Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup – Rich, Delicious and Keto

keto soup
keto soup

Looking for keto soup ??

Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

In this video, I use sodium citrate to make cheese soup. This recipe is straight forward and really comes together quickly once you’ve prepped your ingredients. It’s also very customizable, so feel free to tweak it and make it your own.

Printable recipe with macros:

Melty cheese slices:
Cheese sauce:

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Sodium citrate:
Bench scraper:
Boos block:
Block grater:
Induction cooktop:

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Inform a friends interested in keto soup and make it people Happy again.

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26 thoughts on “Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup – Rich, Delicious and Keto”

  1. Thanks! I made mine with shrimp stock , and shrimp meat and I just about swollowed my tongue!! 👍🏻

  2. I just made this again tonight, I had leftover Romanesco broccoli and thought it would go well in cheese soup. I didn't feel like cooking bacon, so left it out, used homemade chicken stock and pre-shredded Colby/Jack. Oh. My. Gosh. Every time I make this, it's so delicious, no matter what type of cheese, vegetable, broth, beer or wine I use. I have to thank you once again for your videos, recipes and heart felt podcasts.

  3. Hi Steve, excellent thanks making tomorrow putting in bread bowls, regular for him and keto bread for me, it's -16 Celsius so it's winter food which is my favorite to cook. Have a great day. Blessings 🇨🇦✌🙏🙏🙏

  4. Just a question about Sodium Citrate – I made the soup base using 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth (my GF's preference), I shredded about 4 cups (482 grams) sharp cheddar and used Judee's brand Sodium Citrate. I don't know if I erroneously exceeded the 3tsp measurement but it seemed to be on the high side of salty – the base only as mentioned above with no other ingredients added yet. I know SODIUM is in the name but it was not palatable for my sweet one. She found the finish product much too salty as well. I used leftover crock-pot turkey carcass meat, a ton of baby leaf spinach which wilted to such ever so perfect wiltedness… I LOVED IT but did it definitely needed no salt in the end.
    So with the ramblings being said, the question I have about Sodium Citrate:
    "In yours (or anyone's) experience does it add a super strong salt taste concentration to the foods you make with it or does it sound like I made an error?" I can't wait to keep experimenting with it when time allows and more leftovers are consumed. I found I am making and experimenting faster than consumption.

  5. I just want to let you know that this technique has rocked my world. Thank you very much for introducing me to citric acid and this wonderful cheese delivery mechanism!

  6. Made this last night with smoked gouda and pulled pork leftovers instead of the bacon. WOW. Even my hubby, who doesn't like broccoli soup, liked this alot. This is the perfect fall soup. Next time I might cut the smoked gouda with a less salty cheese…but it was pretty darn good. I am going to experiment with a mexican chicken soup…hmm.

  7. I cant wait to try this!! I made a cream of chicken soup last night that was simple but completely amazing!! I instant-potted and boned/chopped some chicken earlier in the week and saved the broth so I used that. I sautéd some chopped onion and celery, added the broth, chopped chicken, added some salt, pepper and garlic powder. To this I added whole cream and monterrey jack. I used pork rinds as croutons and it was just amazing!!!

    On another note, have you ever done the recipe I read about in the messages for Bison Bars? I did a search on your channel and didn’t find it. Would love to see you do that!!

    I LOVE your vids, your voice, your tees, and your efforts to make all your recipes doable, interesting, and delicious!! Im just starting out on this keto journey and your vids are literally my “go-to’s”!!! For whatever reason I trust your tests and tasters! Thanks!!

  8. The brand of Sodium Citrate in your Amazon link says 700mg sodium in a 3g serving. Other brands show as low as 470mg, which is weird since it should all be the same chemical. Another brand on Amazon shows a recipe for a cheese sauce that only uses 1/2tsp for 8oz cheese, which is about the same as what your recipe calls for. I followed your recipe and it was also unbearably salty — I had to add cream and a lot of very mild jack cheese to my original amount of cheddar to make it edible. Dipping a finger into the bag of Judee's SC, it tastes very salty, more than a similar amount of sea salt.

  9. Steve I made this and bought the sodium citrate but it was soooo salty we couldn’t eat it. Any idea of what I can do?

  10. I made this a few days ago and OMG it is so good. I did very minor tweakage (unusual for me!) which consisted of : doubled the batch, added a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, and added half a teaspoon of turmeric to "orange it up" because I used extra sharp aged cheddars which are lighter in color. I was a little skeptical since it called for no additional salt (did not need it, for sure) and no "creamy" in the form of heavy cream or whatever – it also did not need THAT. It reheats easily in the microwave. Thanks for another winner here, Steve!

  11. Finally got around to making this three months after seeing it. Another winner Steve! Thanks so much, you are a giver!

  12. Wow!!! I just made this for lunch. Best broccoli cheese soup I’ve ever had!!! I did not include the bacon since I do a vegetarian keto diet. I used 2 cups of Tillamook white sharp cheddar and 2 cups of Tillamook medium cheddar. My hubby tried it and loved it too! He doesn’t do keto. Great recipe! 🤗

  13. I finally made this last night and my husband and I LOVED it. I made turkey bone broth just to make this soup. I used mostly sharp cheddar and about 1/2 cup pepper jack. There was a little left over and we are going to use it as "gravy" on sliced turkey for dinner tonight. We haven't even finished it and I'm already looking forward to making it again. I have made the cheese sauce and was over the moon for that as well.

  14. I have to wait to make this until I receive the sodium citrate I ordered. This is a very timely recipe for me since I was searching for something to take to serve to the volunteers at my church this Saturday. Please remember them in prayer. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. I am in cheesehead heaven! Hardwood smoked bacon and cheesy broccoli soup with a keto cornbread muffin! How could it be any better! 😋
    I have a mouth-watering picture of what I made here… But how do I share a picture in comments? Ohhh, so missing out if you can't see how good this is. #seriousketo

  16. I finally had the chance to make this soup this weekend. Just one word of advice – don't season as you go and use a low sodium broth or, even better, your own homemade broth with no salt added. That said, I was very pleased with this soup. Very creamy and the cheese completely melted – no stringy cheese globs. And, as advertised, very quick and easy to make. Thumbs up!

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