Are You Getting Too Skinny on Keto? – Dr. Berg

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keto thin state reviews

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Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Are you getting too skinny while doing keto? Check this video out!

00:00 Introduction: Getting skinny on keto? What to do?
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Bulletproof Coffee:

Coffee Substitutes:

Keto Bombs Recipe:

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what to do when you are getting too skinny on Keto. He also talks about keeping the carbs a little bit higher but not above 50g, for the protein keep it not above 8oz. per meal, and try to consume a large amount of salad or vegetables.

Not Recommended: You Could Add Carbs to Gain Weight – this comes with a lot of problems
• Avoid Grains and Fruits except for raspberries and blackberry
• Can be eaten carbs: Carrots

Recommended: Start doing weight training (Low Reps – High Weight)

Recommended: Increase more Fat
• Add the MCT Oil / Butter (Bulletproof Coffee)
• Make a Teeccino (Naturally Decaffeinated – Herbal Coffee)
• Make Keto Bombs (Fat Cookies)
• Nuts, Nut Butters, Almond Butter, Peanut Butter

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46 thoughts on “Are You Getting Too Skinny on Keto? – Dr. Berg”

  1. So I started keto about a month ago. Also started the gym at the same time. I was 160lb. I've noticeably put on lean body weight in that time. My shirts feel tighter and my pants feel more snug. I feel and look great. The crazy part is I weighed myself yesterday. I figured I would have gained maybe a few pounds? I'm 152lb. So that means I most likely lost water weight and possibly even a pound or two of fat and gained lean muscle mass. Keto is incredible….

  2. This is my problem, i have bad acne and keto diet would definitely help my acne subside but i need to gain weight and i cant just eat whatever i want 😔

  3. I am a stick insect and i don’t like the look of it. I have done all of the suggestions here and nothing works ☹️

  4. What I get from this (based on eating 2x/day + 16-19 hour IF) which Ive done 6+ weeks & lost ~18+ lbs! Smply add *more 'good fats & carbs' aka maybe double the amount of non starch vegetables, instead of 4 tablespoons a day of olive oil etc…do 6-8, do 5-6 vs 2 or 3 eggs, instead of 4 oz of organic beef do ~7-8.

  5. I was getting way too skinny on Keto ( I weighed 125 lbs to begin with and lost 12 lbs. I was 113 lbs) so I increase my protein with organs, eat just a few vegetables and add fruits to my diet. Then I joined a gym started to work out and I regained muscle mass. I'm currently at 130 lbs and I'm much happier with my body. I feel a whole lot better and my clothing fits great. I can say I'm mostly carnivore-ish

  6. This is me – 5"9 165 LBS , and now 135 lbs. I need to gain weight and still do intermediate fasting and keto? Help needed

  7. You can't really gain substantial muscle with keto. Metabolic flexibility is the best thing to aim for.

  8. Stop experimenting with your body.
    Just workout and avoid processed food 70% of the time and you’ll be fine.

  9. I was getting too skinny on keto.I add unsalted butter, and little half and half to my coffee. It's delicious!

  10. That happened to me in 2007 but I love being to skinny, lol. Cottage cheese I forced myself to eat, at least.

  11. When I first started this healthy eating and following Dr. Berg, I got too thin. In menopause, not a good combo. Now I lift more, upted my carbs, do( 2 )
    nice meals: Breakfast I love, but I cheat on breakfast with lunch because he's exciting, sexy, and oh so satisfying. Then I'm done for the day…can somebody pass me a cigarette, 🤣 just kid'n
    Not on Dr. Berg's watch

  12. Impossible to gain weight if you’re super skinny on 2 meals a day, unless you’re basically having about a stick of butter with each meal. You just can’t consume that type of volume. I love Dr. Berg’s suggestions, but that one ain’t gonna cut it. Eat however many meals you need to eat to not be overly fully and/or sluggish. Might have to eat 6 meals to start with, and as you get healthier and your gut health improves, then switch down to 2-3 a day. But off the bat? If you’re too skinny, 2 meals a day is bad advice. Take it from a lifelong skinny guy, who lost 30 lbs on keto (that I didn’t need to, or want to lose). I love Keto and how it makes me feel, but I was withering away for years. Butter is your friend. So are egg yolks. Not the whites so much. Those are filling and have very few nutrients. Green veggies, egg yolks, butter. Tons of them. Fat bombs. Some meat. Go easy with the nut butters. They’re very hard to digest.

  13. So we have to increase only fat and fat foods without adding carbs 👍👩❤️🇮🇹

  14. My top half is scary skinny now but waist down still have fat. What do i do? I need to lose 3 kgs. I have lost 51kgs total now. My bmi is 66kgs. I weigh 69. Bone structure from waist is bigger like my dad whereas above i have thin bones like my mum. I am 56yrs woman. Thanks Dr. Berg.

  15. This is me loosing weight on your diet…I want my weight back😭
    Carbs are the Only thing helps you gain weight.

  16. Never had I imagined I would be watching this video. I've been on Keto diet and IF for about 6 weeks now. Good Lord I stumbled upon Dr Berg's videos last month and now I'm only 1KG away to achieving my ideal weight. Now I'm a bit worried I'd be getting too skinny cause I've been losing weight. So after shedding that 1KG, I'll start with the plan to maintain my weight. Thanks a lot, Dr Berg.

  17. One day you say grains are healthy and super good the next video you're saying to not eat grains make up your mind

  18. Mhm, that’s why them Asians are fat eating white rice, noodles, and Africans eating Eugharli 💀

  19. I've gotten so slim that I started eating carbs again… thank you so much for this video😊

  20. I was loading up on almond butter in palm oil and my face skin was being DESTROYED. Liver/skin connection. The palm butter was so low quality it was slowly killing me. Peanut butter with the natural oil on top bother my prostrate, could not pee, had to stop that. During covid the REAL almond butter ground at the store no additives is NOT available. So I went to almond flour, hemp flour, coconut flour. Leveled off at 121 lbs, near dangerous. Now I am stuck with 4 jars of almond butter $6. each with the palm oil that was trying to kill me. Is there a way to seperate the oil out of it?

  21. started keto but waiting for that day in my life when i also need this information….hope so it will come soon

  22. De Berg I went on keto two years from 139lbs to 114 lbs then now I am 98 pounds. I am a very petite and my height is 5”1 in a half. I want to go up at 110 lbs or 115 lbs.

  23. I'm trying to maintenance for my weight now (64kg) because I'm lose weight to much..please anyone share your meal plan

  24. Too skinny on keto has been a BIG problem for me. Lost 20 lbs, then it kept going. I’m underweight now. Love how I feel on keto, but literally cannot keep weight on my body. I’ve tried all the tricks in this video. Nut butters just make me feel sluggish. Fat bombs are good, but they keep me full too long. Force feeding myself extra calories make me feel sick, and negates all the positives I get from being keto.

    I love the diet, and love how it makes me feel physically and mentally, but I’m getting dangerously underweight.

  25. So, any good fats to gain weight on keto? I can eat more olive oil and take more cod liver oil as well as MCT and butter and nut butters?

  26. And here Is me doing keto to cure my gynecomastia (breast tisue)as skinny guy 18 years old and 5'8 59kg yup that's me and I have this since 14 my mom used to gave me soy milks and believed to make me gain weight because skinny but ended up having gyno I just want to suicide

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