beef (occasionally and cooked very tender),,a slow cooked beef,,,, warm vegetables.. soft cheeses, olive oil and then the meats like sausage and italian deli,, (very little, once a week a mortadella) and of course the Spices,, fresh ones,,, unless i just don't have them, i have dried spices for back up,,, I prefer parmigian reggiano,, (the real one,,,, ),, I get a lesser brand for things you can make without the Parm REggiono being SO important , (did i mention biscuits and cannoli) ,,the slab bacon if i can afford it,,, or just regular descent bacon for flavor if its a tight week. I could live on bread and sauce,.. some meat in there,,, the homemade egg pasta, I'd need coffee sugar,,, lots of sweets (i LOVE sweets i eat them Everyday,,,,, biscuits,, some cookies, cannolli's Rigota pie,,,the blueberry pie in New England is Wonderufl,,,,,,the main blueberries,, they are special,,,, But this thing is even genetic, i have an unusual anemia that only people from the Meditterian region get where you cannot extract the protein from meat,,, unless you eat it with greens. somehow it works,, esp. spinach and dandelions they recommended,,,, all italians grew up with dandelions cooked or salds in the spring. a long post,,, but if your italian,,, be really careful with this, i got very sick after tryng that 20 yrs ago,, (i kind of worry about italians who do that,,, but anyway,,, Love and Hugs to you guys,,,, That was a really great video. Eva i could tell that was affecting you,,, it's good you ate pasta,,, and people say aren't all italians 'Fat',,, Noooo,,, not true. the portion size is different, most italian woman are strong and not skin and bones. i remember when they had the 'Medtterian Diet in american,,, maybe???? ask Harper,,, lol. Italians were Laughing,, Yeah,, we know Olive OIl is the best !!!!! ****,Grazie Eva,,, attieniti alla tua bella dieta italiana.

  4. No need for keto to lose weight. It is actually possible to diet while eating pasta. 100g of boiled pasta have ~150 kcal… that is not so bad. Use leaner meat, reduce the quantity of oil and you can have a lot of pasta dishes.

  5. She can skip breakfast. Fasting is good. Also, my first meal of the day includes 5 to 7 vegetables and keto friendly fruit like avocado & olives.

  6. I was doing Keto diet for 2 weeks without any change in my weight. Discouraged I decided to kill the diet eating pasta. The next morning I lost 2 lbs. True story.

  7. I did Keto for a year. Lost weight but I could gain weight so easily with cheat meals on vacation. My cardiologist actually recommended against Keto abs I do the Mediterranean diet now. Feel better and doing well with weight

  8. Go Italian..pasta forever!!!! Y'all look great no diets!!! Love y'all's video's thanks so much I'm hooked😊..pasta potatoes looked amazing πŸ˜‹πŸ€—

  9. i am 44, lost 20 kg on keto in 4 months, look and feel great, no allergies ( i had severe ones ). now, not all carbs are the same, glukose is much better than fructose, though i avoid both. i dont think people should laugh and dismiss the idea. in fact, i am sure you will try it again, with more determination, in later stages of your life.

  10. Someone suppose that the real origin of carbonara is an idea of the USA soldiers in Italy during to the second world : they used to eat eggs and bacon, of course, and added pasta in place of bread when bread was not available.

  11. I just love that they gave us that recipe in the end.
    I never searched keto extensively but seeing it in action I don't know who would do voluntarily this without a medical condition to force them.

  12. Apparently, your traditional Italian diet is working! I believe because everything you make is fresh with no processed foods. Keep showing your awesome recipes!

  13. Doesn't matter where you cook bacon as long as you cook it without added fat… it cooks in its own juice, oven or stovetop πŸ™ƒ

  14. A no carb diet can be very dangerous. A friend of mine almost died from a no carb diet.

  15. Mi piace quell' inglese cosΓ¬ italico… Γ¨ bellissimo! Anzi io mi ribellerei e parlerei proprio italiano!

  16. Through a piece of protein on top! Salmon or chicken breast! Great meal! It is an adjustment! No doubt but worth it!
    Never through your Parmesan rind away! Freeze them, then through it in your tomato or Alfredo or cabanaro sauce! ,, let simmer for at least an hour!
    ,outstanding! Shave more cheese on when completed! Be wise and enjoy!

    Use Spaghetti squash appropriately and wisely! Incredible veggie pasta! Don’t ignore, please!

  17. Use butter/Boston lettuce for any sandwich wrap without buns! Beautiful! And add some onions!

  18. If Italians do not typically eat a breakfast then they are inadvertently doing intermittent fasting which may explain why they can eat so many processed carbs but avoid obesity compared to the typical American diet which consists of three solid square meals and often snacking in between.

  19. 1. Keto is not a fad. One of the first references to a keto type diet is a document called "Letter on Corpulence" by William Banting in 1863.
    2. If Eva has lived most of her life skipping breakfast, she doesn't have to eat breakfast to be keto.
    3. Did you know that gluten intolerance is almost unheard of among Italians but one in four Irish suffer from gluten intolerance? Scientists believe it is because wheat grain has been grown and eaten in Italy but not in Ireland. Your familial history has a lot to do with what is good food for you. I have an example My Memere's family tree was English, Irish, French, and Native Alaskan. My scout leader, Mrs. Battistoni Yourous was all Italian. Hunger and diabetes were rampant in my Memere's family and she was in a lot of pain when she died at 72. Although she was in a wheelchair for her last three or four years, Mrs. Yourous loved to sing and tell stories and she was singing in the church choir and teaching catechism right up until her death at 95.
    4. I went keto because of my health and my family history. It helped me reverse diabetes and high blood pressure.

    So, dear Eva, eat your pasta and enjoy. Your love of life and great cooking should grant you many years of happiness and health.

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