Arnolds Keto, Low Carb Bread Review | BETTER than ALDI's KETO BREAD????

arnold's keto bread
arnold’s keto bread

Looking for arnold’s keto bread ??

Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Arnolds Keto Bread Review

You can find this bread at BJ’s for $5.99 per loaf and at other retailers such as Publix and Shop Rite.

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17 thoughts on “Arnolds Keto, Low Carb Bread Review | BETTER than ALDI's KETO BREAD????”

  1. Give Lewis Keto Hawaiian bread a shot! It’s delicious but I think it stalls me when I eat it. 🙁

  2. Hi! Thank you for your helpful videos! My husband and I have tried this bread but we absolutely love this other keto bread at Walmart in the freezer section called "extraordinary bites" which for the wheat version is only 1 net carb and is so much like real bread it's unbelievable! My one question I have for is you said if your meters read 30 points higher then original reading then it would be considered a spike? But maybe it's just me not understanding, your first reading was 85 and your highest was 107, so wouldn't that be a 22 difference??

  3. Have you tried the Crepini egg/cauliflower wraps? You should try them. For me it was a game changer.

  4. I ate that for 3 months (4 months on Keto) and switched to Aldi 0 carb..blows arnold bread away

  5. I wouldn’t have bought this bread had I not seen your review. It’s really great and toasts like magic. 5 stars.

  6. You need to try Savoritz Keto Crackers from ALDI, if you haven’t already. They have Cheddar and Everything flavor. The Everything flavored one is amazing

  7. This exact bread is sold under the name Orowheat in my area. The packaging is the same, the nutrition info is the same, and price the same. I like this bread untoasted with cream cheese. Its chewy dense texture reminds me of eating a bagel.

  8. I assume that even though it spikes your blood sugar it would keep you in ketosis? Or would 2-4 slices a day (with no other carbs) be enough to kick you out of ketosis?

  9. I’m finding it is easier to make them. At least you know what it is in when making them.

  10. What a coincidence, I purchased this bread the other week! Flavor is OK but dont see myself purchasing it again as it bothered my stomach

  11. I love the Arnold's keto bread. The carbs aren't as low as the Aldi, but it's SO MUCH BETTER! Aldi did a great job on their dinner rolls, and their hamburger rolls, both of which are no longer available. I won't buy their loaf bread anymore tbh.

  12. Ahh, it’s so hard to find a good Keto bread. Thanks for trying this one! Even though your sugars spiked, I still might need to try it!

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