Keto Diet Food List
Keto Diet Food List

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Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

[Learn with Dr. Westman: Episode 1]

Have you seen lots of new foods and products at the store labeled “keto”? Are you wondering if you need to eat these kinds of things to do a keto diet the right way, or to get the best results?

Check out Dr. Westman’s newest video to clear up the confusion and learn how to do keto the same powerful way Dr. Westman teaches his patients to do it.

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  1. This is such valuable information. I stopped having keto coffee because I didn't see the need to add extra fat and calories to my diet. But I had no idea about nuts and nut flours. Thank you so much for this video.

  2. You are making sound so simple compared to other channels – please give me a typical 3 meals a day eating plan? Obviously without all the extras you spoke about – including quantities? Is this possible? Please 😁

  3. Is it possible, beginning keto one must be very strict to transition the body – mitochondria specifically – to adapt to fat burning. There have been clinical studies (and I'm sorry I can't cite it right now – don't remember the study's origin. ) that indicate it can take up to six months for the mitochondria to fully evolve into a ketone adaptive state. This makes sense as changing body functions takes some time. But once someone is fully fat adapted and metabolically healthy, occasional deviations from keto accepted norms have little effect on overall health. Just like it takes some time to get healthy you aren't going to get unhealthy on a rare pizza now and then. Overall staying "keto" is always adjusting your diet to meet your body's need. The only way anyone can be successful is to have a genuine interest and research the literature on an ongoing basis. Apply new information as it applies to you. Keto works, the lifestyle can make your life worth living to the fullest.

  4. To summarize what I just took from all that is “avoid these foods because in my opinion they don’t work well on keto, but I have no objective evidence to back my opinion “. Keto is not just a diet used for weight loss. It’s used by many people to reduce joint pain, improve autoimmune conditions, and can even have applications with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients

  5. Are you planning any future in-person events? If so, please consider putting Louisville, KY on the list.

  6. Just discovered your channel Dr. Westman. Thank you so much for your clear explanation of eating a low carbohydrate diet as well the proper foods to include in that diet. I’m just starting this journey so I will be viewing all your videos & absorbing your teachings like a sponge.

  7. As a rule, I tend to avoid anything marketed towards my lifestyle. I just read the macros and make my decisions.

  8. With regards to the nuts, they're not inherently bad. It's just so easy to overeat them. A single serving is less than a handful. People tend to scarf down several handfuls before wondering how many nuts they should have eaten.

    Nuts can actually be very filling if you give yourself enough time to let them settle. I eat a small handful maybe once or twice a week as part of a meal. It's a good fix if you meal is lacking in fat, plus, unlike cheese, nuts are relatively low in saturated fat.

  9. You just clarified the most extreme aspects of this diet! When I see the emphasis on the excess cream, butter, oil and definitely the keto coffee with all that butter and oil added…I knew that wasn't right and instinctively not something that I wanted to consume daily.🙏🏾✌🏾

  10. I like the calm, relaxed style of your new format and you always present information in a clear manner…thank you.

    I started keto in a country that had no 'keto snacks' and it was a lot easier to stay in ketosis. I had no trouble skipping the snack aisle in the grocery because it was all way too high in carbs. Now that I'm back in North America, I find it more difficult because some of those Keto treats seem 'reasonable'. My rationale is always, 'it's better than a regular treat and I don't have bad glucose spikes so….' Intellectually, I know better but it's still way too tempting to pick up a sugar free chocolate bar or low carb loaf of bread.

  11. I see your approach..however nature peanut butter without sugar or Trans fat..low card. It has good oil…butter in coffee helps suppress hunger…low carbs ..the idea is to eat food low carb little to no sugar. So intermittent fasting will help you use your fat for energy..insulin we released in the body stops you from burning fat…food with sugar. High fructose corn syrup trigger insulin..high carbs as well ….I agree with drinks like mentioned. However I drink the lemon juice water. Apple cider vinegar..yes at first it a taste issue but nothing is easy. There is data to support this drink..your approach is exactly half hearted. And frankly miss information..

  12. I've been using a combination of Orgain pea protein powder (one scoop instead of the 2 that the instructions say), 1/4 to 1/2 scoop KetoChow (a dairy protein rather than pea protein, thus a 'complete' protein, for the thickening/mineral salt contents) added to 16 oz of cold water, mixed with a hand blender and then ice added to this – served in a large insulated mug. This combo allows for lots of different flavors. This is breakfast and sipped for hours before I get hungry for a meal, usually around 2 o'clock. Keto lunch at less than 10 grams carbs, then another shake/drink mix for the evening. In effect, I'm almost protein sparing modified fast for the hours between 4 o'clock and 2 o'clock the day. I DON'T add any fat to the shake mixes – the instructions allow a range of fat added but the added calories are frightening. Half a stick of butter or a half cup of heavy cream? Expensive, plus I'd GAIN weight on what they recommend. Maybe for a big person who was active, but I'm neither. The very nice people who make KetoChow are adamant that some fat is needed in the shakes to promote ketosis/absorb fat soluble vitamins but this makes no sense to me – after the first few days the body sorts this out (and I think that even after several years using their own product, they still don't look all that healthy). The electrolytes are a must though, without it you'll feel awful, especially at first. If you're on blood pressure medication, be aware that you might not need it immediately with the switch in diet. YMMV, be careful – it's easy to feel faint first few days on keto. Just putting this idea/regimen out there for anyone who might benefit from it. The calories per day usually come in well under 1000.

  13. Thank you 💕😊👍 for sharing this knowledge ❤️ from Johannesburg South Africa 👍 goodnight

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