Assembling a Keter Store It Out Max 1200L Storage Shed


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Watch the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

In this video I show how I assembled and put together a Keter Store It Out Max 1200L Storage Shed for my garden. It was fairly simple and straightforward to do. I also constructed a wooden shed base for this shed. If you would like to see how I built it, please check out the link below. Also, If you would like to see how I assembled a Keter Darwin 6 x 4 Shed then there is a link down below to that video also. (I bought this shed with my own money. This is not a paid promotion)

* How to Build a Wooden Shed Base with Adjustable Height (Scrap Wood Project):

* Keter Store It Out Max Shed – Adding a Shelf & Anchoring to Base (DIY Project):

* Assembling a Keter Darwin 6×4 Composite Garden Shed:

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25 thoughts on “Assembling a Keter Store It Out Max 1200L Storage Shed”

  1. Hi, I just opened mine up but couldnt find the accessories pack. Screws etc. Where should these be if not in the plastic as in the vid?

  2. Hey Phill, thank you so much for this DIY video πŸ™ Purchased this Keter shed over the weekend. It was easy to understand and assemble, esp for a female 😁needed some muscle for the screws but overall managed quite nicely. Def going to check out your video on how to build the shed base πŸ‘great idea, neat and tidy.

  3. Are these easy to dismantle ?we want to move ours to a different part of the garden

  4. the gas cylinders on my second hand were working fine till last week. they now fail to support the lid if the 2 bin lids are attached. is this fixable or do i need to order new parts?

  5. hello mate, i have just purchased this KETER XL storage, box, & your video came in very useful, so a big thanks, plus i have just subscribed to your channel, all the best, πŸ€πŸ‘

  6. Thanks Phil
    bought this in the summer but only just built it. your video was perfect and made the build stress free.

  7. Any idea of how to get the hinge out? Basically had a mare with the door as I went to clip it in the hinge went in but the door came off hinge so now I can't get it back on without taking hinge out but it seems impossible ??

  8. Lid has broken due to a mishap, new lid delivered but do i need new screws or can I take the old lid off and use all the bits attaching it to the box

  9. Hi Phil, any advice on how best to remove one of the door hinges? I stupidly pushed in WLBL(top door hinge) and no idea how to get it out to attach the door!

  10. Cheers Phill great video and much easier to understand than the instructions that come with it

  11. Nice build Phil, I did the pallet wood version a few years ago and they are very useful.

  12. Hi Phil,
    Why didn't you just make one, same thing with that other plastic shed thing.
    You certainly have the skills, you built your shop from scratch right?
    These plastic boxes are rubbish and don't compliment your garden at all. That nice lumber storage shed you made from scratch as well tight and it looks proper in place with its surroundings. ?????

  13. Brought one about 6 weeks ago and love the fact I can have some of my garden tools close to hand instead of a trip to my driveway garage every time I need to do a little job, mine took me about 70 minutes to do so not far off your time which pleased me

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