Are Veggie Straws healthier than chips?

can you eat veggie straws on keto diet
can you eat veggie straws on keto diet

Looking for can you eat veggie straws on keto diet ??

Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

I go over what’s in veggie straws and if they are healthier than your typical potato chip.


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24 thoughts on “Are Veggie Straws healthier than chips?”

  1. As long as white people rule the world everything will be pulluted

  2. I just ate these at my daycare when I was 5 I thought they were disgusting and I fake threw up so I didn't have to eat them and then now I'm a addicted sooo

  3. They also have Veggie Puffs. I’m still trying to figure out how healthy the Veggie Puffs are. Review the Puffs please?

  4. I've had the straws the chips now the stix they're delicious. I disagree with this guy.

  5. This review was so false it’s too bad. Now people will believe this info. It’s more then double the chips for half the calories and half the carbs?? And gives you the feeling of being full just like the idea of smart pop. It’s a worth while snack in a food routine. And I’m not even defending the chips. Just if the info of this was this far off the mark then what about the rest of the content? Can’t trust it now.

  6. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Warning consumers ⚠️⚠️⚠️
    Attention if you plan on purchasing 7Select veggie straws with (sea salt) they cook them in sunflower oil which causes the growth of cancer, when this oil is heated is becomes a Carcinogen. So even though they try to make you believe that they offer consumers a healthy snack with Gluten free, Non GMO and vegan features 7select brands are going to add in the growth of cancer as long as they continue using this deadly oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil it's all bad.

  7. I like how they aren't as greasy.
    I known they're just colored potato.
    The ingredient list said so.

  8. bro this is not true. veggie straws 130 calories per 34 straws. so you eating 34 of them for 130 calories nad 14g of carbs. regular potoato chips is about 10 or 11 for 150 calories and 25g of carbs.

    a whole bag of chips is 450 calories and 50g of carbs.

  9. Will you look at the apple cinnamon straws? Haven't seen them in awhile but they used to be yummy.

  10. They are highly addictive. I found them on my way back from Cali back in 2014. They were totally yummy. Yet not a veg replacement.
    Certainly a nice Doritos replacement.
    Chips too. Yet Corn can be worse for some of us. Too bad another co can't create a more healthy version of these so they will be a bigger winner.
    Thank U for this awesome content.

  11. I love them eating the sour cream and onion ones…the sea salt is delicious as well

  12. No.. its Not.. its still
    processed foods..made
    with god knows what
    when i read the ingredients
    ..i can't pronounce the
    ingredients..& we should
    Question that!!

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