Back to Keto Week 3: Fell Off the Wagon

keto wagon wheel
keto wagon wheel

Looking for keto wagon wheel ??

Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

I hope you enjoy this VLOG of my third trying to get back on my keto diet and work on my revenge body. LOL xoxo

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27 thoughts on “Back to Keto Week 3: Fell Off the Wagon”

  1. Never ever feel guilty for having a meal you were craving. Just be mindful, if you really want to get this meal then get it. Give yourself a time and then if you feel that you really want it so it is okay. Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Whenever you binge just enjoy the meal you had and continue with your diet.
    I have always been struggling with weight, but I don’t let myself to go in a vicious circle where I feel sad and I need to eat and then I am sad cz I ate.

  2. I’ve been thru 2 miserable divorces in my life (been years ago now) and I came out stronger as a result. But it is hell going thru it, girl, you nailed it in your Vlog. My heart broke for you. But I was so happy to hear you say that you WON! Yay, yay for YOU!!!! I’m an emo eater too and have lost & gained weight my whole life because of it. Finally had bariatric surgery to deal with my weight issue.

  3. I just love you Dr. Mona, you are so inspirational. So glad it's over for you. I went through a miserable divorce myself. Can't wait to see your video on the topic, I'm sure it will be so helpful to others. In the meantime rock on!

  4. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Really happy for you 😀 F that shitty guy :<
    Man I feel you there about emotional eating. I'd lost like 15kg (33lbs)…and then was going through a really rough patch what with health issues (allergies etc) and family problems last year…being stressed, unhappy and overworked…and boom, gained it all back just like that, all because of seeking comfort through food. Sigh…But it was such a jarring experience, all that hard work gone to waste : / It really made me confront the emotional aspect of eating, and since then I've been finding other ways to channel my stress and emotions. It's not always easy, especially when these delicious options are so accessible…but it just feels so bad later on and you're so right…it ain't worth doing this to yourself. An occasional treat is a treat, but not a way of life. You go Dr.Mona!! You got this!

  5. It’s ok to fall off. Or even eat something not allowed. I couldn’t do it. I should tho. I gained 35. Hip. Meds from lupus and hormones. I’m way older and it’s hard. Hang tough

  6. Hi Mona
    For us desi ladies there has always been a stigma…in the asian community.
    I've been divorced for more than 10 years and am and able to get on with my ex husband.
    It took a long time but we can finally make good decisions about my son as parents that get along most of the time!!
    I promise it will get better Mona with time…
    Procrastinate all you want!!! X

  7. Hi Mona, I am so happy that you won! Very well deserved indeed. Sending you lots of love!!

  8. Girl, the Struggle is real 😆 but today is another day. don't beat yourself up. your still awesome !!! truth be told ♥️ and can't wait to hear what happened-cus I'm nosey like that 🤗🤗🤔

  9. Cheat meals don’t work for weightloss. Only for maintenance. Switch to misto. I would love to work with you. ❤️🙏

  10. I was bit worried about you at the beginning of the video but yeeees! Congratulation! I am really happy for you!

  11. Most of the women I know are emotional eaters. You offset your bad eating days with some good ones. Glad your divorce ordeal is finally over.

  12. I'm so glad you won the divorce settlement. Don't beat yourself up too much about the emotional eating, I'm a big emotional eater too. It's just human. Can't wait to hear about why your ex husband is such a shit.😄

  13. Congratulations 🎉 you are free, we all fall off the tracks but keep on trying🎉🎉🥳🥳💪💪

  14. Do you think calling it a “lifestyle” may go further than calling it a “diet”??

    I was only able to lose and hold of weight after making healthy eating a lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet.

    Also highly recommend you watch Abbie Sharp she is a dietician that has videos about healthy eating and specifically looks at keto! 😊

  15. Omg you cracked me up,,,!!! F him!! Divorce is rough but you are so cute and smart anyone would be lucky to have you!!!!!!!! Cheers from a nurse down south St Louie❤️

  16. Love your natural look and juicy lips ❤️ I didn’t know you were married. I’m divorced too so I know. I wish I could diet somehow. I’ve always failed on dieting. I don’t eat trash but I don’t diet either by any means.

  17. Sometimes it happens… even the bad donut. 🤷🏻‍♀️ be kind to yourself, Doc — you’re a beautiful and strong woman.

  18. Hi Mona, I just came home from the dr and I was told WW was the safest and best one to do !! You look beautiful 💕

  19. My GP told me it was enough and I should do Weight Watchers. I am good with that. My mental health was suffering.

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