Are Whole Grains Destroying Your Brain?

ancient nutrition keto brain
ancient nutrition keto brain

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Are whole grains healthy or not?

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0:09 About gluten
0:43 About gluten ataxia
2:07 Symptoms of gluten ataxia 
2:38 Another point about gluten-free

Are whole grains healthy, or are these grains destroying your brain? Many people say whole grains are healthy for you but are they really?

Most whole grains contain gluten. Gluten is a protein in certain grains—especially wheat. People typically associate gluten with digestive problems. However, there is another condition related to gluten that’s destroying your brain. It’s called gluten ataxia. 

Gluten ataxia is a lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movement. It is an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten that destroys the cerebellum. Only 10% of the time do people have GI symptoms. 40 % of people have GI damage, but only 10% show symptoms. Once your cerebellum is damaged, it’s very difficult to reverse the damage. 

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Gluten ataxia can cause problems with:

• Gait – balance
• Speech
• Eyes
• Posture

1st symptoms of gluten ataxia:

• Decreased focus
• Brain fog
• Mood disorder
• Cognitive decline 

Consider not consuming grains for this reason and try healthy keto. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though there may not be gluten in the grains, you still have grains. Those grains will turn to sugar fast and spike insulin, which can create a lot of other problems.

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22 thoughts on “Are Whole Grains Destroying Your Brain?”

  1. Would be so good to do a review on all the different types of alternative “healthy” flours if there is any for baking and whether the nutrition is lost when bought already ground. Flours like chickpeas, buckwheat, oat, coconut etc. Also looking at the protein and carbohydrate in these flours and compared with ordinary inflammatory flour and insulin spike when in flour form. Their rancid susceptibility once ground and should consumers be looking at grounding their own as and when needed more with certain flours than others. There’s so much important health information on flours that no one covers holistically. A world wide worthwhile interest I’d say.

  2. But this is only a problem if your cholesterol gluten intolerant, stg y'all saying it's bad, yes if you're intolerant don't eat it and don't eat processed grains but whole graines are fine

  3. I eat no grains. I eat paleo plus cabot cheese. I became celiac in 2019 then became allergic to corn and rice 5 mos later plus many other foods. I eat the same stuff over and over again. I don't eat anything processed. Never felt better in my life. I have ataxia for sure and chronic dizziness and mcs , limbic system issue. Brain damage basically. Acupuncture on my head did it plus putuitary issues/tumor.

  4. I kept eating bread most days white 🥖 my stomach my the end of the week has acid reflux, puffy face, bloated, moods. And I train Muay Thai. Avoid this western junk foods.

  5. I always feel better, when I don't eat that much. If, I fast a few days, I feel lighter, less bloated. I wish my family would understand this, a little better? My, brother always asks, if I'm sick. I just tell him, I'm trying to stay on a system. I could give him these videos… But, he probably wouldn't watch them.

  6. U always a fight against grain an u eat meat an me know say grain more health more dan meat so u need to tell ppl to stop eat meat meat is what ppl cancer not gain even the bible talk about grain just don't eat too much lot of ppl if dem no eat grain dem competition

  7. A think he has also damaged his brain. Gluten ataxia is genetical disease, like lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, etc…And yeah, of course we've been eating grains since thousands years ago. It's also vegan.

  8. Gluten ataxia is new to me. I stopped eating bread ages ago but in France where I live they are hooked on their baguette

  9. I have some stomach issues, which is why I started making my own sourdough bread. I'm making whole grains because I've always been told that that's the healthy one.
    However I think the dehydration I'm experiencing is because I'm making it whole grain. Going to do some testing by making it white for a while and see if anything changes.

  10. Can you please do a video about sprouted grains? I read an article about it not long ago and I only get ‘gist’ of science, but claims that it’s significantly healthier and a good alternative for people trying to quit bread. Dave’s Killer Bread has a sprouted grain bread.

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